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C36. The Value of Blood Flame Bones


Where the flowers bloom!

For the whole night, Lin Yun was busy practicing swordsmanship and pondering this pithy formula.

The swordsmanship used by the man clad in black impressed him so deeply, even made him behave as if someone possessed.

He had no idea how many times he had practiced but failed to learn about its true essence.

Lin Yun had figured out nothing until the daybreak.

Watching the sunrise, Lin Yun took a long breath in sullenness.

He had always been so confident in his comprehension.

However, he merely memorized one move, whose nature he still had no clue about.

With a glimpse in unconsciousness, Lin Yun caught a delicate bedewed wild flower showing its glamour in the sunshine.

Walking slowly towards it, Lin Yun picked the flower and put it in his palm.

He was recalling the moves of the man in black.

The flower floated away from his palm with a shake urged by his inner force.

Lin Yun, taking the sword with his right hand, made a slash ferociously while the flower landing on the sword’s tip...

His posture, which was nearly the same as that of the man in the painting, couldn’t hurt the enemy at all.

“What a fool!”

Lin Yun shook his head after the self- blame. The wild flower was torn into pieces with a vibration of the tip of his sword.

Had he done something wrong?

In him the tiger sniffs the rose.

This sentence popped in Lin Yun’s mind all of a sudden.

“So it is!”

It dawned on Lin Yun that it was unnecessary for him to imitate the man in black.

The flower is an artistic conception, rather than a real object.


He suddenly emitted a compelling aura, like a fierce tiger in rampage.

The final perfection of the fist position of tigers had been revealed thoroughly.

Where the flower blooms!

According to the swordsmanship kept in his mind, Lin Yun acted it out with the compelling aura.

His moves turned weird in an instant.

His aura was overwhelming, like a tiger in rampage forcing all the beasts to surrender, it actually became gentle and delicate under the guidance of the Flowers Burying Sword, floating slowly and carefully forward.

The two completely opposite kinds of aura merged closely with the assistance of the Flower Burying Sword.

His eyes, following the move of the sword, always landed on the tip.

All the things around him were disappearing gradually into the darkness except for tip of his sword.

He seized the chance and brandished his sword.

Where the flower blooms!


The enormous inner strength and tiger-like aura instantly vanished.

A rose was blooming quietly on the tip of his sword. The unprecedented aura suddenly burst out as soon as the blossom formed.

However, it couldn’t last.

Flop! Lin Yun almost fell over after several unsteady steps.

Inserting the Flower Burying Sword in the soil, he was out of breath.

All of his inner power had been consumed by this move.

Weariness could be observed from his pale face.

Basking in the light of the rising sun, his eyes were sparkling with pleasure.

“So it is. As the first move of the Rose Swordsmanship, where the flower blooms meant defeating your heart. Only by conquering the tiger in your heart, could you transform the aura to the sword.

It was easier said than done.

Lin Yun was almost exhausted after a mere attempt. This move involves the aura, mood and one’s ability in self-control.

What did the tiger mean?

Desire, anger or the demon in his heart.

If he overexerted, everything would be out of control.

The bad mood buried in his heart would be multiplied and explode, which would lead to the so-called possessed by the devil.

“Once scratched the surface of the swordsmanship, he would not make detours any more. What he needed to do next was to get familiar with the move gradually, thus making it his ace in the hole!”

After a rest, he gathered his strength.

Unsheathing the sword, Lin Yun left for Bai Shui City with satisfaction.

He could arrive there in less than 2 hours by using the Wild Goose Script if his inner power hadn’t been worn out.

But now, he had to go on foot.

It took him four hours to get to Wan Bao Pavilion.

“I thought you wouldn’t make it, bro!”

Tong Hu greeted Lin Yun with a smile and ardent hospitality.

A streak of haste, which he tried his best to control, skimmed across his eyes.

Without further ado, Lin Yun handed the five Blood Fire Bones over to him.

He was too wise to trust the businessman completely, so he kept the other half to himself.

“Great! This is the contract of bailment. You can sign if there are no objections.”

Tong Hu took out the contract he had prepared long ago happily.

The contract said Lin Yun has put ten Blood Flame Bones up for sale in Tong Hu’s Wan Bao Pavilion. He would get 10% of the selling price as a reward once sold.

After signing the contract, Lin Yun asked Tong Hu, “Boss Tong, could you tell me how many inferior spiritual stones I can get by selling ten Blood Flame Bones?”

Since they had shared the same interest now, Tong Hu laughed and answered, “I remember last year, the price of one Blood Fire Bone was equivalent to 5000 inferior spiritual stones.”

“Five thousand!”

Lin Yun cried out in astonishment. It was obviously beyond his expectation.

With ten Blood Flame Bones, he could buy 50,000 spiritual stones?

“It seems that you know nothing about the value of magical weapons. The armor made from the Blood Flame Bones is at the top level. Soft and light as it is, you can bear the attack of the warriors at eighth or ninth level when wearing it.”

“As for the warriors at the seventh level, they are impossible to hurt you.”

Tong Hu felt satisfied with Lin Yun’s astonished look. “Now you know why Blood Flame Bones are so valuable.”

No wonder it could be sold at such a high price. You could gain an extra life with that armor.

“That ten Blood Flame Bones would be put up for sale at the same time has shaken the leaders of the four Sects. The bidding must be very fierce then. According to my estimation, one Blood Flame Bone can barter for more than 5000 inferior spiritual stones. Just wait for the good news.”

Tong Hu was exhilarated. He had already spread the news in the market.

Ten Blood Flame Armors made with ten Blood Fire Bones could greatly promote a Sect’s overall strength.

It was indeed tempting for the Sect.

“When will the auction start?” Lin Yun lowered his voice.

“At noon tomorrow. You’re interested?”

“Of course.”

“Ha-ha! Take this VIP card for your convenience.”

Tong Hu took out a sophisticated silver card as he spoke.

It would be considered as disrespectful to refuse, so Lin Yun accepted it without hesitation.

50,000 inferior spiritual stones would be ten times enough to requite Su Ziyao’s favor.

Lin Yun sighed to himself. He would never forget his promise.

His obsessiveness could be fulfilled by that.

The next day, Lin Yun arrived at the auction by noon.

As the most prosperous place within the Bai Shui City, there were various shops on both sides of the road with a lot of warriors walking about.

A large number of top-level warriors, including many warriors above the seventh level, crowded into the salesroom to attend the significant auction.

Lin Yun took out the silver VIP card and handed it to a servant when entering the gate.

A butler came up at once and greeted him warmly.

“This way please, Mr. Lin. Boss Tong has told me about your coming and asked me to entertain you as an honoured guest. Please come this way.” the butler in black smiled with a streak of surprise flickering in his eyes.

It was out of his expectation that Boss Tong’s honored guest was actually so young, whose martial skills were not as powerful as he thought, at most the sixth level.

The disciples of the four Sects were, at least, at the seventh level.

With a glimpse of the hall, Lin Yun estimated that there must have been over a thousand people present. Feeling a little crowded, Lin Yun was worried there might be some trouble given the complicated situation.

“Please lead me to the private room. And don’t bother with the rest.”

“No problem.”Next chapter -> An Antique Sword Box


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