I Got Reincarnated on Earth, Only to Get Summoned Back to My Old World

I Got Reincarnated on Earth, Only to Get Summoned Back to My Old World

by JunXRe-Az

Yuan, the valiant 'Hero' who defeated the 'Demon King', was unfortunately betrayed by his most trusted comrades who accompanied him in his life-long journey.

"Heh... I never thought that I'd die like this... In the hands of my own comrades at that..." With that self-deprecating remark, the great Hero, Yuan, fell into an eternal slumber.

Of course, that was what he initially thought, but life had other plans set for him. As his soul was drifting off aimlessly into the unknown, a soft and ethereal voice soon called out to him: "My Child, you have suffered and was betrayed. You gave it your all but didn't receive anything in return. In the end, you were killed by those whom you called your own."

And so, a miracle was generously bestowed upon Yuan.

"I will give you another chance in life My Child... I hope that you lead this new life the way you want it to be. Next time do not be controlled and easily deceived by others... Do whatever it is that you want and desire."

Yuan Amon, born and raised in an ordinary family in the Philippines, led a leisurely new life on Earth, only to get summoned right back to his old one 18 years later.

"I... I can't understand... Just why... Why was I sent back here of all places!?" A roar of utter dismay resounded in his private chambers.

 IMPORTANT NOTE (21/10/20):

I have dropped this novel on this website! But don't worry, because I have remade this novel on another website called Webnovel.com so you can check it out over there! The story has completely changed though, so don't expect the same old thing, okay? I will still keep this dropped novel here though because it serves as a memory for me when I just started writing so I won't be deleting it. I hope to see you there on Webnovel!

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Same isekai, worse premise

I gave the score solely based on the story. Writing and grammar is good. In this story protagonist with iq of 3 goes back to the world he came from with all basic 2d character s you'd expect and becomes hero he once was. Despite being betrayed he plays along with every moron that comes across and follows same isekai path that is in every other book of this genre and has no balls to go on his own path. What infuriates me most about this type book aside from not being original and being iditic is charecter of protagonist. The protagonist is pathetic. If premise is that he hates people who betrayed an killed him then he should just go and kill them. Also the amount of sexism in this book is absurd. 

Sorry for the author but I have read copy of this story so many times that I have to leave this rewiev


Nice start :) hope the quaility stands the test of time.


The story has a good start and shows great promise. The style is good and there are no obvious grammar or typo mistake that interrupted my readning flow yet.

Read up to chpater III.