A note from Anthracis

In this chapter i will introduce more characters. And explain the gist of what is going on. As you may have seen in chapter one, it's better to read it as if it were a play, but, it is NOT a play.

???: smokes pipe shouto: zzzzz ???: grrr....wake up ya brat! WHACK
Shouto: OW! what the hell was that for?! throws a sucker punch
???: parries and retaliates with a palm thrust to his temple
???: is that the way to treat someone who brought you to a safe spot? is that how you treat someone who knows what happened a couple days ago? brat ya got ya ass beat, y'know. heheheh...

shouto: holding head gee, i thank you for your hospitality old man but i must get going. bye.

???: how're you gonna get to that other dimension?

shouto: how the hell should i know? i'll just ask some shitty priest if they know.

???: marararararara! kid you're a riot. i guess a shitty priest like me dont need to be bothered with someone like you vanishes for 5 seconds

???:vitality forest kick 活力フォレストキック Katsuryoku foresutokikku

the area is large and Shouto is knocked into a statue. has a cracked rib and arm.

???: you're as about of a wimp as i thought. if you want to get to "you know where" and stop "you know who" you got a looooooooooooooooong way to go shitty brat


???: nuuuuuuuuuurse! heal this shitty brat really quick.
*Clovette, an unbelievably sexy woman, dark elf with fine silver hair and purple-ish red pupils; breasts are on the slightly smaller side but she has a mature aura around her, which is really inviting.*
???: clovette do that awful kiss-heal-thing that i hate on him.
shouto: nani? get off! (blushing, even though he's not attracted to her all that much, but her beauty is undeniable) clovette: pucker up lover boi, (after grinning and licking her lips) (it should be noted that she out ranks him in physical prowess by 25 times so our mc is FUCKED)
she approaches em and kisses him REALLY deep she thrusts her long tongue to places he didnt know that could be reached.
Katsuryoku dīpukisu
vitality deep kissing
side effect 1: shouto having been violated to hell, ejaculates
her extra long "magical" tongue releases powerful nutrients and energy to his broken bones
side effect 2: he gets VERY, VERY thirsty to near dehydration
side effect 3: it's unbelievably humiliating
???:marararararara! look at how pathetic he looks. cant handle a little kiss?! how pathetic you shitty brat!
Shouto: ok, i understand. could you enlighten me on whats going on? but first, whats your name ya old fart.
???: Harutaka Daiju the vitality kenpo master
Shouto: what is vitality kenpo?
daiju: it's a sacred martial art designed by yours truly.
There are 6 different kinds of vitality styles. Mind: Elemental: Speed: Power: Control: And last but not least, weaponizing vitality
Daiju: Essentially
Think of being a vitalist of a magic user somewhat. The more efficient you become, the less life force you use.
I can teach you the basics of vitality kenpo and the guard skills you could possibly need. After all this 'shitty' priest did stop him last time. But I can't do it alone. Actually this is more of YOUR problem. All I'm doing is showing you the way. I'll help as much as I can but I'm not gonna baby sit you.
Pick carefully. While you can easily learn all the vitalist classes, it is not easy to master them. I only mastered 2. Speed and power. In which I named vitality kenpo. To be frank, various moves from different martial arts.
The reason I say pick carefully is....well...your body has to undergo a transformation. You are still humanoid but since your body doesn't age for 20 years, it has to be remade and modeled and it is relentless agony. So pick one of your liking. Clovette here, is a control vitalist specializing in healing, and energy control.
There are 3 others training. Come on in, I'll introduce you
Daiju: this is raiki, she specializes in speed vitality Raiki: hiya! (she's a loli but with nice sized knockers however.) raiki speed blitz him with her butt touching his pee pee
*daiju notices this and gives a subtle chuckle*
raiki: heya! want me to teach you the way of speed? one shot, one kill, (while twirling a needle around on his shirt) shouto: ouch! (blushing ) maybe you could but---
raiki: boops his lips stop talking.
daiju: oh would you 2 get a room? we're busy! you can chit chat later. come shouto, we got to meet the other 2. you will have to make a choice.
Hmmm less dialogue more fuckin
Let's try it out then
Raiki the the assassin Raiki is short.
Fit Slim
Blue hair
yellow eyes and wears a small short sleeve hoodie with dog ears on her hood
Wears combat boots and she uses needles to kill
this is Totto. she's a double vitalist; power & weaponry vitalist but excels in brute force Totto is a head taller than shouto 5'6
Totto: hey kid! you, me, battle! winner gets to be the man.
shouto: n-nani? i have no interest in YOU.
totto: ara ara...its not a choice. DAIIIJU, since when did you recruit pieces of shit? i need a partner who actually is worth a damn.
shouto: shut the hell up and lets do this, balloon tits.
totto: now we're talkin! kora! (hey!) she fires off 1-2s literally pummelling this poor kid.
*ice saber of the coldest degree, hear my call and watch them freeze*;
a bright blue flash of light shone; and she swings it which left an after image since she swung it so hard an ice shard blasted and struck shouto in the forehead
daiju: now now, dont kill him his skull is fractured......CLOVETTE!!!!!! shouto needs another treatment gararararara!
she appears in the dojo looking room and whispers :"itadakimaaaas"
and shoves instrument in his mouth *shlorp suck shlop*
totto: cu-cut it out, obviously embarrassed by this lewd display; *those things happen again; he ejaccs, and gets very thirsty yet his injuries are immediately healed*
daiju: garararara it never gets old, this kid's damned got your tongue?
shouto: can i change my clothes and fuckin take a shower? daiju: cool it, we just got 1 more to meet.
daiju: looking damned smug knowing he has no choice i promise you can change soon. we gotta go down a couple floors. she likes it bitter cold
the 2 goes down this hall way that stretches quite a ways away. and finally they see a bright light in the distance in the dimly lit corridor with candles
they feel the temperature drop dramatically. shouto: i hate this cold.
d: would ya stop complaining?
shouto: uh, youve been humiliating me for the past 2 hours
they enter the big room and see snow flying everywhere and a girl sitting on a frozen tree stomp meditating but she's coated in fire
this is Liss; she's an elemental vitalist and only utilizes fire;; her skin is even a light shade of red; but she's not an Oni. hair is black, and pupils are a red-orangish color. she doesnt wear normal clothing. just linen bands where her tits are, b-cup sized titties and her hair is upper back length; and she only wears a loin cloth and a tiny smirk on her face. she's more quiet than the other too, and she's like the in-between of being a loli and a bimbo. as far as shouto is concerned, she's just right.
shouto: she's....cute
liss hears this: thanks, nice to meet you chuckles, but im meditating right now, let me finish and we can chit chat....nice "yogurt" btw.
shouto: now, show me to the showers! the 2 does not see this, but she grins when they leave
D: okay here's your room: they enter a cube like room; has a closet, a futon matress? and 2 windows on the far left and far right of the wall on their opposite end. the shower is down the hall to your left. also its a bath there too. hurry u smell----mararararara
im going to train some more. i'll be back around midnight. they'll show you where you can eat. when i do get back, make your decision then. take a look around the place.
S: i need some peaceful time goes to where he said the bath shower thing was. oh goody, a shared bath. well, the girls seemed to be busy so i need to be quick and savor this moment! bath was already made; but very relaxed and washed the....sticky man juice away
Shouto: this is the stuffs. Finally he was out of the tub. And went back to his room.
S:I'll think on my choice as I rest....ZZZ.....
A certain someone sneaks into his room and under his blanket .
A note from Anthracis

This chapter was supposed to have summarized the who, and the what, and the why. To explain things a bit, totto is not a weaponry vitalist it was a move she learned BY her choices of her class.


If you havent guessed by now, this is a lewd story and isnt necessarily intended to be sfw. if it gets popular, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.


BTW who's your favorite so far? even though we introduced only a couple characters so far.

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