Can you please stop killing me? a lit RPG adventure

by Alexander Hemming

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Two friends are transported into a world with game-like rules and no memory of how they got there. They have lost their memories and only have an intuitive understanding of language and ideas. T

Uncovering secrets of the world and battling against its societal structure they try to get back their memories and almost inadvertently stop the evils in the world but doing so only adds more questions.

work in progress. 50% done and was done quickly without much drafting.  (drafting will come later) (there are lots of notes and the story has grammatical errors + inconsistencies).

patch 0.2

intro bulked out added more structure, resurrection less naked, grammar improved up to chap 15 or so.


There are two main characters, and the mana theory is an original slightly scientific concept.



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Alexander Hemming

Alexander Hemming

Something different.

Group Leader (III)
Word Count (X)
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Rising into a new world ago
2. locals ago
3. Rebirth ago
4. Trial by fire ago
5. Berries ago
6. Dodge ago
7. silver lining ago
8. friends in weird places ago
9. Horatio ago
10. eh' ago
11. Through the taint ago
12. Dreamers ago
13. Getting ready ago
14. On the trail ago
15. Goblins hate fire ago
16. Encounter ago
17. Spawn and "The simulation" ago
18. Kurt ago
19. Desperation ago
20. Essence of hope ago
21. Duty ago
22. Why now. ago
23. Lets start again ago
24. Stilted conversation ago
25. The press onwards ago
26. The camps ago
27. What lies below ago
28. Dungeon crawling ago
29. 8d6 ago
30. Kojiki ago
31. kusunagi ago
32. Back on track ago
32. Ray ago
33. Sargent ago
Self sacrifice ago
34. mindfulness ago
36. arrogance ago
37. Punching trees to get wood. ago
38. Game sense ago
39. The first wave ago
40. Separated ago
41. Steve ago
42. Mercs ago
43. Steve did it. ago
44. Mistakes were made. ago
45. crafting ago
46. A blue dawn ago
47. Research ago
48. Into the dungeon ago
49. Crystals ago
50. Barbra Gordon ago
51. forces ago
52. Approach ago
53. Meat cute ago
54. A spy. ago
55. A subtle deep voice ago
56. Griffon ago
57. Progress ago
58. Anti-Anti-climax ago
59. Aku ago
60. Analysis ago
61. ScoutMaster ago
62. Collapse ago
63. Chaos ago
64. A well Orc'estrated finale ago

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So,  you think this is another isekai litrpg? Well you're not far of the mark. The characters know that they are in a game, but its a glitchy one. The level up choices are a bit bugged and the MC-s (yes there's 2) have no clue how they got here. Well, they find out a lot of clues later, and it hasn't got anything to do with gods. 

This story has got potential because its a meta litrpg.

The story seems interesting, but i won't spoil anything.

The grammar is off-putting but it isnt unreadable like some other stories, think of The Strongest Skill: Getting rich while becoming stronger, grammar wise.

The characters have backstories and personalities, and they all know eachother from before, so they are not blankt slates.


All in all

Ok characters, ok story , mediocre grammar. Give it a try

  • Overall Score

A good story if you can get around all the typos. The dual perspective is disorienting at times, and the lack of shift indicators doesn't help, with the many typos and odd grammar making it even rougher to read. Basically, it just needs a proofreader to polish it off.