Battling Records of the Chosen One

by Mason

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Super Heroes Supernatural Xianxia

Author: In the vast and boundless continent Cangtu, there were ancient sects governing the Ten Old Domains, unworldly immortal clans beyond the Blue Density, and primordial demon gods dominating the dark abyss that together created an unknown number of brilliant chapters over the long course of the history.

In this very world, there was a boy, named Lin Xun, who embarked on his journey to the pinnacle of strength alone through cultivation and spiritual tattoo inscribing.

Translator: Escaping alone from the Mine Prison where he had been living since his adoption, Lin Xun knew nothing about his identity but the little information his adopter, Master Lu, had told him. With two ancient spiritual tools Master Lu gave to him before the destruction of the Mine Prison, Lin Xun started his journey to Ziyao Empire, where he is supposed to find out the truth of his lost Spiritual Vessel and the person who slaughtered his family, leaving him orphaned.

Will he be able to unlock the mysteries of the two magic treasures, unveil the secrets of his identity and create a legend of his own? Read all of updated chapters on Flying-Lines

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Word Count (19)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The Young Boy – Lin Xun ago
2. Spiritual Tattoos ago
3. Light-attracting Tattoo ago
4. Mine Prison ago
5. Cultivation Realm ago
6. Villagers Asking for Favors ago
7. Marching Boxing ago
8. Captain of the Guardians ago
9. Mystique of Spiritual Tattoos ago
10. First Fight ago
11. Cause of the Fight ago
12. Secret to Be Uncovered ago
13. Gate of Stars ago
14. The Bloody Gate ago
15. Four Acupoints of Cardiac Vessel ago
16. As Wise as a Demon ago
17. Gate to Heaven ago
18. Meditating Magic ago
19. Nirvana and Rebirth ago
20. Mystique of Spirit Refining ago
21. The Hunting Full of Surprises ago
22. Lava Wolf ago
23. Robbery That Offended All ago
24. Six-word Saberplay ago
25. A Burial Ground ago
26. The Obliterating of Corpses ago
27. Ruddy Blood Bats ago
28. Stare with Astonishment ago
29. Five Elements Opening ago
30. The Realms of Martial Cultivation ago
31. Misfortunes Repeatedly Occur ago
32. Peerless Treasure ago
33. Shia Zhi ago
34. A Storm Is Coming ago
35. Ambush at the Entrance of the Village ago
36. The Spook in Feiyun ago
37. The Bone Spear ago
38. A Narrow Victory ago
39. The Storing Ring ago
40. Coins of Ziyao Empire ago
41. Lighting the Stars ago
42. Being Abused Terribly ago
43. Change of Physique ago
44. A Flying Rainbow ago
45. Unacquainted Guests ago
46. Precious Liquor Named Four Seasons ago
47. A Token Gift ago
48. Spiritual Tattoo Battlefield ago
49. Golden Claws ago
50. A Turtledove Takes over the Nest of a Magpi ago
51. A Disturbance Rose ago
52. Bronze Treasure Case! ago
53. Old Crow Inn ago
54. Mad-Dog Wu Jie ago
55. Constant Questioning ago
56. Sister Wansu ago
57. Relieving the Danger ago
58. Imperial Tests ago
59. Innate Spiritual-crystal ago
60. Red-butterfly Jade Armour ago
61. Marrow Washing ago
62. Departing for Donglin Town ago
63. Guest to Donglin Town ago
64. Meaning of Fighting ago
65. Refining a Spiritual Weapon ago
66. Underground Forces ago
67. Treasure in the Hall ago
68. Enemy Appeared ago
69. Leader of Shuangmu Gang ago
70. The Second Spiritual Star ago
71. Treasured Saber Event ago
72. Reversing the Course ago
73. Getting Well-known in the Town ago
74. A Beauty's Resentment ago
75. Preparing Beforehand ago
76. Assassins Came ago
77. Breakthrough in Fight ago
78. Disturbance Never Stopped ago
79. Armed to the Teeth ago
80. Violent Raid ago
81. Bloody Battle ago
82. Spiritual Gang Power ago
83. Visitor Outside the Door ago
84. Overawing ago
85. Reactions from Various Parties ago
86. Registration for the County Test ago
87. Chance Encounter with Enemies ago
88. Blood Youngster ago
89. Treasure Exchange ago
90. Complicated Situation ago
91. Foppish Young Boys ago
92. Public Clamor Can Melt Metals ago
93. Repercussions of the Farce ago
94. County Test Began ago
95. Undercurrent ago
96. Insidious Foes ago
97. A Boy Facing Thousands of Accusing Fingers ago
98. Tit for Tat ago
99. Wrath out of Despair ago
100. Dark Night Came ago
101. Heiyao Shrine ago
102. Leaving without Saying Good-bye ago
103. Bloodthirsty Camp ago
104. Ostentatious Debut ago
105. Obeying Orders ago
106. Abnormal Place ago
107. Golden-flame Spider ago
108. Contracting Enmity ago
109. Saber Skill Promotion ago
110. Talent Property ago
111. Dark Tribes ago
112. Tailender of Camp 39 ago
113. Self-importance of Old Mo ago
114. A Favor to Ask ago
115. Cutting a Dashing Figure ago
116. Wolf Fang ago
117. Privileged Partner Training ago
118. The Opponent of Camp 39 ago
119. Gang-producing Lake ago
120. Show-up in the Camp ago
121. Pretended Weakness ago
122. Totally Defeated ago
123. The Shameless ago
124. Monthly Assessment ago
125. Hidden Hunters ago
126. Wolf Pack Tactics ago
127. Bloody Armor-piercing Crossbow ago
128. Comments on the Situation ago
129. Making Vigorous Efforts to Turn the Tide ago
130. Putting Up a Desperate Fight ago
131. Evil Intention ago
132. Result of the Assessment ago
C133. Totem Barbarian Tattoo ago
C134. Mighty Rise ago
C135. Reward for Passing the Test ago
C136. Meteors Crossbow ago
C137. Quarterly Assessment ago
C138. Brilliant Starlight ago
C139. Who Was the Winner? ago
C140. Mixed Reception ago
141. Mark of Her Red Lips ago
142. Certificate of County Test ago
C143. Provocation ago
C144. Storm-killing Boxing ago
C145. Bai Lingshi ago
C146. Selecting the Prize ago
C147. Variation of the Treasure Case ago
C148. Chirp~ Chirp~ ago
C149. Crisis ago
C150. Hatred Taking Root ago
C151. Barking Dispute ago
C152. The Assessment Started ago
C153. Totem Barbarian Tool ago
C154. The Burning Fury ago
C155. Amrita Saint Pearl ago
C156. “My Name Is Shrizi” ago
C157. Fighting Would Prove Who Was Tougher ago
C158. Like a Moth Darting into the Flame ago
C159. Changes That Sacred Treasure Brought ago
C160. Benefits from Spirit Transformation ago
C161. He Was Unconquerable ago
C162. Power of RFS (Reaching for the Stars) ago
C163. Grabbing Military Merits ago
C164. Overawing the Whole Demon-cloud Ridge ago
C165. Surprise Attack ago
166. Being Eliminated Pitifully ago
C167. To Live in a Thatched Cottage ago
C168. Purgatory Spiritual Formation ago
C169. Total Control ago
C170. Mysterious Beast Tooth ago
C171. Coming Back Late ago
C172. Competing for the Ranking in the Assessment ago
C173. Becoming the Top One ago
174. Secrets of Spiritual Beasts ago
C175. New Record ago
C176. The Final Assessment ago
C177. Thunder Ring ago
C178. Here Came the Revenge ago
C179. The Big Dipper Surrounded the Sun ago
C180. No One Dared to Offend Him ago
C181. Bloodthirsty Badge ago
C182. Scenes on Cultivation ago
C183. God’s Blessing ago
C184. Rare Anomalies ago
C185. World-shocking Change ago
C186. Eye of the Windstorm ago
C187. Reunion of Old Friends ago
C188. Strut in Borrowed Plumes ago
C189. White Jade Scroll ago
C190. Spiritual Screen ago
C191. Windstorm Millstone ago
C192. Commune of Spiritual Tattooists ago
C193. Give It a Shot ago
C194. God-Devil Agreement ago
C195. Master Xun ago
C196. Beyond Expectation ago
C197. Sumeru Ring ago
C198. Rising to Fame ago
C199. Leading a Tranquil Life ago
C200. Mist College ago
C201. An Unexpected Disaster ago
C202. Being Thrown Out upon a Palm ago
C203. Frightening All the People Present ago
C204. Disturbances Arose Repeatedly ago
C205. Troubles Were Coming ago
C206. Disaster Was Imminent ago
C207. The Bloody Ten Days ago
C208. A Battle Song ago
C209. Killing at a Rainstorm Night (1) ago
C210. Killing at a Rainstorm Night (2) ago
C211. A Crises of Danger Lurked in Here and There ago
C212. Reemergence of RFS (Reaching for the Stars) ago
C213. Gray Pupils ago
C214. Insignificance Longbow ago
C215. A Hunting Game ago
C216. Massacre in Hall ago
C217. Killing on the Rainy Night ago
C218. Power of One Punch ago
C219. An Unbelievable Thing ago
C220. A Post from Heiyao Shrine ago
C221. The Hidden Turbulence under the Peace ago
C222. Smashing-star Golden Fire ago
C223. Castle of the Night ago
C224. Secret of Lin Xun’s Origin ago
C225. Acient-rhythm Ocarina ago
C226. Young Girl in Green ago
C227. Encountering a Farce ago
C228. Rendering Help ago
C229. A Mysterious Old Woman ago
C230. Aristocratic Family ago
C231. Embarrassing Situation ago
C232. Bloody Spirit-piercing Crossbow ago
C233. A Sword at the Neck ago
C234. Peerless Maiden ago
C235. Destiny from the Ancient Ocarina ago
C236. Talking and Laughing ago
C237. Sets of Tricks ago
C238. Refining the Weapon ago
C239. A Ferocious Saber ago
C240. Whistling Clang of the Saber ago
C241. A Sudden Invitation to Fight ago
C242. Fulfillment of the Promise ago
C243. Widely Known Battle ago
C244. Chains of Dark Prison ago
C245. Peak Duel under Full Attention (I) ago
C246. Peak Duel under Full Attention (II) ago
C247. Peak Duel under Full Attention (III) ago
C248. Thousand Ghosts Prison ago
C249. Raising Fame ago
C250. The Invitation Letter ago
C251. Reunion of Old Friends ago
C252. Kneeling to Apologize ago
C253. Serve as Statesman ago
C254. Before the Celebration ago
C255. Malicious Taunting ago
C256. Seat Arrangement ago
C257. The Secret Realm of Hundred Battles ago
C258. The Shadow of Death Lingering in His Mind ago
C259. The Musical Images ago
C260. The Song of Flying Time ago
C261. Ancient Movement ago
C262. Accidental Disclosure of His Identity ago
C263. Giving It up Again ago
C264. Ancient Practitioner ago
C265. Heaven-shaking Ancient Seal ago
C266. A Heaven-shaking Strike ago
C267. Struck Them Into Powder ago
C268. Smiling on Face, Bleeding in Heart. ago
C269. Gratitude for Hoodoo’s Leaving ago
C270. The Province Test Began ago
C271. The Notorious Devil ago
C272. Facing Legendary Lin Xun ago
C273. Rising to Prominence ago
C274. Timely Help ago
C275. In the Limelight ago
C276. One-Blow Bet ago
C277. Cloud & Light Steps ago
C278. One Selected in Six ago
C279. Targets of All ago
C280. Counter-siege Fight ago
C281. Tempering Cultivation ago
C282. Shame and Indignation ago
C283. The Hidden Developments ago
C284. The Final Assessment ago
C285. The Necessary Trip ago
C286. Deployment of Forces ago
C287. Breaking into the President’s Mansion ago
C288. We Shall Meet Again Someday. ago
C289. Plain of Blood Wolf ago
C290. Strong Suppression ago
C291. Undercurrents in Forbidden City ago
C292. Crossing Maple Mount ago
C293. The Power of Ziying Battleship Cannons ago

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I believe that some_total_kretin summed the story well. I want to add a few words regarding the translation.
The term that comes to mind is awkward, too much poor word choices make thing jarring especially since most of it is OK.
Few examples:
"Solider" used instead of "firmer" or even "more solid".
"Inner strong" instead  "inner strength".
If this was a one time mistake I would ignore it, but those terms are used repeatedly. As lnmtl veteran, I had worse, but those repeated mistakes lead me to believe that either this is done with a machine translation with some corrections or the translators Chinese is better than his English.

If you are new to the genre you could do better. if, like me, you are looking to pass the time it's fine.

*After reading ahead I really can't recommend this. If, in the beginning, it was predictable but fine later it becomes all the things I dislike in Chinese xianxia. The mc is handsome and good at everything, sliding into a borderline mass-murdering psycho. Don't get me started on unearned power, this is satisfying as reading a billionaires son bragging. 


 Improperly tagged and plastered with ads for another site. Skip it. 



Reviewed at: C248. Thousand Ghosts Prison

A good story. Defintiely worth reading. That said it will require you to go to a different website at chapter 248 and create an account there and then acquire credits unique to the site to unlock further chapters. 

If despite this, you're interested. It's quite a good xianxia story. 
If because of this you're not interested, don't worry. it's still worth reading until you get to, and I'm going to be vague here to prevent spoilers: where the boy and the girl split up and say goodbye during the exam. That point makes for a very natural ending to what I consider in my head to be "the first book" and is a good point to end things. This was what I did and I don't think I wasted my time. 

The story up to that point is a very nice one detailing the begining of a classic xianxia adventure. In fact, the lack of harem makes it slightly better than classic as there are real and relatable emotions in play instead. Anyway, yeah. That's my take. 

Rabid Fan

You will either Love it or Loath it.

 Its  another Chinese cultivation story , unlike most the book starts out slow and lacks humour.

However it does have plenty of action and dialogue with some weirdness thrown in.

You will either Love it or Hate it.

Those who enjoy books like Martial God asura will likely enjoy this book.

Lots to read and one part I really hated was the word Childe ..which got used often.

Malay Jessi

The MC is Linxun, and I think he is good

Amazing story, I love it. The chapters so far are great. Can't wait to read more, it's really interesting. But it seems there is little emotional part, will Linxun meet his lover later? The Chinese version has uodated to chapter 2700 already. This is really a very long work. Thanks for Mason to translate this. 

Anne Qi

My favorite thing about this novel is that things don't come too easily to the main character. The MC is very intelligent and his characteristics is well developed. He changes some of his views as the story progresses.

Banma Wfgx

I love the fluent plots. And the translation seems good. Please offer consistent chapters