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The pond was almost burst by such a devastating power! What an amazing and destructive power!

Su Yan's body erupted extraordinary glow that curled up high in the sky. It was the awakening power emerged from his body that was strong and terrifying.

His eyes suddenly opened with dazzling glow. He was shocked. Was the awakening done?


Nine light beams coiling around him ran out of energy, and he wallowed them. Then nine light beams were in his body and made the awakening power skyrocket again!

But it was not enough to release all the awakening power!

What an amazing potential!

It had been so many days, but it was not enough to arouse all Su Yan's potential!

He could feel his strong body with great power, which was a transformation from the inside out. His corporeity was strengthened, whose specific power was still impossible to fathom currently.

"It is Qi!"

"The awakened Qi in my body can't release totally, I need more energy to release it!"

"The Qi should be the source of qi blood!"

"In the future, the Qi will become stronger with his physical body strengthened gradually. Ancient legend has it that some mighty existence possessed unfathomable Qi that could pierce the stars and oceans. Will the human body be so horrifyingly powerful?"

Su Yan's eyes became red, and he felt hungrier than the first awake!

He had reached the most critical point where he must not fail, or all his previous efforts would be in vain.

He did not expect that the blood lineage would absorb so much power of the mountain treasure, otherwise it should be enough for him to awake. But now it was too late to say anything, he must find the next mountain treasure.

Su Yan quickly left the pond. Scanning around with his red eyes, he was so hungry that he wanted to eat the trees!

"I'm starving. I must find the tonic or hunt a beast. But how much flesh and blood does it take to replenish the vital energy my body requires?"

"Awakening is to fully tap the potential of human body. And it requires cultivators to replenish Qi blood to finish the awakening."

Although he was in an emergency, he was very excited, which showed that his physical potential was too abnormally amazing. He might be able to surpass Zu Yan in the future!

All of a sudden, Su Yan heard many roars, containing waves of fierce power resonating in the air.

"It's that flood dragon (An ancient Chinese creature between boa and a real dragon)!"

Su Yan's eyes shined, and he touched his belly. If he could kill this dragon and eat its flesh and blood, certainly it would supplement his Qi and blood. But how could he kill the beast King?

In any case, Su Yan quickly ran over to see what happened.

In the mountain forest ahead, the dark red beast King was roaring. It was powerful, not only the dominator in Wilderness 024, but also a beast king that was about to finish its evolution into a real dragon.

"Oh, this damn beast!"

A fat man screamed, who was almost knocked into two pieces. His armor was all torn apart, and he spewed out a mouthful of blood. Finally, he was hit by the beast King's tail and thrown to the air!

How could the wrath of the beast King be borne by ordinary people?

"Watch out, Fatty!"

With an angry voice, a tall, sexy woman in a long purple dress came into view, her beautiful eyes spurting fire, her delicate cheeks stained with a little blood of the beast King. The treasure sword in her hand was glowing.

Even the beast King feared the sword in her hand. Lin Wanlan also suffered a great deal as they did not expect to encounter a beast King. Worse still, it would evolve to the top beast king soon. The beast King had always lived in the dragon pond and rarely went out. What a bad luck to meet the beast King outside!

The beast King kept roaring. It hated humans to the utmost because its mountain treasure had been taken away by some human. It killed people as soon as it saw them!


The beast King moved, smashing its body to Lin Wanlan as quickly as lightning. Its body was about 40 meters long and had destructive power.

Lin Wanlan was very strong, the sword in her hand suddenly brightened up and erupted a dazzling sword light that could easily destroy a forest.


She cut on the beast's tail with her sword and sparks flew everywhere. But its tail was too hard to cut, just like a god iron. Its tail brutally stopped the sword light and hit Lin Wanlan.

"Go to hell, you damn beast!"

Lin Wanlan clenched her teeth, and suddenly raised her fair hand, light beams coiling in her palm. She flipped her hand which possessed a power mighty enough the collapse the sky, sending out powerful light that shot right towards the coming beast's tail.

"This is martial art, and they are two overmatches in Destiny Spring Realm. I feel they are much more powerful than Tao Tianhua's men!"

Su Yan just arrived and was shocked after seeing this. The power her palm released was so supernormal that it shattered the beast king's scales, causing blood splashing.


The beast King roared and kept using its tail to hit Lin Wanlan. Her white hand was fracturing and her arms almost broke.

"Stop it, I'm angry!" Fatty said.

The Fatty who had been hit away was instantly red in his eyes. His black hair was blown up and his body of more than 100 kilograms was stronger. And his whole body ballooned quickly that looked like a hill!

This power was amazing. This Fatty was red all over, like a small giant. Su Yan was shocked. What martial art was that? How did he do that?

As if possessed by some god, Fatty suddenly lunged at the beast King like a shell!


The beast suffered this terrible hit, and its body almost broke into two. The Fatty rushed like a great ape, and his fist released a formidable power like a small volcano erupting!

"He's so powerful that he can threaten a beast king?" Su Yan was shocked, "Is he as formidable as Tao Tianhua? Guess these two have an imposing background."

"Take my Flaming Boxing! Die! You motherfucker!"

The Fatty roared and kept smashing the beast punch after punch heavily!


The flood dragon was screaming as its body were sunken by the strike. Many scales were cracked with blood flowing.

But the Fatty's breath turned weaker rapidly, his body narrowed and started to bleed. This martial art damaged the human body greatly!

The dragon howled, using all its strength to overturn the Fatty, while the blood-stained body flew to Lin Wanlan.


The Fatty was so exhausted that his whole body was shaking. Although the dragon was severely wounded, it was impossible to kill the dragon in their current state.

Lin Wanlan intended to stand up so badly...

However, she had no strength already. She felt the fear from the half-snake half-dragon beast king's eyes!

Just then, a boy with messy hair rushed out of the forests.

"Brother, you are not his opponent. Take Lin Wanlan and leave here. We are all students of Huaxia College. We'll pay you back later!"

The Fatty was yelling anxiously, Su Yan couldn't deal with it even if the beast king was severely hurt!

Su Yan didn't hear his words clearly, his eyes were red, and he was too hungry to eat a whole mountain.

This kind of gaze made the beast king chill. Why did it feel that it was the prey?

Su Yan's appearance made it both angry and fearful. It was barely tolerable that they snatched its own mountain treasure. Now he even wanted to take away its prey?

"Devil beast, go to hell!"

Su Yan had already rushed, reviving the awakening power in the body. Suddenly, the beast king seemed to have seen a golden demon running through the cosmic sea and overlooking at it!

This made the beast king dreadful, Su Yan was like the King of beasts with the magic power that it couldn't resist!

Yet the Fatty and Lin Wanlan did not feel the fear, what made them so stupefied was Su Yan directly rushed up, and struck the flood dragon with the Dragon Tattooed Rod!

That was too violent!

This was a beast king!

What made them even more incredible was that the beast king didn't dodge, seemingly it was frightened by Su Yan's horrendous action and let Su Yan's rod hit right on its head!

The power of the best alloy was so amazing that the beast king was roaring painfully. The crisis of life and death finally triumphed over the fear and it shouted furiously!

However, Su Yan was very speedy, unceasingly striking the head of the beast king!

Three times in a row, the beast king's head was torn, its blood splashed into the sky, and its injury was aggravated again.

In the end, the demented flood dragon swayed the bloody tail towards Su Yan. Su Yan was not afraid of the strong attack at all. After all, the beast king was heavily wounded with only 3/10 of the strength left.


Energy and blood in Su Yan's body burst entirely and thickly. His whole body was covered with golden glory and turned into a golden giant bird!


Su Yan yelled and dived with the dancing storm, smashing the tail of the beast king ruthlessly!

The almost cracked body was attacked by the strong force of Su Yan, and the whole tail was broken into two pieces!

The beast king made an algetic roar, his body broke, and his combat power was completely ruined.


Su Yan waved the giant stick slyly and stabbed the beast king in the eyes. The move was so cruel that the beast king howled and its eyes exploded. Its huge body rolled so fervently over on the ground and cracked the earth.

Su Yan got up with full momentum, just like a tiger going down the mountain!

So horrible! The energy and qi emanated from Su Yan's flesh and blood turned into a fierce tiger!

It was the Tiger shape of Form-Intention Boxing!

Quick as lightning, Su Yan caught the tail of the beast king with his hands, took a long breath and howled hysterically, "Die!"

Su Yan threw its tail over his shoulder, his feet tapping hard on the ground to performed an eagle shape, and leaped!


Su Yan's power was extremely abnormal. Carrying the flood dragon's tail, leaping to a high altitude, he smashed the giant dragon to the ground!

The blow was so utterly fierce that it cracked a large gap on the ground. The soil was splashed out together with blood!

"Holy crap! What is that? It is too savage!"

The Fatty was totally dumbstruck by what he saw! Su Yan was constantly smashing the snake's giant body against the ground!

The beast king was killed by Su Yan in fear, but Su Yan was panting with his entire palm bleeding seriously.

It was not easy to kill it because it almost turned into a real dragon! If it was in full state, it could kill Su Yan with one shake!


Su Yan stared at the giant snake straightly, like an old virgin man saw a perfect beauty. His eyes getting red and his breathing heavier, he turned to Lin Wanlan.

The woman dressed in purple had a delicate face with a slim and sexy body. The broken clothes revealed a little white skin, which made people's heart pound uncontrollably faster.

Su Yan's eyes were redder!


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