Oracle by Default

Oracle by Default

by Cerealisdelicious

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Disclaimer: This is a slow, zero to hero type of story. Some tags such as: Grimdark, Anti-Hero Lead, don't apply until later. And it's not perfect as I am a noobie. I make mistakes.

Undergoing intense editing****

The Oracle is the one who guides. There is a prophecy of a great evil that will rise and plunge the world to chaos… is what it said centuries ago from a tale passed down from the village.

My name is Kihet. Let me begin by saying I had enough of the tradition's laws. Other than visiting the mysterious tower once in a while, trying to sneak in, every day is a normal day. Why is a normal day bad? Because it sucks! There's no fun staying in the village! I want to be like the Oracle from a tale passed down as a famous tale and travel the world. An adventure is what I'd like!

But that’s not going to happen any time soon and put an end to my peaceful days, right?

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Tldr: a nice, albeit unpolished, story if inconsistencies are looked over.

Summary: supposedly powerful dude finally leaves starter town after almost 2k years. Cue relationship/identification hijinks, ignorance hijinks, ghost hijinks and saving the world eventually. And poison. Delivered in elephant sized bites. 

Style+grammar: jumps between first and third person. Has been settling into first. Mostly in past tense, some sentences in present break immersion. Occasional word drops or misuses. All in all easy to read past. At no point am I confused as to what happened. 

Story+characters: realistic characters and a nice plot. I find myself putting off applications so I can find out what happens next. 

Personal annoyances: mc is heralded as being incredibly powerful and a millennia old. He is decently powerful but not to the level that is written elsewhere. Also, for being a millennia old, he constantly needs to get corrected by people fractions of his age. Honestly would be so much better if author just left out all the 'OMG he so good' parts and stopped emphasizing his age so dang much. Also, sharing a problem that many save the world type books here have is that he is way too casual about his task. He risks his life for stupid things and meanders through his tasks like I do on my homework. Again, I just shift my perspective most of the time from 'save the world!' to 'go explore!' do these corrections to get the most out of this book. 

I am mobile user, excuse any ouef