The Life of Kenshiro Senju

The Life of Kenshiro Senju

by Kestix

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content




Kenshiro Senju, son of Iria Senju and Daikuma Senju

Kenshiro Senju, that is now my name.

It has not always been...

Once I have been named differently, by another mother, in a different world. I had grown up in a different world, have lived a different life and have done things way differently. 

My story started like so many other isekai self-insert stories. Well, at least I think my death has been a little bit more on the strange side. Truck-san did not take me into the next adventure, it was lye and boiling water.

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Table of Contents
40 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Prologue 1; Dying Sucks ago
Chapter 2; Prolog 2, Does anyone want my price? ago
Chapter 3; Childhood 1, So that's the light. ago
Chapter 4; Childhood 2, Getting to know the System ago
Chapter 5, Childhood 3, Busted ago
Chapter 6, Childhood 3, Start of my Ninja career. ago
Chapter 7; Childhood 4, Academy Days ago
Chapter 8, Childhood 5, Insecurities of a little sister ago
Chapter 9, Genin 1, I have an Uchiha-sensei ago
Chapter 10, Genin 2, Grandma Mito is AWESOME ago
Chapter 11, Genin 3, The Senju Clan gets smaller ago
Chapter 12, Genin 4, Going on prevents you from thinking back ago
Chapter 13, Genin 5, Expectations don't match reality ago
Chapter 14, Genin 6, Progress is made ago
Chapter 15, Genin 7, Is this Copyright infringement? ago
Chapter 16, Genin 8, The Perfect C-Rank Mission ago
Chapter 17, Genin 9, Genin Playdate ago
Chapter 18, Chunin Examen 1, Lots of Theory ago
Chapter 19, Chunin Examen 2, Last minute training ago
Chapter 20, Chunin Examen 3, Normal Thoughts of a Little Sister ago
Chapter 21, Chunin Examen 4, Mosquitoes Like Water ago
Chapter 22, Chunin Examen 5, Taking a Soak ago
Chapter 23, Chunin Examen 6, Emotional Turmoil ago
Chapter 24, Chunin Examen 7, Ninja Card Games Are Though ago
Chapter 25, The First Test 1, Free Hugs for Everyone ago
Chapter 26, The First Test 2, When Trash-Talk Bakfires ago
Chapter 27, The First Test 3, Waiting for the Rest to Finish ago
Chapter 28, The Second Test 1, Kiri Loves to Make You Wet ago
Chapter 29, The Second Test 2, You Don't Need to be Strong, Only Silent ago
Chapter 30, The Second Test 3, Is It Always This Easy? ago
Chapter 31, The Second Test 4, We Senju Ain't Sane ago
Chapter 32, The Second Test 5, I Hope No One Finds Out ago
Chapter 33, The Preliminaries 1, So That's the Mizukage ago
Chapter 34, The Preliminaries 2, At Least He Tried ago
Chapter 35, The Preliminaries 3, Was That A Good Idea? ago
Chapter 36, A Month of Preparation 1, Stop the Bullying ago
Chapter 37, A Month of Preparation 2, I Weave my Strings ago
Chapter 38, A Month of Preparation 3, Chakra Control is Important ago
Chapter 39, A Month of Preparation 4, Brittle Bone ago
Welp, I tried^^. ago

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Kestix seems to improve bit by bit with every story, this is definitely better than his former works (certainly has fewer grammar mistakes, less edgy, less smutty, less god-mode)

That said it's not without it's problems. I love it when stuff is fast paced, but this one is a little bit too fast often time skipping over stuff that seems like it could have been important or fun to read, this makes the story quite dry of a read.

When the details of the 'system' are dived into it gets a bit much, I mean the guy has like 30 perks and skills to match with stat bonuses and minuses and... yeah. It's gotten to the point where it is actually dragging the story down a bit. A 'less would be more' scenario.

Also kind of the thing is that we're 20 chapters in and there have been very few high-stakes events, it's just been training and slice of life and more training and then some more training and more slice of life and then one 'battle' against pushovers. They're going to the chunin exams now or whatever, so maybe (hopefully) things will start heating up a bit from now, I mean there are like 2 wars on the horizon for the protagonist so I'm thinking maybe this is just a slow start.

I think it's worth giving the story a chance and reading maybe another 20 chapters before I decide if I should drop it or keep reading.


Middle quality gamer fic. If it is your first or third time to read Naruto gamer fiction, you will like it, because this is not bad. There is some characters development and SIOC neither OP nor ideal and overcompetent. But after ten or so better fanfics, you'll be too picky to enjoy it for long. At least it was worth trying


Excessive monologuing and discussing of the system/skills threw me off.

While the system is an interesting part of a LITRPG novel, it must be blended into the plot to be interesting, yet here there's barely any plot while the MC discuss the many, many skills and stats that he is gaining over the years. Before any battles he was already maxed out in several categories and the list on skills, perks etc is already enourmous. 

Until chapter 21, where I dropped, nothing special had happened: no wars, interesting missions or fights which defines a shonen like Naruto. There was one quick C-rank mission with bandits and everything else had a slice of life premise between the MC, his family and teammates, all while several monologues of his inner thoughts about abilities, the system and a bunch of other stuff, disrupted any flow.

Too much tell, too litle show, lack of a proper plot and poor pacing. As for the good part, the characters are charismatic, interesting and I believe this is what keeps the novel going for most of the current readers. Alas these characters have no agency as everything just 'happens' to them.

My advice to the author is for the concurrent development of the plot, the system, and character arcs, not one at a time, and to give all the characters more agency. 

Best regards.


I should’ve read the reviews first. Very shallow plot and up until Chapter 10 there is no characterization of any of the characters other than Tsunade and she just feels like a generic younger sister type that adores her genius brother. Like you have juicy characters like Jaraiya and Orochimaru and you just gloss over them for a year even when they’re in the same year and even same class for a while? The MC himself is very bland and is painfully just a self-insert with no further character development. Literally take an average guy, give him some mediocre upgrades and plop him in the Naruto universe and heres the story.

Usually with these reincarnation stories, seeing the MC develop their powers when theyre young is very satisfying and cool to see how they experiment with their new bodies and powers but the MC just uses his preexisting knowledge to just “know” how to use Chakra literally a few hours after birth. Just a pretty boring story. Idk I feel like if you actually want to make a decent story, self-insert is not the way to go. You have to bring a character alive not just jerk yourself off with your own situations you create around your imaginary self.


I actually like this story. But not in a way most people do. I have feeling people want this to be an action story like "Naruto" or "The Gamer". Which this is heavily influenced by.

What it becomes instead is a slice of life story that is quite enjoyable. Not much has happened and for me that is fine. Slow and steady does work here.

And to be frank, Naruto was fucking slow.


Like the story BUT...

Reviewed at: Welp, I tried^^.


Update:  thankfully the problem didn't worsen, and im sad it got dropped 


It's a okay story... but the it gets 

Real creepy & disgusting when the story delves into incest... no it's not not step siblings incest. Its true and depraved blood related twin incest... it's disgusting to read.


There need to be some sort of disclaimer or warning tag for this kinda sh*t.. 

I hope the story says civilised and doesn't delve into more depravity than it already has.. 


I don't know how this gonna turn out. But i really hope i won't end up supporting the story going into hiatus 

Arthus von Lawrence

I skipped most of the wall-text of skills, but I liked the story and that the MC liked to teach people.

More of a slice-of-life, but those aren't bad and some disturbing information on the life of a Shinobi such as training of how to use rape as torture was, well, disturbing but beliveable, the Elemental Nations were all fucked up if you think about it, it was a Shounen bordeling touching Seinen.

, through I was hopping for the inevitable War it doesn't nessessary needs to follow all Cannon history.



I just wanted to write a review about how this story really reflects 1 thing above all others and it's the fact that the author seems to have improved by like 1000%, realy every other story of his was kind of bland with the main character always having the moral highground and coming off as someone with a god complex and every other character basicly being a chinese wuxia ''young master''.

I honestly had to double check if this was the same author and I just wanted to say Good job for improving yourself and keep it up.


I absolutely love this story, I really like that the MC isn’t naruto or Saskue and also isn’t someone who decides to becomes best friends with naruto. Instead the MC is forging his own path. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to hear the same exact story over and over with only minor changes. I mean I have read stories about the wave mission and chunin exam in every conceivable way. It’s great to see a story set in the world where they aren’t just throwing in minor changes to the cannon story and calling it original.


An interesting take on shinobi life in 'pre-canon' Naruto. While there are numerous similarities between this fanfic and the actual story in terms of lifestyle and education system of Konoha and beyond, it is the subtle differences in the thought processes of the characters, especially the greater emphasis on brutality in ninja practices before the onset 2nd Shonobi War, that paint a very 'realistic' picture of the Elemental Nations that aligns nigh perfectly with canon. The characters are well-fleshed out, the few new characters bestowed with reaasonable motivations and ideologies, while the rest have believable personalities. In fact, what I find the greatest attraction in this story is the eager anticipation that we, as readers are allowed to feel for the 'changes' the MC brings forth in the course of the official history of Naruto's original storyline through his actions.