Liu Peng and others were frightened. However, while they were going to intercept Su Yan, the power of Heaven-suppressing Bell which was mastered by Xia Ze fell down and trapped them in the space.

"Is it?"

Joy welled up in Liu Chengtian and others' hearts. Xia Ze stopped them to interfere. Did it mean that Su Yan now had the power to fight against Tong Huoyin?

The scene that Su Yan walked out of the college and confronted with Tong Huoyin head on also made people around all petrified. They didn't know what to say.

After all, Tong Huoyin was one of the top ten overmatches. Although Su Yan was a talent, how many years had he been cultivating? How could he fight against Tong Huoyin?

Though Tong Huoyin was almost killed by Su Yan a few months ago, they knew it clearly that it was because Su Yan used the power of an ancient formation!

"Hahaha, Su Yan, you are really a babe in the woods. Now it's what you asked for!"

Tong Huoyin laughed out loud, with his body bursting out silver roaring flames. He said coldly, "Look carefully! Su Yan came of his own accord. No one forced him. I hope strangers do not intervene anymore. Let Su Yan come and fight like a man!”

The crowd's faces all darkened as he said this.

Su Yan just stood here and crooked his little finger to provoke Tong Huoyin as if beckoning a doggie. This frivolous manner even made Tie Baocai desperate to give Su Yan a fierce beating. He was too arrogant.

"Su Yan, how dare you to insult me even now!"

The silver flames around Tong Huoyin burst with a silver furnace burning inside. The rampant flames which were like lava spurting out from a volcano suddenly rushed to Su Yan, spreading a thrived aura that could scorch the dragons!

"Tong Huoyin, was that all you have? I think it is you not fighting like a man!"

Su Yan just stood there, with his body unleashing bright golden light. He seemed to become an ancient God bathing in golden brilliance with the most powerful aura!

He almost fended off the flames pressing to him by the mere power released spontaneously from his body.

The crowd was frightened. How strong was Su Yan's body? Had he already entered the Implement Constructing Realm? Such a fast cultivation speed was too miraculous!

"Don't be complacent. I have the means to kill you!"

With that said, Tong Huoyin rushed forward. When he opened his silver eyes, it was like two flashes of silver lightning shooting out. The aura of which suddenly targeted Su Yan's body!

At this point, Su Yan felt himself restrained. He was a little shocked. These silver pupils were really odd!


Tong Huoyin was overexcited. This was the first time that he exerted the power of his silver pupils, which even Xia Ze didn't know about. Generally, overmatches in the ninth level of Destiny Spring Realm would all be locked by his silver pupils!

In that case, Tong Huoyin could quickly kill Su Yan and even Xia Ze couldn't stop him!

"Go to hell!"

Tong Huoyin roared in his heart. All at once, his fighting capacity climbed to the extreme. He was bathing in silver flames with billowy waves of power, which, when released, would incinerate the whole sky!


Fatty trembled with fear. The silver flames were about to engulf Su Yan, but Su Yan didn't do anything at all!

Xia Ze was also a little bit worried about Su Yan. When he attempted to stop Tong Huoyin, his pupils shrank with a touch of surprise flashing by.

Some people also sensed that there were waves of terrible power suddenly flowing in Su Yan's body. When the Incipient Scripture started, Su Yan awoke from inside out.


With dazzling golden light around, he had revived the essential blood to its peak. The divine power of the Mizar Boxing was awaking. His whole body was about to become an ancient golden planet, spreading out the power that could make the rampant flames in the sky contort!


Su Yan opened his eyes wildly at once. Every act of him exhibited violent power that could destroy everything!

He clenched his fist, roaring sounds exploded in his body like flood bursting its banks. When the attack of Alkaid Boxing came, someone saw hundreds of thousands of golden lightning splitting the sky, blasting away the silver rampant flames in the sky!

This fist contained fierce aura that pervaded the sky and went sharply to Tong Huoyin!

The violent wind caused by the fist made Tong Huoyin feel like being exploded. Quite frightened, he soon drove his Life Implement, the silver furnace, to hit the fist coming from Su Yan.

However, Su Yan's fist was as fast as a flash, and it struck directly at the silver furnace!

"Thud!" Deafening sounds of collision swept across the whole area.

However, only Xia Ze saw it clearly that Su Yan's power climbed up again, which was really horrible like a golden star crashing on the silver furnace!


With the shocking eyes around, this fist, wrapped in bright golden flames and releasing vast of golden ripples, created enormous power that soared through the sky and skyrocketed to its zenith, exuding an aura of extreme dominance and masculinity!


Su Yan's fist hit forward, making the world tremble and the silver furnace shatter!

And Tong Huoyin was knocked into the air by Su Yan's attack. He squirted out a big mouthful of blood, and finally fell to the ground at a great distance.

Under the horrified eyes of all, Su Yan walked, step by step, toward Tong Huoyin!

Every step of his carried the power that could smash the sky. At this point, Su Yan was like driving a golden planet, the ferocious power that sprayed out from it was about to tear Tong Guoyin into pieces!


Tong Huoyin was terrified. His scalp numbed and his body was shaking all over. He fell back on his hands.

Su Yan went up step by step, staring right into Tong Huoyin’s eyes!

The next moment Tong Huoyin's silver pupils were twisting, because he saw Su Yan's spiritual world, which was like a bloody purgatory that was going to swallow him!

Having fought for ten whole days in the second level of the toughest trial, his mental will changed, carrying the ferociousness that made Tong Huoyin shudder with fear.

"It is the Implement Constructing Realm!"

Su Yan turned away, frowning. Why would Tong Huoyin fail? That was because the implement he constructed was too bad!

With one fist, Su Yan crashed the Life Implement Tong Huoyin constructed. Therefore, the Implement Constructing Realm was a crucial stage that he must take time to study. It seemed imperative to further cultivate in the strongest trial!

"Gee! Jesus!"

The crowd gasped in astonishment. Tong Huoyin was defeated by a fist and his cultivation of Implement Constructing Realm was destroyed. Everyone could see Tong Huoyin's aura getting weaker. He was coughing blood and shaking all over!

"How could it be?"

Tong Huoyin jittered and dared not to say a word. He was gripped with fear and couldn’t help wondering how, in heaven’s name, Su Yan could be so powerful!

The crowd was wordless. Tong Huoyin came to challenge Su Yan with great fanfare, in an attempt to regain his dignity. However, the result was that his Life Implement was blown out by Su Yan's fist, which was really a shame!

Both Liu Chengtian and Liu Peng were left speechless. With Su Yan's current fighting capacity, there were few in the whole Huaxia College that were actually on par with him.

Tong Huoyin's men quickly came and dragged him away.

Silence reigned the place. How strong was Su Yan now? Even Tong Huoyin's Life Implement was destroyed by his single punch!

Furthermore, Tong Huoyin’s realm also fell down. Even if one day he could luckily recover his cultivation, he couldn't catch up with the leading overmatches anymore!

"Big news! Tong Huoyin was defeated by Su Yan's single blow!"

The entire Huaxia Alliance was shocked by this news. It was Tong Huoyin, one of the top ten overmatches of Huaxia Alliance in former times. But now his Life Implement was crashed by Su Yan's fist, which caused a towering uproar in a moment.

"Su Yan has entered the Implement Constructing Realm, hasn't he? His cultivation speed is too fast!"

"Is his unfathomable might of ten thousand horsepower true? Is Su Yan capable of fighting against Warlord Zu Yan in the future?"

"Don't forget that Warlord Zu Yan hasn't reached the Implement Constructing Realm now. That is to say, Su Yan is not afraid of Zu Yan at all!"

"Can Su Yan be warlord now?"

All parties were all shocked and felt the news staggeringly hard to believe. Judging by the fact that Su Yan could even defeat Tong Huoyin with one blow, how many in the entire Huaxia Alliance could actually fight against Su Yan?

Some young men were uneasy and felt a little suffocated. It was hard to imagine how strong Su Yan was.

This big storm swept the whole Huaxia Alliance. Before, they thought it was an act of courting death for Su Yan to challenge Zu Yan. But now they believed, perhaps, Su Yan could really contend with Zu Yan!

However, the trial field was more eye-catching. Someone speculated that the fast progress of Su Yan was absolutely and directly related to the toughest trial!

For a time, more and more talents rushed into the trial field.

After a few days, the UCC held a big auction which Su Yan also attended, for three legendary weapons in this auction were his.

"For all the medicinal herbs required by the Furnace of Glided Body I now lack only the Earth Milk which has never been found!"

"Now I have one thousand and three hundred Essence Stones in total, quite enough for me to advance to the ninth level of Destiny Spring Realm and even cultivate the Source Pen."

"There is no hurry about the Source Pen. But where to find the Earth Milk? And even if I find it, it is hard to succeed with Liu Chengtian's current skills in alchemy!"

Su Yan was quite bothered. Only if Su Yan cultivated the Furnace of Gilded Body could he break through the level of Implement Constructing Realm by the power of his body. At that time, his fighting capacity would be stronger after successfully constructing his own Life Implement, enabling him to fight against Zu Yan in the future!


Early in this morning, every base in Huaxia Alliance, including the whole Huaxia City, was overawed by the breath that was born between heaven and earth!

Xia Ze had a bad feeling. He walked out to see the source of it, finding hundreds of millions of rules of heaven and earth cascading from the sky, covering an area within a radius of hundreds of miles!

This was an incredible scene, a majestic-looking shadow siting between the heaven and earth with his legs crossed just like an ancient God. Coming from his body were bursts of uproarious noises.

"Is that…!"

Tie Baocai looked into the distance of the source of the anomaly. Perceiving the door that was going to open in Zu Yan's body, Tie Baocai's face became serious. Things were a little beyond his expectations!

The glimmering door inside Zu Yan's body was very magnificent, just like the Taoist adobe where the Primordial Gods lived, sending out a breath that paled the heaven and earth, eclipsed the sun and moon, and even made the primordial anomalies appear!

"OMG! Warlord Zu Yan is too horrible! He has entered the Taoist Door Realm!"

Cultivators in every base were all overawed. They saw with their own eyes that between the heaven and earth stood erect a God-like figure who overlooked all in the mortal world, exhibiting a supreme momentum that swept across the whole Huaxia Alliance!


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