Son of the Spirit Beast

by nagatosaitou

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance High Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Mythos Supernatural War and Military Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Rainbow Island, one of the several islands in this world governed by martial artists, is the stage of an incredible event. A newborn infant, Hei, is saved from a tragic ending and raised by a spirit beast spider.

Under these unusual circumstances, Hei ends growing up with the body of a human but the mind of a spirit beast. However, this world is filled with conflicts, and his vision about spirit beast differs by the rest of the world.

So, in order to protect his family, he decides to become a martial artist, beginning a journey that would bring him toward the peak of martial artist society while discovering the concealed story of the world.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Explanation about the novel Power System (Author Explanation) ago
The Birth ago
Decision ago
Sisters ago
Training and Molting ago
Encounter ago
Truth ago
Meeting ago
Misunderstanding ago
Village Life ago
Master and Student ago
Do you want to be my knight? ago
Festival Preparations ago
My Most Beautiful Night ago
Meeting the Enemy ago
Awakening ago
The Fury of a Mother ago
End of the Dream ago
Martial Artist’s Path ago
Green City ago
Water Buffalo ago
Sons of Underworld ago
Emergency! Difficult Decision! ago
Infiltration ago
Value of the Dead ago
Escape ago
Celebration ago
Goodbye ago
Flowers Sect ago
Outer Sect Rules ago
Tale Under The Stars ago
Start of Training ago
Acupoints Opening ago
First Cultivation ago
Agreement ago
Hand Conditioning ago
Conflict ago
Selection's Day ago
Preliminary Phase ago
Finals Phase First Match ago
Finals Phase Second Match ago
Victory ago
Unusual Reward ago
New Companions ago
Visiting the Inner Sect ago
Meeting a Personal Disciple ago
Request ago
Alchemic Demonstration ago
Family Dinner ago
Lian’s Resolve ago
Unexpected News ago
Trials Day ago
Dream Trial ago
Lian ago
Entering the Pagoda ago
Facing the Continent Trial ago
Getting the First Place ago
Rewards ago
Request ago
Fourth Stage Training ago
Weapon Intent Training ago
Departure Day ago
Arriving at the Capital ago
Gathering at the Royal Palace ago
Start of the Auction ago
Mysterious Token ago
Incredible Taming Ability ago
Provocation ago
Lian's Victory ago
Revealed Secret ago
Revealed Secret (2) ago
External Mission ago
Chestnut City ago
Interrogatory ago
Ambush ago
Full Combat Mode ago
Beginning Of The Fight ago
Beast Tattoo ago
Date Revealed ago
Elemental Laws ago
Concepts ago
Crossroad Lake ago
Secret Dimension ago
Facing the Tremor Sect ago
Mysterious Giant Flower ago
The Fight Begins! Flower Sect vs. Big Sects' Alliance ago
A Difficult Situation ago
Fang Bite ago
Trust ago

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  • Overall Score

Giant scary spider is a bit stilted

Reviewed at: The Birth

Interesting setup. And world. 

The premise seems good.

But both the dialog and descriptions are quite stilted. It's problem is not grammatical but the directness of it. I found myself being pulled out of the experiance multiple times by a. And this said that for she loved him and he was sad but knew it was for his own good.

Its switching between multiple characters. But does not delve into any. 


3,5 star

Give It a go. I cannot say you will love it, but I doubt you will hate it

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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I'm enjoying the story so far with no major complaints.  While I agree with the other reviewer that a few parts feel a bit stilted, it hasn't been enough to dampen my enjoyment of the story.  Perhaps that is a function of having binged the story to pg262 in two sittings, so we'll see if I continue to enjoy it and I'll edit this review some time in the future.


 update as of pg 599:

I'm continuing to enjoy this story without complaints.  At some point during the last ~100 pages, I noticed an improvement in writing quality and have decided to increase the style score from 3.5 to 4 and character score from 4 to 4.5.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Same level of " Coiling Dragon " by i eat tomato.

Reviewed at: Green City

If u ever read Coiling Dragon then u knew how good that novel is... This gem is at the same level of that novel... thats all i can say for thos who really like "good" novel....all in all my rating (5star) is enough to describe this wonderfull art... and congrautalion to the auhtor and be carefull of Qidian International ... 

Danyel N
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great premise but not so good execution

Reviewed at: Encounter

The premise and the title and the introduction was very intresting but the content in my opinion is verii silly i mean it is a good novel for kids but seriously  a beast that lived for a long time that hat to fight for every bit she got and one that killed those thieves so simple without any remorse  i thought it would be more intresting but what i get its a story for kids or at kest thats the inpresion i got