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115. Oneness of Heaven and Earth


“Wow, is this star rice?"

Su Yan's body was flowing with starry divine glory, his pores spurting star light, dazzling and resplendent!

This kind of rice was amazing, and the divine liquid it dissolved contained the most quintessential power of stars which began to nourish his blood and bones!

This kind of divine power had a miraculous effect on Su Yan's body. It seemed that if Su Yan ate this rice for a long time, he could evolve to Star Body!

This was a bit amazing, so Su Yan was desperately to know where Tie Baocai got this rice. It would be terrific if he could eat it for a long time!

"Stop eating, damn you. I’ll tell you the source of it!" Tie Baocai's face turned livid out of rage, but it still couldn't catch up with Su Yan.

"Relax, man!" Su Yan laughed and stopped eating. There were more than 300 grains of rice in the Bronze Tripod, with each crystal clear and holy like sands of stars.

Tie Baocai ran up with an angry face. Seeing a lot of rice left in the tripod, it relieved, then looked at Su Yan and said," Boy, how did you come out alive?"

Su Yan was so angry that his forehead veins twitched. Did Tie Baocai believe that he could not come back alive?

"What’s the story of this rice?" Su Yan asked directly. "Don't you tell me that it has nothing to do with the Bronze Tripod! Just tell me honestly, how much rice have you kept secretly?!”

"What do you mean by ‘keep secretly’?" Tie Baocai screamed, "These are star rice. What do you think they are? More than three hundred grains of star rice is already a huge fortune under the current cultivation environment. You bastard has just eaten a lot. I haven't asked you yet. How does your strength increase so much? Did you open the toughest trial?”

Tie Baocai pricked up its ears and wanted to know Su Yan’s experience in the Trial Field. It faintly discovered that Su Yan’s physique had changed, containing invincible might of a king. Tie Baocai was shocked and wondered how Su Yan suddenly got his constitution evolved into King Body?

"Stop interrupting. If you don’t explain it clearly, I won't lend you my Bronze Tripod anymore!"

Su Yan turned around and rushed away to Yi Yuan’s residence.

"Come back, Su Yan. Let’s talk. You lend me your Bronze Tripod for some more time, and I tell you the secret of the Trial Field."

Tie Baocai quickly kept up with Su Yan. But when they got close to Yi Yuan’s residence, they all went gooseflesh!

“Shush!” Tie Baocai said seriously. Su Yan also held his breath!

In the space ahead, gusts of terrible energy permeated like a huge mountain of God & Devil standing in the front, which, when operating, could shatter the world!

Both Su Yan and Tie Baocai were shocked by the power emitted from Yi Yuan’s body. At this moment, they all felt their bodies were about to split!

"Haha, my mentor has grasped the rules between heaven and earth!"

Su Yan was delighted. Yi Yuan’s imposing manner was so dominant like a giant mountain of God & Devil standing between heaven and earth, unleashing suffocating fluctuations of power!

His whole body was obscured and covered by the intricate power of the rules between heaven and earth!

When Yi Yuan punched, the earth around roared with him, and the rules spread out from his fist, full of billowy power!

And his entire bronze body, surrounded by the charm of king, was like a king of people breaking out!

"The charm of mentor’s King Body!" Su Yan was shocked. Only by perceiving the rules between heaven and earth could one open the secret treasure inside body? But why could I make it ahead?


The momentum of Yi Yuan changed, turning into a frightening divine tiger. His whole body exuded vague rules between heaven and earth. However, in Su Yan’s mind, a mountain-shaped divine tiger emerged here!

It was amazing. Every Yi Yuan’s act drew the rules between heaven and earth. And it seemed that some extremely powerful potential inside his body was awakening like a dormant dragon that was about to soar into the sky!

"Yi Yuan is really remarkable. Even with a damaged Destiny Spring, he can still draw the power of the rules between heaven and earth." Tie Baocai was quite taken aback, "He’ll be terrific. Maybe he can really become a martial lord in the future. It seems that he got some good treasures in the Trial Field!"

"If Yi Yuan’s Destiny Spring can be repaired, he would be on par with Zu Yan!"

Su Yan clenched his fists. He looked at the star rice in the tripod and thought if Yi Yuan could eat the rice, he might be able to open the trial?

"What the hell are you planning?" Tie Baocai jumped up and shouted, “Don’t mess up. Yi Yuan is now getting his enlightenment. Once being interfered, he would withdraw from the state of union between the heaven and earth. This is a big opportunity, don’t wake him up!"

Su Yan frowned, and he felt that Tie Baocai was right.

"Su Yan, don't bother Yi Yuan during his cultivation!"

At this moment, Xia Ze appeared with a set of ancient formation flags in his hand. He threw them to the front, which, when activated, turned into eighteen enlarged flags standing around Yi Yuan, forming a circle to block this area that even covered the source of power Yi Yuan exuded.

"This set of ancient flags is very mighty."

Su Yan relieved a lot. Now with the shield of the flags, Yi Yuan’s breakthrough would be much smoother.

Xia Ze looked at Su Yan, eyes full of profoundness, and faintly discovered that Su Yan’s body was full of some amazing aura, which surprised him, “Su Yan, what test have you experienced in the Trial Field?”

Su Yan did not hide and told him about the toughest trial, which astonished Xia Ze since he didn’t know there was a strongest trial!

Xia Ze did not say much, just enjoined Su Yan not to forget the duel with Zu Yan. Deep in heart, he thought to himself, "It’s true that Su Yan has incredible potential, but Zu Yan is about to step into the Taoist Door Realm. Even if Su Yan’s cultivation speed is marvellously fast, it is difficult to catch up with Zu Yan in one year for comprehending the rules between heaven and earth takes a long time.”

"If Yi Yuan breaks through successfully, can my mentor and I, in joint hands, contend against Zu Yan then?” asked Su Yan with some seriousness in his voice.

"Delay it if you can. I hope it won’t to be too bad!" Xia Ze sighed. He knew that Su Yan was forced to make a decision. Otherwise, he would not choose to have a duel with Zu Yan. Zu Yan couldn’t wait for a few years, so Su Yan could only say that he would fight with him in a year!

Along the way, Su Yan interrogated Tie Baocai about the star rice. But Tie Baocai insisted that it bought them accidently. Su Yan did not believe it and felt it must have something to do with the Bronze Tripod.

"I must break through the eighth level of the Destiny Spring and advance to the ninth level as soon as possible!"

Su Yan went to the Training Pagoda. He estimated that it was possible to control the Training Pagoda when his Destiny Spring reached the ninth level. However, treasures of such a high grade required too much energy. Even if he mastered it, it would cost high consumption of his divine energy.

"Cultivate. Try to enter the top level of the Destiny Spring Realm as soon as possible, and manage to refine the Body-gilding Liquid!"

Su Yan took out more than one hundred Essence Stones, and let the Destiny Spring devour them.

He was now very close to the eighth level and would soon break through it!

Su Yan was still worried about the Body-gliding Liquid. It was difficult even for Liu Chengtian, one of the best chemists in Huaxia Alliance, to make it. If he could successfully refine a stove of Body-gliding Liquid and shape out the Furnace of Glided Body, then his combat power would definitely boom!

Just at the moment when Su Yan was madly absorbing Essence Stones, all the forces of the entire Huaxia Alliance were mad!

The news about what happened to Tong Lingxue had already spread out, so did the news that Su Yan came out alive!

"That’s a hit. Is Su Yan crazy? How dare him treat Tong Lingxue like that? It’s a great pity that I was not there!” Some people beat their breasts and stamped their feet for not seeing it.

"The latest news! Tong Lingxue has already entered the trial field. She must be feeling too ashamed to face the public. What will Tong Huoyin do?"

"Tong Huoyin has passed the elite trial, and his injuries have been healed. Even his silver pupils have become treasure eyes. His combat power has increased a lot."

"Excuse me? You guys still don't know that Su Yan’s ranking in the Trial Field has already occupied the first place!”

A series of news made people of the Prime Faction pale and sullen. Now Zu Yan was rushing to the next realm but the No.1 of the awakening potential was replaced by Su Yan and that of combat power taken by Xia Ze, even the first place of trial field was Su Yan!

"Su Yan, get the fuck out!"

That day, Huaxia City trembled greatly. The blazing flames were about to swallow the sky with enormous silver divine light flowing, nearly burning the street into ashes!

"It’s Tong Huoyin!"

Seeing Tong Huoyin rush into Huaxia College in fury, the people around were greatly shocked!

"Get the fuck out!"

His silver pupils were surrounded with treasury light, like a silver sword coming out of sheath, which could crack the sky easily!

Tong Huoyin not only recovered, but also got more powerful. His mightiness spoke for itself.

At this moment he was so furious and rushed to Huaxia College.

The guards outside Huaxia College were all frightened. Tong Huoyin was burning like a silver furnace, which made the blood in guards’ bodies all drying up. It was difficult for them to stop Tong Huoyin since they seemed like being struck by lightning!

The gate of Huaxia College was almost burned down!

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

Deep in Huaxia College, billowy golden ripples swept out suddenly which contained terrible power of the rules between heaven and earth and covered the whole Huaxia College in an instant!

The Heaven-suppressing Bell was awakened, this giant bell, like a huge mountain, flew out in a twinkling!

Even though Tong Huoyin was strong, now under the power of the Heaven-suppressing Bell, he was going to be smashed!


This cold voice exploded, which almost cracked Tong Huoyin’s mind. He clenched his fists tightly, with his face deathly pale!

It was Xia Ze stepping out with Heaven-suppressing Bell floating above his head. His body exuded a momentum of piercing the sky, like a lance awakening slowly.

"Tong Huoyin, you dare to break into Huaxia College again. I’ll execute you right now!"

Xia Ze looked indifferent, it was too easy for him to kill Tong Huoyin!

The cultivators from all forces of Huaxia City emerged and commented heatedly. They saw that Tong Huoyin was on the verge of being suppressed by Xia Ze on the ground and he was shivering!

"Xia Ze!"

Tong Huoyin’s face looked ferocious. He choked back fear and roared, “Don’t go too far even though you’re one of the top ten overmatches. You are stronger than me now, but it doesn’t mean that you will be stronger than me in the future!”

"Tong Huoyin, you are so audacious and dare to disrespect the Dean. Do you want me to play with you?"

Liu Peng and Liu Chengtian suddenly came out. Both of them had stepped into the Implement Constructing Realm and their strength soared a lot!

Currently in Huaxia Alliance, the number of masters in the Implement Constructing Realm had gradually increased. Nobody felt surprised that Liu Peng and Liu Chengtian were in this realm!

"It’s ridiculous. How dare you two provoke me? Do you think you are qualified?"

Tong Huoyin burst into anger. He was one of the top ten overmatches. Although Liu Chengtian and Liu Peng had broken through, Tong Huoyin didn’t give a shit about them!

"Xia Ze, I only have one question. Do you want to harbour Su Yan?" Tong Huoyin raged. "He has always been against me. And now he dared to humiliate Tong Lingxue. I, Tong Huoyin, have made great contribution to Huaxia Alliance, but Su Yan has no laws in his mind. He must be punished. Let him out if you dare. I would like to see whether Su Yan wants to revolt!"

"Answer me! Su Yan, you damn craven. Do you dare come out or not?!"

"Tong Huoyin!" Fatty ran out, blazing with anger, "You still dare to say this? Aren’t you used to bullying the weak? Challenge Warlord Xia Ze if you dare. Stop talking about the so-called achievements. I have never heard about that!”

"Aren’t there any rules in Huaxia College? Even a teeny-weeny bug dares to slander me in the face? Xia Ze, what a wonderful teacher you are! You are indeed the first overmatch, but don't forget that even Zu Yan didn’t overdo anything when he was the No.1. You, Xia Ze, are really something. Do you reckon yourself as the overlord of the Huaxia Alliance? I’m telling you that Warlord Zu Yan is still alive. There is no way for you to connive at your disciple’s evil doings. His Lordship won’t accept this!”

Tong Huoyin’s words drew a sneer in Huaxia College, "Damn you! How ridiculous that you accuse others of evil doings! As one of the top ten, why don’t you even mention a word about beating my brother? And Tong Lingxue brazenly robbed the treasure of Bai Mengying. I just stripped off all her clothes to punish her. Why you are so anxious?”

"Su Yan, get the fuck out here!"

Tong Huoyin’s eyes were about to crack with rage, and the silver flames all over his body were burning and exploding.

"What? You want to challenge me?" Su Yan derided.

“You don’t deserve!" Tong Huoyin scorned. "Who do you think you are? It’s easy for me to kill you like pinching an ant. But for the dishonest practices a few months ago, what qualifications do you think you have to fight against me?"

"Just a loser. Talking about bullshit!" Su Yan sneered.

This response almost smothered Tong Huoyin. He said angrily, "Do you dare to come out? You fucking coward. You piece of crap. I’m telling you that you are just a waste in my eyes.”

"Tong Huoyin, I know you always want to kill me." Su Yan swaggered out and said coldly, "Come on, I will give you a chance to recognize the reality!"


Liu Peng and others were frightened because no one expected that Su Yan would go out directly and say this in the face of Tong Huoyin!


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