Of Lead and Steel

by Domi Sotto

Original COMPLETED Adventure Drama Fantasy Grimdark Magic Male Lead Mythos Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

An Easter Egg in Reigh video game goes all wrong for Steffan. He plays a Soldier of the Iron Reich Faction with his buddies, then suddenly he is reincarnated as a golem-Assassin in the City of Steeples ruled by alchemy and seduction. 


It starts as a quest to fight a deathmatch with Death to save an impaled lover.

As Steffan's mind merges with his avatar's he realizes that the impaled woman is nobody he knows, let alone loves, but a dangerous sorceress.

Under her heel, Steffan becomes a lead golem, an assassin in the City of Steeples. She orders him to win Death’s favor and an invitation to the Walpurgis Night Ball by committing a string of murders.

Steffan would rather win back his free will, but for that he needs to experience a Moment of Transcendence, says a lecherous homunculus. Too bad Steffan is not philosophically inclined. 


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A Hard-Boiled Gothic Noir Story

Reviewed at: 22. A Bat Outta Hell

A bit different from most of the things I've read here, this is a taut-as-hell, hard-boiled gothic fantasy, of violence and sex.  The main character has more in common with a noir PI with a shady past (the nastier kind!), walking down dark and dirty streets, fighting things even worse than he is, in a strange city filled with all sorts of strange people, some of whom are monsters, either physically or morally.  There's a few odds and ends of iffy grammar, but it's better than most I've read here, and the sheer creepy pulsing vitality of the City of Steeples has its own dark charm.  If you're a fan of hard-boiled pulp, check this out - I don't know where the plot is going, but the writing and characterisation more than makes up for it!