As Su Yan waved his hand, silver rags fluttered around all over the sky.

People around were dumbstruck. While Bai Mengying was so startled that she covered her rosy lips with her delicate hand, her eyes glaring wide open like a dumb puppet.

Tong Lingxue couldn’t even react before she felt a chill all over her body. Subconsciously she touched herself and found that she was wearing nothing!

She hadn’t come to her senses yet.

Teng Yingjie was also in a trance, yet his eyes, which were fixed on Tong Lingxue’s fair and white body, were quickly bloodshot with lust.

Besides a pair of underpants, Tong Lingxue was literally naked. Everybody saw it clearly!


A shriek exploded on the grand square right away!

All small groups scattering around the square were suddenly startled by the shriek and they turned their eyes over. One by one they were dumbstruck like puppets by what came to their eyes.

Silence reigned the whole square as if the sound of needle dropping on the floor would be clearly audible.

Then it came the acutely pounding heartbeats from many of the men present who were almost losing control due to their boiling blood.

“Shut the fuck up! I didn’t do anything yet!”

Su Yan got the jade dagger back then threw Tong Lingxue to the crowd like tossing a piece of garbage.


A swarm of people quivered out of instinctive rush with their heads held up high, their eyes stared wide open and their hearts thumping fast!

Numerous people reached out their hands to catch Tong Lingxue who was falling from the sky!

Countless hands were holding up her charming white body in case she would fall on the ground.

Some were touching her, and some jumped high to grab her feet. They all dedicated themselves in the scene of disorder and ridicule.

There were so many people, so dense that no one could even move!

Teng Yingjie found himself having a hard time squeezing himself into the crowd. His eyes were burning as he saw Tong Lingxue being devoured by those thirsty wolves!

“Su Yan!”

When Teng Yingjie realized it was Su Yan who did this, his face changed abruptly. Unbelievable! How come Su Yan got out of the Trial Field alive?

“What do you want!”

Teng Yingjie’s face turned even more lifeless. He bounced and ran away. Although he did not know how Su Yan survived, he knew for sure that Su Yan would not make it easy for him!

“Where are you going?” roared Su Yan with

a murderous look emerging in the bottom of his eyes. Su Yan dashed forward and kicked hard at Teng Yingjie!


The crushing force of the kick almost made Teng Yingjie black out. He felt bones inside of him were cracked as he landed on his face like a sick dog, tragically yelling, “Su Yan, what do you want!”

“What do I want? You son of a bitch!”

Su Yan walked to him, looking at him with a commanding posture. Coldly he said, “What a shit-eating bitch! You know what, dogs don’t eat shit anymore. But you still do!”

“Su Yan!”

Teng Yingjie raged with fists clenching, howling, “Let me go if you dare! Give me some time! Every dog has its day…”

Before Teng Yingjie finished the sentence, Su Yan decisively and heavily trampled on his crotch!


Teng Yingjie abruptly strained his back out of grievous pain, quavering with his bloodshot eyes!

Bai Mengying widened her eyes again for she heard a series of cracking sound. Was it broken?

“Don’t bully the poor kids? Stop sully the word ‘poor’. You are fucking richer than me! Get the fuck out of here!”

Su Yan kicked him again, sending Teng Yingjie away into the air who screamed like a pig being gutted. Su Yan took Bai Mengying’s hand and left all the chaos behind.

Su Yan felt a little vexed that he did not get the chance kill Teng Yingjie. If it were for all those people, he would have killed him!

“Su Yan, isn’t it improper to…?”

When leaving the crack of chaos, Bai Mengying couldn’t help but ask. She looked at Su Yan with her big eyes and she faintly sensed something different about him. An intimidating and powerful aura kept emanating from Su Yan’s body!

Hearing that, Su Yan snorted, “Do you pity her? If it weren’t for me coming in time, think about what would happen to you? She is lucky to be alive!”


Bai Mengying nodded unconsciously with a shudder. She felt sorry for Tong Lingxue but now she didn’t. Tong Lingxue had been so vicious or Su Yan wouldn’t humiliate her so bad in the public.

“Guys, look! It’s Su Yan!”

“What! He got out alive! Did he go through the elite trial? Didn’t Tong Huoyin say it wouldn’t take that long time?”

“I think he passed level two!”

In amazement people talked and gossiped with each other.

Su Yan was also surprised to see many young people trying to get in. Their eyes were red with craze and they looked like they really needed a tour.

People here all gasped in amazement as their communicators received the message of Su Yan making his way to the top of the list of Trial Field. Did that mean Su Yan passed level two in the elite trial?

“Mengying, what is going on?” Su Yan asked, frowning.

Bai Mengying filled Su Yan in with the events recently which made him a little speechless——It turned out that he was the only one who had opened the toughest trial.

To Su Yan’s surprise, Bai Mengjing had passed level two and gained a supreme treasure for herself.

“Does that mean if I do great in level 3, I would be able to take the elite trial?” Su Yan asked interestingly.

Bai Mengying answered cheerfully, already having forgotten what happened earlier. But she had never encountered an Old Taoist as Su Yan did.

Su Yan scratched his head and wondered, “Does the Old Taoist only exist in the toughest trial?”

When they came to Huaxia City, Bai Mengying abruptly said, “Su Yan, Tong Lingxue is the sister of Tong Huoyin, he won’t let it pass. Hide away! Tong Huoyin is in the city now.”

“Tong Huoyin. I’ll look for him if he doesn’t come!”

Coldness flashed in the bottom of Su Yan’s eyes. Zu Yan had several masters as his henchmen, among them, Tong Huoyin was the strongest.

Su Yan would love to disable Tong Huoyin before he recovered from injuries, who, by then, was likely to break through to the Implement Constructing Realm. By that time, Su Yan would have to face more powerful enemies.

“Words had it that Tong Huoyin has powerful eyes and his fighting capacity is greatly enhanced!”

Bai Mengying persuaded nervously, “You need to go back to the college. Tong Huoyin dare not harm you since Warlord Xia Ze is in there.”

“Don’t worry about me. Rest assured, please. Let me get you home first.”

Out of concern, Su Yan escorted Bai Mengying to her house. The Bai family was frigid and distant to Su Yan and acted like they wanted nothing to do with him.

Su Yan felt a little awkward. Su Yan had great responsibility for it when Bai Mengying was taking hostage last time. No wonder the Bai family didn’t like him. And when Su Yan made a duel with Zu Yan, Bai Family thought Su Yan was courting death.

“Guys, look! Brother Su Yan is back!”

At the gate of Huaxia College, a bunch of patrolling guards saw a man in white clothes coming toward them. The surprise and joy climbed on these people’s faces. One of them said excitedly, “Inform the Deputy Dean that Su Yan comes back alive! Quickly!”

Now Su Yan was the first man in Huaxia College!

Su Yan had killed Jiang Wuhen and he enjoyed a respectful reputation inside the college. When the rumor of Su Yan’s death got around, they wouldn’t believe it. Now seeing Su Yan alive personally, they all took a deep breath of relief!


Su Yan had a short stun as he sensed the whereabouts of the Bronze Tripod.

Su Yan pushed closer to a direction. If he was right, it should be at the area that grew medicinal herbs.

Soon enough, Su Yan arrived at a mountain that was suffused with the herbal aroma. Scrupulously, Su Yan avoided all the patrolling convoys, and he climbed to the mountain peak quietly.

The peak was incredibly silent. Su Yan found Tie Baocai sitting on the ground lazily with its back facing Su Yan and its two big ears lifted.

“What is it up to?”

Su Yan looked around and his face turned black. Tie Baocai was slyly eating herbs here!

“What the fuck?”

Su Yan was sulky as he sneaked to Tie Baocai’s big chunky body. Then he perceived a growing Qi inside Tie Baocai’s body. What good stuff did it take?

Tie Baocai still squatted, eating with its hair glowing beautifully like silks and satins and spurting glows.

“Tie Baocai!”

Su Yan suddenly shouted right by Tie Baocai’s ear. Su Yan himself was going be punished as well if the college found out the stealing. Tie Baocai was almost startled to death, rolled on the ground and then crawled up. It turned its back in bewilderment and all it saw was a palm falling upon him.

Without delay, Tie Baocai raised its claw to resist the powerful palm.

However, Su Yan took away the Bronze Tripod with the other hand and ran.

“Su Yan! stop!”

Tie Baocai was so annoyed and it chased after Su Yan like a racing rabbit.

“It is Tie Baocai again. Oh, Su Yan as well? No, why would Su Yan steal medicinal herbs?”

“It must be Tie Baocai. This little shit has been stealing for times. I must report to the Dean so it would be dislodged from the college. We can’t leave it harming our college anymore.”

The steward of the herbal mountain was so frenzy that Tie Baocai had sneaked in the mountain to steal the precious herbs and eat them all for multiple times.

“What kind of rice it is?”

When running down the ridge, Su Yan saw grains of glittering and translucent rice in the tripod as gorgeous as stars in the sky, shining brightly.

Su Yan was amazed. What kind of rice was it? Where did Tie Baocai get it?

“Who pissed off Tie Baocai the scoundrel?”

“Haha, it’s brother Su Yan! I know he’ll be alright.”

People passing by laughed. Tie Baocai had committed so many mischiefs these days. Lots of students intended to get this bad guy out of the college as they couldn’t stand to have it around one more day.

Su Yan took out some rice and swallowed it.


The rice was stiff as hell. Luckily Su Yan got solid teeth so he chewed heavily. When the energy released from the rice, Su Yan’s whole body was shining as if covered by starlight which literally contained the essence of stars!

Wisps of star essence nourished Su Yan, replenishing his flesh, refreshing his blood!

At that moment, the chain that constrained Su Yan seemed to have loosened a little bit!

Su Yan was stupefied! The amazing rice was as good as the Dragon Blood Rice! Where the hell did Tie Baocai get it?

“You bastard! Stop eating! I have it for something else!” howled Tie Baocai miserably who almost vomited blood upon seeing Su Yan eating the rice. It dashed crazily with all its might but still couldn’t catch up with Su Yan who was simply too fast.

“Baocai, do you know how to grow the rice? Come clean or I’ll just eat it all!”

Su Yan threatened malevolently as he rushed to Yi Yuan’s residence. He wanted to tell Yi Yuan the good news about recovering Destiny Spring.


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