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the "calm" before the storm Ch 3.


A note from Anthracis

This chapter is very lewd. Im not a writer, and im not trying to make a glorious work of art. If you enjoy it, im happy, if not, i understand. If you're still aboard, enjoy the ride.

**Hes mostly sleep at this point**,
She pulls down his boxers and starts suckin with such enthusiasm
*shlorp , kush, slop, khhkkksh*
S: what's this feeling, am I dreaming?
noises gets louder
S: *ok I'm not dreaming who's sucking my dick!?*
he removed his blanket

S: n-nani? What're you doing?!

Raiki: hiya, shogbo-kunshh! As shes holding his nuts while going to town on his dick

Shouto: d-ont talk with your mouth full...

using her blessed knockers she gave him his 1st paizuri
the stimulus was too much for him
Shouto: hnnnnnng! oh my god. Stop a moment----
R:you can come inside if you want

He shot a real load this time,

S: it's all over her face and tits and hair....but shes still suckin! REEEEEEEE! MERCY MERCY!

She lets up a bit and licks some cummies off the corner of her mouth
Shes literally gushing juices at this point

R: looking pouty, and wiggling her butt at him. You can see her ass and pussy in plain sight and her cunny is relatively meaty but nothing outrageous

Shouto kuuuun. its my turn to feel good nowwwww!

Shouto: r-right! hes never seen an oppai loli before so hes a bit embarrassed he rubs his peen on her pussy and she moans a cute high pitch moan.
R: her butt is pretty soft but firm what're ya doing back there? Hurrryyyyy!
s:an overpowered pelvic thrust Tiiiiiight! and he slaps her butt
Raiki: haaaaaaaaaaaa! N-not so rough
you could tell she is slightly embarrassed

s: shes taking the lead. This is not acceptable he used his pansy strength to pick her up and placed her on a conveniently placed table desk kinda thing. He holds one of her legs up and fucks her sideways footsteps Hes going to town on this loli and even fucks her fullnelson style. Raiki is in full ahegao mode, little bit of drool and tits are flopping about. He wastes no time and gets a handfull and pinched her perky nip nops

Totto: hears their secks noises and barely cracks the door open. nani?! To her credit, this scene is pretty hot. This guy is fuckin like a wild man

R: shoot-hoootoouu----come inside haaaaa! Haaaaaa! They've hit climax and they decided it was plenty for their naughty play. Shouto launched a small load and minutely filled her hole.

Totto fingered her self but was nervous she was making too much noise so she cheezed it outta there
R: thaat wath amazing *shes nearly KO'd but she makes it to the bath to clean up and went to bed quite peacefully
shoutous alone now but he sees a small puddle of what he thinks to be water. But he discards it off and cleans it up, and puts some clothes back on. you can smell the pungent sex smell.
Daiju seemingly instantly appeared
*sniffs* Hmmmm I see you arent the shitty kid I thought you were. I thought you....nevermind. anyway, have you decided?
I can make him a weapons user
S: yes, I've given it some thought.
I want to become a weaponry vitalist
D: ohooo. Interesting choice brat. Sleep well. You'll be put thru unimaginable pain
Your weapon is given to you by your soul itself. It pretty much represents YOU
You'll get some physical enhancements with this class but mostly only for the sake of utilizing your weapon. Good night!
Shouto: ZZZZ loli loli loli..... stretched and feels something soft and round What's this? boop He squeezes again boop Raiki: baka shouto baka. Pokes em in the ass cheek with a needle
S: Owwww what was that for?
R: perve!
S: well shit that's a given. But you're in my room you know.
R: shit hes right, but I cant lose here Just because I'm waking you up for break fast, doesnt mean I'm trying to...to...blushes Baakaaaaa shouto *she runs to the dining area!
Liss sees her running away from the room.
She leans up against the door with arms crossed. She made some small talk but nothing major except that hes a perve. I can show you some of my moves if you want after we eat. Come on. You need to be prepared for your transition.
The dining room is a little small. But its cozy. It gives off a wholesome feeling. Daiju gave them each a fairly sized portion of scrambled eggs, slice of ham and a rice ball. Eat up brat!
S: this...is delicious!
D: dam right it is. The other 2 dont comment.
D: how did you sleep (asking him as he was drinking) and on purpose?
R: sneaks a glance and blushes
S: thinking to himself this is a trick question, and this old guy is an asshole
I slept well, best sleep I had in a while!
D: gararararara...this kid think hes clever ohoooo is that so? Good to hear.
Raiki is relieved but Totto is having a hard time holding her composure.
Clovette: shoouto kun, I heard you chose your vitality class!
Both raiki and totto: WHAAAA? Liss: curious eyebrow raises interesting
Clovette: would you so care sharing to what you chosen sho-u-to kun? S: fine fine! I've done some thinking last night
I've chosen weaponry class.
D: have you even used a weapon before? S: uh. No. But I also want to use the elemental class.
Both clovette and daiju: nani?!
S: yes. Redshadow will be stronger than when you faced him right?
D: well yes, ineed! If you're half prepared you will be discarded like trash.
D: with this being said. I think you should pick 1 more class.
S: I'll have to decline. Weaponry and elemental will be fine.
D: suit yourself! Let me give you the run down on the basics.
When you enter the vitality realm, you will be in an infinitely lit room. Think of it as your body will undergo the change. You could think of it as dying but not quite. I said before the effect of choosing more than 1 class is doubly as tough and difficult. 3 would be 4x and so on.
Normally it would last for 1 hour. But it will take you 2. Next after you get sent there, it will be a very long shelf of almost any possible weapon.
As far as elements, there are many. Fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, earth, metal, light, darkness, holy, null, and chaotic, and of course unholy, not to say the least.
A note from Anthracis

This chapter had a lot of dialogue.

I tend to hear the saying "show, dont tell" and thats what i tried. Again, thank you for reading.

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