Overlord in Cultivation

by Mason

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Mystery High Fantasy Low Fantasy Male Lead Supernatural Xianxia

The doomsday fell upon the earth when a dragon coffin sealed under a snow mountain for ages shifted, and the civilization of gods and devils began. The whole universe turned into a fantastic new world where everyone could rise to the top through cultivation. A lucky young boy seized the opportunity, and started his journey to be an overlord in cultivation.

It is a heart-thrilling and good-writhing fantasy novel full of twists and turns!

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I Am Ascending (V)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. A Coffin on Mount Qomolangma ago
2. Base No.9 ago
3. Refine Qi into Essence ago
4. The Mysterious Totem ago
5. Essence Stone ago
6. Form-Intention Boxing ago
7. The Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin ago
8. Destiny Spring ago
9. Mountain Treasure ago
10. Practicing through Killing ago
11. Vermillion Fruits ago
12. Innate Liquid ago
13. Underground Chamber of Commerce (UCC) ago
14. Test Stele ago
15. To Transform a Shape by Qi ago
16. Awakening of Su Yan ago
17. Flood Dragon ago
18. Kill the Beast King! ago
19. Awakening Complete ago
20. Blood Magic ago
21. A Guide to Form-Intention Boxing ago
22. Refining the Medical Liquid ago
23. Examination Began! ago
24. Assessment! ago
25. Bristling up in Anger ago
26. Soul-refining Manual ago
27. Immemorial Star Boxing ago
28. Domineering Tang Yi ago
29. The Soul Cultivating Manual ago
30. The Lost Memories ago
31. The Dragon Vein! ago
32. The Ranking on Test Stele ago
33. The Auction ago
34. Mysterious Inheritance ago
35. The Heaven-surpassing Bell ago
36. Dragon-hidden List ago
37. The Treasure Cave ago
38. Treasury ago
39. Bloodline of Golden Crow ago
40. The Vein of Human Body ago
41. Primordial Blood ago
42. The Weak Are the Prey to the Strong ago
43. A Preliminary Remolding of Su Yan's Body ago
44. Bloodline of Primordial Thunder God ago
45. Su Yan Venturing into the Training Pagoda! ago
46. The Rising of Snakes and Dragons ago
47. Formation Lines ago
48. The Eighth Floor! ago
49. The Intention to Kill ago
50. Invitations from Teachers ago
51. Super Award ago
52. Plunder like a Bandit ago
53. Sixth-grade Medicated Bath for Foundation Establishment ago
54. Ten Thousand Galloping Horses ago
55. Second Attempt in the Training Pagoda ago
56. Spirit-Gathering Formation ago
57. Beauty in Groups ago
58. Wholeness of Qi ago
59. The Three Realms! ago
60. The King Body ago
61. Roaring Dragons Shook the Sky ago
62. Martial Lord ago
63. Disciple’s Rivalry ago
64. The Tenth Floor ago
65. Signs of Variation! ago
66. The Momentum! ago
66. The Momentum! ago
67. The Future Scripture! ago
68. Zhu Yue ago
69. Riot in Huaxia Alliance ago
70. Great Magic ago
71. The Tao Came! ago
72. Open Destiny Spring Forcibly ago
73. Wrath of Su Yan ago
74. The Formidable Power of Su Yan! ago
75. The Dominating Su Yan ago
76. Yu Yiling ago
77. Color Stone ago
78. Huaxia No.1 ago
79. Radical Change ago
80. The Female Asura ago
81. Kill Tao Tianhua! ago
82. The Power of Dragon Totem ago
83. Torn Apart the Flood Dragon ago
84. Nine Dragons Locking the Sky ago
85. Robbing the Treasures ago
86. A Crushing Defeat of Elder Lei ago
87. Kill Jiang Wuhen ago
88. The Stunning Beauty ago
89. Meet Yin Yisi Once Again ago
90. The Background of Su Yan ago
91. Saint-soul Scripture ago
92. Land of Death ago
93. Breaking into the First Emperor Qin's Mausoleum ago
94. The Terrible Tripod ago
95. Tie Baocai ago
96. The Eight-diagrams Alchemy Furnace ago
96. The Eight-diagrams Alchemy Furnace ago
97. The Golden Elixir ago
98. The Star! ago
99. Plunder the Most Valuable Treasure ago
100. Nine Dragon Swords ago
101. A Great Change ago
102. Burst with Anger! ago
103. Su Yan Shocked the World ago
104. Connecting with Dragon Vein! ago
105. Drawing the Power of the Dragon Vein! ago
106. Challenge to a Duel! ago
107. Warlord Xia Ze ago
108. Trial Field ago
109. The Toughest Trail ago
110. Old Taoist ago
110. Old Taoist ago
111. Nurturing the Life! ago
112. Unseal the Constitution! ago
113. The Evolution of Constitution ago
114. Star Rice ago
115. Oneness of Heaven and Earth ago
116. Warlord Su Yan? ago
117. Taoist Door ago
118. Mount Qomolangma Again! ago
119. Zu Yan’s Den ago
120. The Terrible Bronze Tripod! ago
C121. The Body-Gliding Liquid ago
C122. Furnace of Glided Body ago
C123. Rules Internalization ago
124. The Third Awakening of the Earth ago
126. Construct Implement ago

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  • Overall Score

I went into it thinking it's a novel being written by the poster, but it turns out that it's a translation with permissions given and varified with RR and other relevant parties.

Anyway, I only read through the first chapter and decided to give it a hard pass. 

It's very headache inducing.

The best way to describe it, is that it was translated without being proofread, like at all.  As such there's a lot of misused and out of tense word usage. It felt very disjointed as it's difficult to get a grasp of what was going on since it cycles through the tenses rapidly, often mid sentence. Past, Present, Future.  Fk if I know.