As he spoke, Lin Xun ran the Meditating Magic to observe the pattern of the stars and to guard his sea of consciousness.


In Lin’s Sea of Consciousness, a scene of circulating stars suddenly appeared in the void. They shined brightly, releasing a clear and dazzling light.

It was the soul power, and Lin Xun fully displayed it with the help of Meditating Magic.

Suddenly, Wei Mingzi, who had been laughing proudly and wildly, got stiffened, and his pupils dilated. Overwhelming expressions of amazement and disbelief warped his face.

It looked that a ghost became alive.

He shivered and roared with rage, “The Meditating Magic! You’ve comprehended the Flowing-light Spiritual Tattoo! That’s the power only the divine-tattoo stylite has. How can it possibly be controlled by you, a Human-gang bastard! How can this be!?”

The voice was hysterical and full of fear. Unlock the whole chapter 266 -> A Heaven-shaking Strike


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