One day our Mc shouto was in class
Needless to say he was sleeping quite soundly
Mcs nameless friend: shoooutooooooooo
(He talks slowly)
wake uuuuuuuuuupppoppp duuuuuuuude.
Shouto swatted his hand away
Iiiiiiif youuuuuuuuu didnnnnnnnt spennnnnnnnd all nighhhhhht playing monster loli quest, youuuuuud beeeeeee moooooooreeeee activeeeee
Other mc friend: hehehehe. Such a fuckin lolicon.
Shouto's hair started twitching
shouto: LOLIS ARE GONE?! WHAT??!
Teacher: yea, the lolis are gone thankfully. You need to stay away from girls. Please dont interrupt the class while I'm teaching
Now answer this question: when did US enter ww 2?
Shouto: dec....ember 7th 1941
Teacher so you WERE listening. Wow. Amazing. Other students: hahahahaha
shouto: ughhh school fuckin sucks. My grades are bad no matter what I do. mc friend 1: youuuuuu dooooont stuuuuuudy
Mc friend 2: be more like our class prez. Shes fuckin sexy, studies for hours straight and still manages to reject me every time I ask her out. Shouto: that's because you're a M
mc friend 2: that's damn right. I dream of her stomping my nuts daily. Things I'd do have her punish me!
I knew when I was born I was destined to be punished. When the docs slapped my butt when I was born, I didnt cry. I had my first orgasm. My mum had a look of disgust.
Erika heard this and decided to make fun of shouto.
Erika is the class pres
Shes wonderfully busty with her lightish brown colored school uniform vest. Her tits are perfect in every way shape and form. Jet Black long hair that goes past her back and a small red bow she has on a strand of hair on her right. Eyes are bright red, youd think she was a demon. To top it off her expression is so smug when she feels like being on a high horse. A grade A cunt.
I guess shouto wouldnt know what to do with magnificent perfect breasts like these. You wouldnt know how to handle a woman like me.
Shouto: 6 feet under is the best way to handle someone like you
Mc friends: holy fuckin shit man that's pretty harsh
Erika: that's why your dicc is small even for lolis
Shouto:  you sure got a mouth on you. Let's say you put that hole to good use.
erika: fua fua fua fua..! why bother when you are a lolicon?
shouto: hahahahaha. Ok ok you win. You win. (looking very pissed)
Teacher: okay class. Time to go home. Do pages 20-30 exercise 1-10 Shouto stay after class for a minute.
Mc friends: later shouto we'll wait for you to get online
teacher: you sleep a lot in class and your grades are horrendous. What are you going to do? How will you take care of your sister?
Think you can support someone with your attitude and resentment to school? Not happening. If you dont get your grades up this quarter, I cant keep covering for you. I'll have to report this to the principal.
Shouto: what do you know!? I have to make sure I get to her school in time because she gets bullied a lot. After I told her to defend her self she did and now shes in even more deep shit. And if she is hurt, they will indeed be met with my fullest retribution. Teacher: that's well...I'm sorry I didnt know. But that's not the point I'm making shouto kun.
Teacher: you're in a rush so hurry up and check on her
shouto: I have the most dreaded feeling right now.
The sky started to become cloudy and it started forming over shibafu's school. Shouto: ha...ha...what's going on over there? I need to hurry! Thunder bolts powerfully shot the ground as he made his way closer
He saw kids running away to his direction a couple kids laughing frantically. Some shitty kid: Shes nuts, that shibufa. Shouto grabs him by his shirt with death stare. Shouto: what do you mean brat. What is going on.
shitty kid: I dont know! One day those girls were bullying her and she just snapped. I'm trying to run let me go!
Shouto: anything else? I saw a red shadow where she stands I guess?
As shouto approached the school, the thunderbolts grew stronger and more intense ????: (in a silhouette) hmmmm...interesting....
(Seeing from the mountains)
Shouto reached the school and made his way to the roof of the building as that's where some of the. Bolts struck the most
he opens the door and sees shibufa standing over her 3 bullies
S:What the hell is this?!(they're each scared shitless) one of them pissed themselves ???: well well well if it isnt bitch McGee the pansy big brother. I know all about you, gararararara!
S: who the hell are you?
R.S.(shibufa): no, no, no. I'll be asking the questi----
S: who, are, you? RS: RUUUUUDE! GARARARARAA. I'm red shadow, WE'RE pleased to meet you!
RS:Neat. Anyway if you dont mind I was Gonna have some fun with these bitches here and make them suffer. I dont care for what they did, but I sure do love spiteful people! Garararara now piss off!
Shibufa posessed(red shadow where her normal one should be): hahahahaha...oh is this nice. Where is that oh so tough demeanor you were putting up? I guarantee you'll love what I got in store for you. This bitch vessel was perfect now she has a level of revenge, hate, and spite that makes me extremely powerful I was able to break free after 500 years. Hahahahahahahaha. You 3 are gonna be fucked forever.
Redshadow: summons 3 red circles on the surface where they were and tentacles come up from there and pulls them into another dimension (world)
Shouta: wait! Shibafu you gotta----guhhhh
Redshadow(shibufa possessed) knocks him unconsious.
Redshadow: how pathetic! You dare challenge me? You'll never see her again!!
RS: I'll especially love doing naughty lewd things to your sister, Gararararara! So long! snaps his finger and the wickedly powerful storm slowly fades away into nothing ness, the red glow disappeared, almost no trace, except for the craters where the lightning once struck. And instead it started to rain
It's been 2 days since shouto was knocked out...
Shibufa's whereabouts are currently unknown...
end of chapter one.

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