On the contest field of the Qingyun Sect.

There were over 2000 outer disciples crowding around the central stage. Everywhere was jammed with people.

The second turn of the midterm exam was about to start. Only the top ten could be admitted as outer disciples.

One single failure would lead to the elimination in cruel knockout matches.

Since there were in all eighty talents in martial arts fighting their way out of the ferocious matches, the second turn must be breathtakingly eye-catching.

In order to occupy a seat in the front rows, many outer disciples hurried here early in the morning.

On the high platform seated the elders and inner disciples.

But something seemed wrong.

The outer disciple Zhou Yun had been standing on the stage for five minutes, while there was still no sign of his opponent.

“What’s wrong? Why is Lin Yun late again?”

“What tricks are that sword servant playing? At least he should show some respect for the rules of our sect!”

“Strictly speaking, he isn’t late if he can arrive in five minutes, but it will be considered disrespectful to his opponent.”

“Ha-ha. Would he have given up out of fear? I heard that Zhou Yun had decided to maim him in the contest!”

“So it is. Maybe you are right. Giving up is better than being maimed.”

There was a heated discussion among the disciples, with the whole contest enveloped by large noises.

On the high platform, an elder frowned slightly. “This sword slave is so supercilious. Let’s announce the result directly!”

Other elders kept silent, because the one who spoke earlier was nobody but Zhou Yun’s father.

“There is no need to hurry. Elder Zhou, we might as well be lenient to the young. If he doesn’t show up in ten minutes later, we will act in accordance with the rules.”

Bai Tianming, the sect leader seated in the middle, comforted him.

The incense, inserted in the censer surrounded by plumes of white smoke near the central stage, was going to be burned out soon.

Clip-clop! Clip-clop!

Suddenly, there was a violent sound of hooves roaring outside accompanied by a powerful aura.

“Magical beast!”

“How come a magical beast appears near the contest field!”

Many outer disciples turned to look at the beast in astonishment.

Even the elders and inner disciples felt confused.

All of them were stupefied after recognizing the person on the horseback.

It was Lin Yun!

Riding on the Blood Dragon Horse, a tall and strong beast emitting a savage aura, Lin Yun was rushing at a high speed towards here.

Given the compelling power of the beast, all the outer disciples retreated to the side even before Lin Yun’s arrival.

Stunned by the chaos nearby, Zhou Yun caught a glimpse of the incense which had nearly burnt out.

The barest hint of a sneer appeared on his face. It seemed that he would triumph soon.

However, Lin Yun, with stubbornness on his face, pulled the reign violently, making the Blood Dragon Horse neigh in rage, who sprang to its hooves with all its strength before rushing forward rapidly.


Over the spectators’ heads, the horse landed heavily on the central stage.

With a swing of the rein, the impact force was counteracted by the uplift of its forelegs.

Against the raging neigh resounding in the air, the young man’s long hair was fluttering in the sunshine. He has got ready to face the challenge, no matter what the result would be.

Today, he must fight for his honor!

Time seemed to have frozen. All of the outer disciples were too astounded to say a word.

Lin Yun got off the horse when its hooves landed on the stage. “Finally arrived in time. I’m good to start now.” Lin Yun said to the coach.


It took the coach some time to regain his consciousness. “Your horse...”

Lin Yun patted its neck and murmured, “Little Red, you may leave now.”

Having no idea what its name was in the Yun family, Lin Yun came up with a random one, and drove it off the stage.

The Blooded Dragon Horse, though displeased by its new name, obeyed Lin Yun’s order.

Once off the stage, its aggressiveness annoyed the outer disciples seriously, who kept cursing it in great pain.

“Stay away from me, you filthy beast.”

“Ah, stop kicking me!”

It was such a bossy horse who kept kicking the disciples nearby. They had no choice but to keep distance with it.

Compared with the chaos off the stage, the combat on the stage was also splendid.

Zhou Yun was already infuriated by Lin Yun’s lateness. It was beyond his expectation that he would jumped onto the stage on horseback. Zhou Yun was completely dwarfed by this impressive show.

There was no doubt that Lin Yun would lose in the combat. The spectators gathered here to see how the dark house, fighting his way out of the battles without a single failure, would suffer a total debacle today!

No one had imagined Lin Yun, who had always been keeping a low profile, would show up in such a thrilling way.

“Senior Zhou, kill the sword slave. Tell him who the stronger one is!”

Even before the combat started, Zhou Yun’s follower Chen Xiao had already began to howl arrogantly.

He, knocked down to the ground by Lin Yun hence wounded severely earlier, had to give up the midterm exam. Bearing great grudge against him, Chen Xiao cheered for his boss firstly.

Only in a short time, other outer disciples getting on well with Zhou Yun began to echo him.

Although no one acclaimed for Lin Yun, his bright eyes showed that he was still fearless.

“The second turn of the exam. The losing party will be eliminated. So please try your utmost. The exam begins now!”

Catching a glimpse of the two participants, the coach went off the stage after making the announcement.

Given this combat was eye-catching, all the spectators held their breath and remained silent.

“I felt pity when you were almost be disqualified due to the lateness. It’s great that you showed up in time!” Zhou Yun smiled lightly under the gaze of the spectators.

With the words “so great” being emphasized, Zhou Yun turned ghastly sullen.

“On your knees!”

Zhou Yun shouted violently without warning.

Just like a deafening bolt of the blue, his inner force at the top of the seventh level rushed out as wildly as a tempest towards Lin Yun.

Suddenly, the strong wind began to howl on the stage.

“How powerful his inner force is!”

“Zhou Yun has always been hiding his real ability, which was entirely comparable to the disciples at the eighth level.”

“It seems that he will greatly humiliate the sword slave.”

The spectators began giving exclamations. Lin Yun had never imagined Zhou Yun’s inner force would be so powerful.

With the enormous and compelling force pressing his body all over, Lin Yun couldn’t move his limbs freely any more.

Lin Yun turned slightly pale. Only by confronting Zhou Yun, would he learn about the fact that there was an insurmountable chasm between them.


The circulation of the inner force was inhibited as well.

Lin Yun, with a streak of fear in his eyes, had never imagined that he couldn’t circulate the inner force. There was definitely no chance to win without using the raging tiger and dragon in rampage.

“Still biting the bullet? Let’s see how long this will last!”

Seeing Lin Yun, whose face turned ghastly pale, refusing to kneel down, Zhou Yun, with a harsh scream, approached him slowly.

As he approached, the pressure on Lin Yun’s body multiplied.

Step back!

Lin Yun, struggling to endure the huge pressure, took steps back in great difficulty when his antagonist forced on.

Even before the combat started officially, Lin Yun had already been well humiliated by the chasm between their cultivation.

“So it is...The gap is so obvious. Despite magical beast coming from nowhere, a sword slave is, after all, a small potato.

“As a senior outer disciple, Zhou Yun seems much skillful than him.”

“Ha-ha. Given his thrilling show just then, let’s see how he will back down with grace.”

“This is the so-called instant karma!”

The disciples off stage with the look of contempt weren’t surprised at the result at all.

Am I losing?

But I... I haven’t given her the Heaven Rooted Elixir yet. I have never been confident before her.

There are still dreams to be fulfilled and a prosperous world to be conquered.

I am absolutely...unwilling to surrender!

Under the enormous pressure, Lin Yun, unreconciled to the cruel reality, were highly encouraged by his memory when he was nearly killed by the golden raging bull. A smile gradually appeared on his face.

I didn’t give up even before death, let alone the current situation.

Start! Pure Yang Script.

The Pure Yang Script at the Final Perfection broke through the inhibition under the control of Lin Yun’s strong willpower.


His inner force rushed violently like a roaring river.

“Save your strength and don’t even try to struggle!”

Zhou Yun, as alert as he was, had sensed the change of Lin Yun’s inner force. He, with a sneer on his face, took two steps forward before attacking Lin Yun with his powerful fist.

As insidious as a poisonous snake, he surely would not give Lin Yun any chance.

However, the dragon in rampage and raging tiger were undefendable!

Have you ever heard the roaring wind? Have you ever seen the rolling clouds? It’s the dragon leaping out of the ocean, or the tiger howling to the sky.

Lin Yun took one step, tearing the forces surrounding him into pieces with his inner cultivation.

A streak of red dazzling light like burning flames appeared as he defend against Zhou Yun’s attack with fist. Having be repressed for so long, Lin Yun, with his sparkling eyes and sharp momentum, howled violently, giving a full vent to his fury and unwillingness.


With the collision of two fists, something unexpected happened.

Zhou Yun, lying on the ground, kept moaning after being knocked over unmercifully. Next chapter -> An Upright Victory


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