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On the ship returning to the capital, Aiyana still shivered while recalling the happenings of the day before.

The captain of the Bel Kingdom’s scouting party who was also the one who took her to a cover during the attack, regained her wits and started to reorganize the troops. While cautiously observing the crystal, many wished to just leave the damned island and never come back but the captain had other thoughts.

She made the decision to get to a safe distance and observe until it was time to leave, fishing for any clue about what that crystal might be and what was its purpose.

Hours passed and Aiyana who was together with the captain started to see a change.

“Look Sera, doesn’t it seem like the crystal is melting?” Aiyana who was the first to notice pointed out to Sera.

“Hmm?” Looking carefully, she could see that the edges were rounder and the crystal was indeed slimmer and shorter.

“You’re right, Princess.”

From that moment it only took a small amount of time until changes started to become more obvious and together with that fact another terrifying secret was revealed.

As the crystal became thinner and more translucent, they could make up the silhouette of a person inside it. Seeing this, chills ran through the people present, this was too much for their minds.

Sera made the decision to start preparing for the embarkment on the ship, this was enough information and it was better to leave with what they had than to risk getting killed and gain nothing if that thing wanted to kill them like it did to the troops from the Pira Kingdom, she was very curious about its identity but there was no medicine for regret so it was better to kill their curiosity.

An hour passed from the moment the order of preparation was issued to the moment the people were ready for embarkment, Sera, the Princess and a small number of soldiers stood at an elevated location a safe distance away from the crystal.

The crystal became thinner and more translucent in that small amount of time, they could now make out the shape of a woman, it was still not clear enough to make out the details but they could see long and lustrous wavy hair the colour of silver that reached her foot, her height around 1.80, even without seeing the exact details everyone present was captivated by her impeccable beauty and with her doll-like face, she was wearing a pure white dress that hugged tightly her body.

They were so captivated by her figure that no one would have moved if the air around the crystal hadn’t started to distort just at that moment, before they had time to react, the area of the distortion extended to double its original size almost reaching them, that was the signal they needed to wake up from their dreamy state, in seconds they were already on their way.

Looking behind them, Sera and the Princess could see the area where the distortion was, becoming worse and more distorted with every passing second until they couldn’t even make out what was on the other side anymore.

When the princess arrived at the ship together with Sera, only then did she have the courage to look behind, the spectacle that awaited her was not something she would forget, something akin to a waterfall of crystal water that fell from the ground to the sky greeted her sight, inside it a rainbow of stars found their home.

“Oh, dear gods!” Aiyana could hear Sera echo with her words how she herself felt.

“Indeed, dear gods, let’s make haste it is too dangerous to stay here anymore!” Aiyana herself felt like praying at this moment, what happened today will bring change to the world, she only hopped that it will not be a bad change for her.

Two hours after the party from the Bell Kingdom left, the entire island became a crystal tower and just like it had appeared, it disappeared.

At the centre of the mirror platform where the crystal was, only a huge hole wider than a house and so deep its end was not visible remained.


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