Hero Demon Synthesis

by Zoidian 626

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Female Lead High Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters School Life Slice of Life

What would you do if someone took over your life?

Paige Alduit wanted to live a simple life. But fate had always denied her that option. As a Warrior of the highest caliber, she had spent her entire life protecting those in need, saving those who have no one to save them; a beacon of hope for the masses. But she will forever be a Warrior, not a Heroine. As Paige and her companions set off to defeat a Demon Lord to stop a war, a spell catastrophically goes wrong and alters the world around them.

Grappling with the side effects of the spell, Paige and her friends try to live in a world that no longer has a place for them.

And is this the life she truly wanted?


Author's Notes: Updates are every three days unless noted otherwise. Rough drafts of the next chapter are updated on my blog: http://zoidianblog.home.blog

Cover photo is an edited version of "Mount Pleasant Cemetery Walk" by JasonParis and is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Photo effects applied to the original photo.
Photo was used as the inspiration for a typical depiction of a mausoleum in book 1.

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Zoidian 626

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Chapter 34 - students arrive ago
Chapter 34.1 (Side story - A lady and a boar) ago
Chapter 34.2 (Side Story - Cidala Heroes Random Adventure Pt.1) ago
Chapter 34.3 (Side Story - Cidala Heroes Random Adventure Pt.2) ago
Chapter 34.4 (Side Story - Mentor and Magic) ago
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Chapter 38.1 (Side story Lily and Tyler Arriving at School) ago
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So... this story needs a review

I am not good at advanced reviews, I’m not willing or keen to break this story down piece by piece. I will state it’s an enjoyable read. The Mc is fascinating and the author always leaves you wondering and wanting to know more. I’m enjoying it immensely and looking forward to learning more especially about her backstory. 

A good fantasy story with a swirl of mystery centering around the MC. The characters are not one dimensional, even the ‘bad guys’ have depth. 

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A real "Page" turner

Grammatically speaking, the story only lacks in the usage of "your" instead of "you're" maybe once every few chapters. Otherwise, spelling and flow are well done. The characters are interesting and I love the setup that the author has done in book 1. Overall a quite joyful read.

  • Overall Score

More than worth the time spent reading

The story is good, in depth characters and there are no obvious grammar flaw, so you get a good flow in the reading.

I recommend it to everyone who wants to read something and enjoy your time.