"The Lives and Deaths of Javier Jenkins", An Interactive LitRPG Memoir

by Alphonso Alonso

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Cyberpunk LitRPG Male Lead Reader interactive School Life Slice of Life Space Opera Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Stricken blind at a young age due to a rare degenerative condition, 19 year old Javier Jenkins takes part in a University program remotely hosted on a Virtual MMO known as 'Atlas'. In Atlas, Javier not only regains his sight but can also interact with the Space-Opera themed setting of the game in ways he never could in the confines of the real-life Planet Earth. In between virtually immersed college courses, Javier takes to the stars with his classmates for loot and leveling. But when he discovers a way to make money that does not require a college certification, Javier finds himself at a crossroads. Does he continue his studies and join his peers for a conventional career- or does he risk everything and everyone for a shot at blazing his own path as a Professional Gamerâ„¢?

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Alphonso Alonso

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Just after the first chapter I can tell that the grammer is going to be well done (if it doesn't suddenly take a nose-dive), the voice of the MC came off very well in the limited content available and I'm egarly awaiting more anywho gonna drop this here may do a more advanced review later say after 10 chapters but give this a spin.