Overlord in Cultivation



113. The Evolution of Constitution


The emitted divine power pervaded between heaven and earth with tremendous force that could faintly shake the whole universe. At the moment the vast sea of chaos roared, the entire sky was almost broken out!

It was an anomaly, which, although didn’t exist, exuded the energy and charm that eclipsed the world!

Su Yan stood there with his messy hair fluttering around in the air and his whole body full of the king's divine power, which made the ring rumble and some survived overmatches crawl on the ground trembling.

"Not enough. The Qi of Life is too little!"

Su Yan frowned. What he absorbed was far from enough for him to open his divine potential of the body. He needed more Qi of Life to make up for his physical defects!

Besides, Su Yan was surprised that normal Qi of Life could not satisfy him anymore, and pleased that his combat capability surged after ten days and nights of fighting, equipping his body with inexhaustible energy!

The power of his body was strengthened a lot, which Su Yan felt was closer to the peak of the Destiny Spring Realm!

This was all due to the treasure taken by Incipient Scripture, which enabled Su Yan to touch the shackle of body. He was now only a step away from strengthening his body to that of the Implement Constructing Realm.

Even though his Destiny Spring had not reached the eighth-level, the potential of his Destiny Spring was strengthened again!

In a word, in the second challenge of the Trail Field, Su Yan had obtained exceptionally wonderful opportunity, his fighting ability enhanced by leaps and bounds, and his divine potential in body opened.

"What's going on with my body? Can my physique evolve?"

Frowning, Su Yan felt his body was full of divine power and was born with a strong suppression!

Should he swallow Qi of Life of other different physiques to revive more divine energy?

Su Yan was puzzled and went to ask the Old Taoist.

"Take it easy. When you become stronger, maybe you can solve the secret of your physique. Now your physique emanates the air of King Body. Generally speaking, this physique is quite good, which can suppress normal physiques."

The Old Taoist pondered for a while and said, "Don't worry about the physique. You have passed level two now. Honestly, I didn't expect you to make it through in this way. So what reward do you want?"

Hearing that, Su Yan was surprised and asked, "Is it up to me?"

"You can choose the type of the treasure." The Old Taoist explained, "Yet the exact treasure depends on the difficulty of level two. I suggest choosing something that is helpful to your cultivation. As for weapons, I don't recommend that. After all, there is no potent weapon in level two."

Su Yan hesitated for a moment. His body had touched the shackle, so he needed Body-Gliding Liquid to break it and reach the field of the Implement Constructing Realm!

As for the cultivation of Destiny Spring, he thought it was unnecessary. The Qi of Life robbed by Incipient Scripture just now helped Su Yan's Destiny Spring climb to the peak of his potential. As long as he got enough Essence Stones, he could soar to the peak of the Destiny Spring Realm.

Then that left the Soul!

"Soul Scripture?" Su Yan asked hurriedly.

The Old Taoist shook his head, "Unless you passed level four. The rewards of the toughest trail are all top-notch. I don't have any weak soul scripture. I advise you to choose the elixir for Soul!"

"Well, I’ll go with that!" He could only choose this now since his cultivation of Soul was a little bit slow. Su Yan couldn't help recalling the elder in purple robe he had met when he fought for the Qi of Dragon Vein. So he had to strengthen his Soul.

The Old Taoist waved his sleeve and a jade jar appeared on his hand. Handing it to Su Yan, he said, "Here is the Soul-nurturing Liquid. Take it back to absorb and refine it. Hope to see you again."

"Can't I challenge level three now?" Su Yan was unwilling to leave as he could not only strengthen his capability but also obtain good things here.

The Old Taoist refused, "Not really. If you want to pass level three, you have to master some rules between heaven and earth first!"

"Rules between heaven and earth!" Su Yan's face darkened, "I have not entered the Implement Constructing Realm yet. It's going to be a long time before I can challenge again. The Trail Field will not be closed in a few years, right?"

"Ha-ha, not in a short time! And it will select some outstanding persons to cultivate. But of course, you can come in even if it is closed!" The Old Taoist laughed, "And who told you only by breaking through the Implement Constructing Realm can one start to master the rules between heaven and earth?"

Su Yan scratched his head quizzically and consulted the elder modestly.

"Implement Constructing Realm...What does the Implement Constructing mean?" The Old Taoist said gravely, "It means to refine the implements of heaven and earth. People value the implements. Constructing the implements is also refining themselves. If they haven't savvied the rules between heaven and earth, the implements they construct would be useless, which need to be reconstructed in the future!"

"Remember, the Implement Constructing Realm is very important. You have to successfully refine your own Life Implement, making it as powerful as possible. Till then, you will know how special this realm is!"

He continued, "If you could do very well in level three, you would obtain some rare divine materials which could help you in constructing your own implement, and even I would give you some advice about it!"

"Thanks for your suggestion, I got it!" Su Yan kneeled down to the ground to pay respect. The Old Taoist nodded with satisfaction and waved his sleeve, sending Su Yan out of the trial.

Spinning for a while, Su Yan appeared in a huge square full of cultivators.

Su Yan was astonished. When he entered the altar, he got through a chaotic ruin, but it was quite a different scene now.

"It seems that only by getting inside could one see the chaotic ruin." Su Yan thought to himself, feeling that the Trail Field was a bit mysterious. The heritage and mighty challengers inside were incredible, and there was even a real dragon. Only God knew who created the Trail Field.

"A stele."

Su Yan found a giant stele standing here, on which his name was on top surprisingly.

He came forward with interest. The stele recorded that Su Yan had ten thousand points, ranking at number one.

When Su Yan saw the second name was Yi Yuan, his face twitched. He had outstripped his mentor!

Su Yan felt both funny and annoyed. Guiding his spirit through the stele, he found many treasures that could be exchanged inside.

Looking around these rewards, Su Yan shook his head and thought, "I guess these are tricks to lure people in. The rewards are just normal stuff. As the Old Taoist said, the Trail Field is only for selecting geniuses to cultivate.”

There was no free lunch anyway. Although he had experienced deadly risks, he had obtained a lot indeed!

"It's mine. How could it be yours?"

"Bai Mengying, what qualifications do you have to exchange such a good weapon? How blind you are, even dare to take my stuff!"

Hearing Bai Mengying's name, Su Yan knitted his brows.

He looked over and found many onlookers who were discussing and judging quietly.

"I exchanged it. How could you say that? Give it back to me!" Bai Mengying's eyes were red. Her aggrieved look aroused sympathy from the people around who intended to defend her. However, when they saw the domineering woman in sliver robe, nobody dared to say a word.

"What? Ridiculous. Who the hell are you? What qualifications do you have to exchange such a wonderful legendary weapon?"

Tong Lingxue looked at Bai Mengying with disdain. She was Tong Huoying's sister, who was playing with a crystal jade dagger that was small but quite delicate, emitting bright green sheen.

It was a supreme weapon. Although it was not a legendary weapon, it was a very precious treasure in Huaxia Alliance.

Tong Lingxue played with the jade dagger while her eyes scanning enviably at Bai Mengying's lovely figure which could hardly be hidden by loose gown!

Bai Mengying had a great figure with her charming body curves outlined under the robe. She fumed, "That is my reward for passing the trial. You're away too far, Tong Lingxue!"

"Tong Huoyin that son of bitch has a sister?"

Su Yan was like a devil, staring at Tong Lingxue coldly!

"Passing the trial?" Tong Lingxue, as if hearing the biggest joke in the world, laughed out loud with her body shaking, "Ha-ha. Do you think you deserve it? Even Teng Yingjie has abandoned you, bitch. What makes you think you can challenge the Trail Field?"

People were discussing heatedly. They all knew that Bai Mengying was taken away by Tong Huoyin not long time ago!

Teng Yingjie was expelled by Huaxia College, after which he joined Zu Yan. After the hostage incident, Bai Family would not consent to the marriage any more.

"Lingxue, you are right. This bitch had close relationship with Su Yan long ago!" Teng Yingjie was here, who looked down at Bai Mengying with possessiveness and anger in his eyes, "Fortunately I found it in time and divorced her. You don't know how she consorted with Su Yan all day long. What a shame!"

"As for your crap brother Bai Xingyuan," Teng Yingjie shouted arrogantly, "Even if he cultivates ten more years, he is no match for me!"

"Stop your slander! It’s not true" Bai Mengying was exasperated. She pointed to Teng Yingjie, her face turning purple with anger, "Teng Yingjie. I didn't expect you to be so shameless!"

"You bitch!" Tong Lingxue glared at Bai Mengying and sneered ferociously, "You are such a dissolute bitch, hooking up with other men and disrespecting Teng Yingjie. As a woman, I'm ashamed of you!"

Bai Mengying looked livid, too angry to say a word.

“He-he. Why don't you speak? Are you dumb, or you just admit it?" Tong Lingxue suddenly gave out an evil smile, "Let me strip off your clothes and have a look at what you wear inside exactly. Seducing men day and night, I bet there is nothing at all beneath!"

All were stunned and stared at Bai Mengying, wondering how Tong Lingxue dared to do so.

Teng Yingjie almost rushed forward impatiently. He really wanted to strip Bai Mengying! Anyway, the marriage was cancelled, and Teng Yingjie wanted to destroy her!

"Bitch, see how I'll punish you!"

Tong Lingxue rushed to Bai Mengying straightly with the green dagger and split towards her!

This attack was fast, accurate and relentless. Tong Lingxue's eyes were full of venom. She not only intended to tear Bai Mengying’s clothes off but also to severely slit her face!

Tong Lingxue, after all, was Tong Huoyin's sister, whose fighting capability was far stronger than Bai Mengying's!

"No!" Bai Mengying screamed and nearly fell on the ground, trembling all over. She was frightened and dreaded to think what would happen later.


A harsh voice of clothes being torn turned Bai Mengying's face ghastly white. Too afraid to see the horrible scene, she closed her eyes.

However, the audible gasping of all made Bai Mengying open her eyes, and she was shocked by what she saw.

Tong Lingxue was unexpectedly caught in her hair by someone!

It was Su Yan who grasped Tong Lingxue’s fine hair by one hand and lifted her up!

"I want to know what you wear inside, too."

Su Yan looked so fierce. It was all because of his conflict with Tong Huoyin that Bai Mengying was bullied by Tong Lingxue now!

Su Yan laid his other hand on Tong Lingxue's shoulder and pulled all of a sudden under the thrilled gaze around. Tong Lingxue's sliver robe was torn into pieces in just a second!


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