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The whistling clang, as if gaining life, revealed a kind of transcendental spirituality, which was very unusual.

Equipped with extremely rich experience, Shue Jin, Granny Wind and Chu Feng all knew instantly that a spiritual treasure has emerged!

Whir whirr~

All of a sudden, Rosy clouds burst up in the sky, one after another, emitting strong lights, and reflecting the illusory shadow of a saber.

The trio could not help being attracted by this scene, all wearing a shocked expression.

However, the anomaly in the sky disappeared in the twinkling of an eye as if it had never been there.

Nevertheless, it rendered Shue Jin, Granny Wind and Chu Feng all unable to calm down.

“It has been said that when a spiritual weapon reaches the perfection state, it can be endowed with a kind of spirituality that signifies its flawlessness, thus being called a spiritual treasure. Though I do have seen such treasures several times over these years, I did not expect to have the opportunity to witness the emergence of a spiritual treasure with my own eyes today!”

Shue Jin’s rugged face was full of exclamation. He seemed to be relaxed, but in fact, torrents of thoughts were rising in his heart.

If he was correct, this heaven-bestowed spiritual treasure must have been the work of Lin Xun. But who could imagine that Lin Xun was only a fourteen-year-old spiritual tattooist?

Moreover, who could imagine that it took only three days for this spiritual treasure to come out?

If they ever got to know all of this, those old guys from the Academy of Spiritual Implements who were well versed in spiritual tattoos would certainly feel ashamed.

“Is this the work of Master Xun? It’s really great and beyond imagination. Judging solely from his capability of refining a spiritual treasure, I’ve been completely convinced.”

Granny Wind wore an expression which was a mixture of shock and exclamation since she had disregarded Master Xun whom she had never heard of before.

It was only after Lin Xun expressed that Master Xun could fix Ancient-rhythm Ocarina that Granny Wind began to show a little more interest; though to a large extent, she still felt uncertain of whether Master Xun could really repair it.

But after witnessing the birth of a spiritual treasure at this moment, Granny Wind had been totally convinced, with her original suspicions all gone.

“Being able to refine a spiritual treasure has already proved that Master Xun is capable of refining armours with spiritual tattoos. If there’s an opportunity, I must pay a visit to this mysterious master in person.”

Granny Wind sighed with deep admiration.

Shocked, Shue Jin also recalled a rumour in the empire that a spiritual tattooist would be qualified to explore and refine armours with spiritual tattoos as long as he or she could refine spiritual treasures!

If so, did it mean that Lin’s attainment in spiritual tattoos had reached such a realm now?

Neither Shue Jin nor Granny Wind noticed that Chu Feng looked dull and stunned at the moment.

He knew the best that the so-called “Master Xun” was just a cover and the real refiner was actually Lin Xun!

It was just out of his expectation that Lin Xun should… should have already attained such a realm!

It was too appalling for a spiritual tattooist who was only a little older than ten to be able to do this. How many could achieve such a feat throughout the history of the empire?

Right when all three of them were having their own thoughts, the courtyard gate was pushed open and Lin walked out.

Shue Jin and Chu Feng instantly awoke from their stupor when they saw him, though their looks were slightly weird, as if getting to know Lin Xun afresh.

On the other hand, when Granny Wind saw Lin, she seemed to have lost the thought of denouncing him publicly. Whereas, she caught sight of his abnormality; he looked pale with feeble footsteps. Obviously, he was in a state of cachexia.

“Well, it turns out that we have Granny Wind as a guest today. Please forgive my late welcome.”

Lin Xun cupped his hands and smiled, with his voice a little hoarse and weak.

Granny Wind frowned and hummed coldly, “Little fellow, it’s not you who was refining just now. What’s this pitiful look for? Do you really think I will deal with you personally?”

Shue Jin and Chu Feng also found Lin’s groggy state, and felt a bit worried. After hearing Granny Wind’s words, the two looked strange again.

“Well, I won’t bother to make a mountain out of a molehill, but there’s one thing you have to promise me.”

Granny Wind said in a low-pitched voice.

Lin Xun was stunned, “What’s up?”

Granny Wind threatened coldly, “Of course it’s about Huang Jianxiong. His path of cultivation has been cut off by you. Do you think this matter can be easily settled?”

Beside her, Shue Jin frowned, “Mad Woman, cut your crap.”

Granny Wind glanced at Shue Jin and then explained to Lin, “Very simple. Those practitioners from the aristocratic families will pick out one person to have a fight with you in a few days in order to settle the feud between you and them. If you win, they’ll have nothing to say. But if you lose, there’s going to be a price to pay.”

“A fight to settle the feud?”

Shue Jin sneered, “After all these years, these lads from the aristocratic families are still playing this old game; there’s simply not any novelty at all.”

However, Chu Feng felt worried, “Since they dare to make such a request, they would obviously choose the most powerful person. If so, how likely is Lin to defeat him?”

Granny Wind boasted coldly, “Do you think this will be an unfair fight with my presence?”

Shue Jin immediately understood what she meant, “So Lin’s opponent will also be in the Human-gang Spirit Realm?”

Granny Wind nodded, “Of course. Otherwise, if Shie Yutang was his opponent, it’s likely that this lad will be defeated within one move.”

As she spoke, she looked towards Lin Xun, “I put forward this method, and it’s also the easiest way to settle the feud. What do you think?”

Lin shrugged, “Do I still have the choice to reject?”

Granny Wind shook her head categorically, “Of course not!”

Lin Xun muttered helplessly, “As expected.”

Looking at Lin sneeringly, Granny Wind seemed very frank at this moment, “For the sake of Master Xun, I won’t bother with you, but a crafty and abominable fellowlike you really deserves some punishments to know what ‘there is always someone above you’ means.”

Lin Xun said smilingly, “A good lesson learnt. Then when is this fight? First of all, I’ve got to make it clear to you that I’ll not be available lately.”

With a face as if already knowing what he was going to say, Granny Wind said, “In four days, Shie Yutang will bring the spiritual materials and the remuneration needed for repairing the Ancient-rhythm Ocarina and . He will also tell you the time and place of this battle.”

A touch of coldness flashed across Lin’s eyes, “Has Shie Yutang also intervened?”

Granny Wind showed a meaningful smile and said, “They are all from the aristocratic families. Do you think he will stand by?”

Lin Xun immediately fell into silence, and uttered after a moment. “OK, I agree. But please ask Shie Yutang to go to the Commune of Spiritual Tattooists to find me four days later. This is my master’s secluded residence, so he’d better not be disturbed.”

Granny Wind was stunned and then nodded, “Sure.”

No longer willing to linger here, Granny Wind turned around and went away.

Watching her leave, Shue Jin was obviously much more relaxed, and marvelled, “The crazy bitch could be so easy-going this time! It really is a wonder.”

Chu Feng instantly smiled and looked towards Lin Xun, saying, “Very simple to understand. It’s because our Master Xun has refined a spiritual treasure, which immediately deterred the old woman from making a fuss.”

Shue Jin cast a cold glance at Chu Feng, “Be careful of your words. If this bitch went crazy and wanted to kill you, you would be doomed to die.”

Chu Feng suddenly shivered all over and looked terrified.

Seeing this, Lin could not help but laugh out, “Quite the contrary in my opinion; I think Granny Wind is a reasonable person. I am most afraid of meeting unreasonable people.”

“Cut the crap and quickly show me the saber you’ve just refined!”

Having held back his curiosity for a long time, Shue Jin could no longer restrain himself and said in a hurry.

“I… Can I come along?”

Chu Feng looked at Lin Xun with a face full of hope.

“Of course you can.”

Lin Xun turned and walked into the courtyard.

A moment later, an approximately ninety-centimeter-long and four-finger wide pitch-dark saber appeared in Lin’s hand.

Shue Jin frowned at this spiritual treasure, which looked no different from the original saber.

But when he held it in his hand, the saber trembled all of a sudden, as if to resist, and an intense speck of light emerged on the dark blade.


As soon as Shue Jin sensed the pain on his fingertips, he immediately rotated his cultivation and clenched his fingers, and finally held the saber up. As if he was holding a treasure with a soul, he clearly felt the resistance of the blade.

Just this caused the eyes of Shue Jin to shine brightly, making him exclaim, “Good blade! It’s so magical. No wonder it’s a heaven-bestowed spiritual treasure!”

There was only one word’s difference between spiritual weapon and spiritual treasure, but there existed a world of difference in their spirituality!

Standing by the side, Chu Feng also got ecstatic, showing the intention to come forth and touch the saber in person. Unexpectedly, a piercing sound was heard suddenly before his fingers barely approached it, with wisps of sharp light spurting out from the blade. A cut appeared on Chu Feng’s finger in an instant. If he hadn’t dodged in time, his finger would have been cut off completely!

Both shocked and embarrassed, Chu Feng said while trembling, “This is such a horrifying weapon; it’s surely peerless in the world!”

It was also the first time that Lin felt the spirituality of this saber so closely. Thus, he couldn’t help but put his hand randomly in the air.

With a clang, the pitch-dark saber turned into lightning and rushed into Lin’s palm, as if it had taken the initiative to do so. It made both Shue Jin and Chu Feng stare with eyes wide and jaws agape.

In an instant, Lin Xun felt as if the blade in his palm had become an integral part of himself and connected with his own flesh and blood as a sense of perfect resonance between the saber and himself rose in his heart. .

It was as if its joys and sorrows could all be felt by him, and all his thoughts could be fully perceived by it.

It was the first time Lin had experienced such a feeling, so he could not help but find it a bit strange. Without using his cultivation, Lin shook his wrist and cut the air with the blade randomly.


The air sent out a piercing shriek, as if a cloth being torn apart. At the same time, a ray of ferocious light flashed across the surface of the saber.

What a great saber!

Shue Jin and Chu Feng’s eyes all lit up, full of envy inside.

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