The One and Only

by Mason

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery High Fantasy LitRPG Low Fantasy Male Lead Super Heroes Xianxia

Candle Dragon's eyes, Qiong Qi's energy, Rok's wings, Flying Serpent's enchantment…each of it brought him an insane ability. With a sword in his hand, he could smash the sky and conquer the universe. He cared little about the afterlife, he only wanted to live life to its fullest in this life!

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Word Count (18)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Qingyun Sword Slave ago
2. The Third Level of Martial Practice ago
3. If You Have an Afterlife, Don't Be a Fool for Love ago
4. You’re an Exception! ago
5. Ugliness and Immorality in the Sect ago
6. The Body that Could Break Swords ago
7. Gathering Water to Form a Stream, Flowing like Wind ago
8. Fusion of Fist and Sword ago
9. Senior Brother, Your Sword! ago
10. Consolidating the Cultivation ago
11. Senior, Please Give Me Some Advice! ago
12. Flowing Wind Swordplay ago
13. Su Ziyao ago
14. Sect Tasks ago
15. Burying Flowers with the Sword ago
16. You Left while I Stayed, Two Completely Different Worlds ago
17. One should Leave after Finishing the Task, Kill One Person with One Step ago
18. Please Leave Your Name, Young Hero! ago
19. Checking the Gains ago
20. A Fight between Kung Fu Masters ago
21. Big Achievement of the Swordplay ago
22. Young Master of Yun Family ago
23. Having no Guts to Look Back ago
24. Shocking the World with a Punch ago
25. I Hate It ago
26. Big Reward for the Tasks ago
27. To Refine the Evil Elixir ago
28. Three Moves Already ago
29. Soaring into the Sky ago
30. Shameless Sword Slave? ago
31. Indifference ago
C32. Save the Power ago
C33. His Opponent Is Zhou Yun ago
C34. The Commanding Presence of Dragons and Tigers ago
C35. Where the Flowers Bloom ago
C36. The Value of Blood Flame Bones ago
C37. An Antique Sword Box ago
C38. A Stupendous Sum ago
C39. Spirit Leading Script ago
C40. Swaggering Off ago
C41. Mistaking the Time ago
C42. On The Contest Field ago
C43. An Upright Victory ago
C44. Another Challenge ago
C45. In Him the Tiger Sniffed the Rose ago

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Pretty Entertaining

I recommend giving it a read. It's kind of generic but that's not always a bad thing. Some times good plain vanilla is the best. The grammar already puts it in the top percentile.

As for the characters, I'm enjoying the MC so far. He's a conflicted person, especially during those moments where people are all looking down on him for being weak. He has to acclimate to that kind of strong eat the weak envoirment, and it's clearly shown. It's not like one of those stories where someone transmigrates and instantly fits in.

All the other characters though? They leave much to be desired. Way too many arrogant people. Even if someone is arrogant to the bone, they wouldn't be as nonesensical as these people act. For no reason at all picking a fight with someone who hasn't offended you is just stupid.

  • Overall Score

 Just another CN translation that's mis-tagged and plastered with ads for another site. Pass on it.