Earthly Treasures Pavilion [Discontinued]

by Rionsilver

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Romance Female Lead GameLit Magic Multiple Lead Characters Xianxia

Disappointed with her life, Tai Yui feels as if she has nothing left in this world. When a strange voice offers her a chance to start over new, by managing a shop in a strange place, there is nothing to hold her back.

Finding herself in a completely different world, the shy high school girl quickly gets into situations that force her to give up on all the social barriers she has built up all her life. Confronted with adversity and responsibilities she never had to worry about before, Tai Yui finally realizes that growing up as a person might not only be a scary adventure, but also a journey filled with happiness and fulfillment.

Encouraged and supported by a mischievous artifact spirit, who steps into the role of a twin sister, the overwhelmed high school girl soon finds herself with family and friends she never would have expected, enemies she never wanted, but honestly doesn't care about, as well as all kinds of unexpected mayhem that no one mentioned in her job description.


Earthly Treasures Pavilion is at its core a fantasy romance novel in a slightly eastern fantasy setting with a touch of Xianxia and GameLit themes.

Growing up, not just in body, but as a person, taking on responsibilities and making decisions to face her own fears and insecurities, a young woman takes the first step on a journey to find what is really important to her.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Into the Rabbit Hole with no Return Tickets ago
Chapter 2: Miners be Minin' ago
Chapter 3: Master, Please take care of the Shop and let me take a Nap ago
Chapter 4: Our Pocket Dimensions are all Eco Friendly ago
Chapter 5: Get off Mah' Lawn! ago
Chapter 6: When a Sovereign goes out to buy Groceries ago
Chapter 7: When you don't find groceries, bring something else back ago
Chapter 8: Trick & Treatment ago
Chapter 9: Teddy Bears are out of stock, we only have Dire Bears left ago
Chapter 10: Batteries and the Dao of Shortcuts ago
Chapter 11: Don't poke a spiritual power socket, it might explode! ago
Chapter 12: When you stare into the Abyss, the Abyss might give you shinies! ago
Chapter 13: Food for Thought, Smart people get tasty things ago
Chapter 14: A Knife in the Dark ago
Chapter 15: I'd rather take the demon lord! A lady-in-waiting sounds way scarier. ago
Chapter 16: If you don't know what to do, hire someone who does! ago
Chapter 17: Chaos at the Dinner Table ago
Chapter 18: Stepping on a Griffon's Tail ago
Chapter 19: Inviting Small Forces to the Auction ago
Chapter 20: Heralds of a Shopkeeper ago
Chapter 21: I made a Fortune with this Auction and spent Three Fortunes on the House ago
Chapter 22: A Table at Dragon's Gate ago
Chapter 23: The Beauty and the Cake ago
Chapter 24: Knowledge & Power ago
Chapter 25: Something Different for Breakfast ago
Chapter 26: Tutorial Complete! Let's start with Hard Mode now. ago
Chapter 27: Gathering of Empires (1) ago
Chapter 28: Gathering of Empires (2) ago
Chapter 29: Conquering the World One Bag at a Time ago
Chapter 30: A Slightly Different Auction ago
Chapter 31: The Treasures of the Earthly Pavilion ago
Chapter 32: Auctioneer from Hell ago
Discontinued ago

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  • Overall Score

A different take on a transmigraton twist

This is so far a steady novel that opens a view different than most mainly because of the more artifact driven story. It has an OP MC but not in quite the usual way, a good read that has the potential to show how artifacts should be used in cultivation and that Logistics and Resources should always be King

  • Overall Score

A story needs conflict

A story needs a plot and a plot needs conflict, internal or external, you could argue about the first but there is a distinct lack of the second.

Tai Yui(Mary Sue) is transmigrated, it's glossed over why, given unearned power, then goes to make the world a better place one good deed at a time. There are some logistics and management thrown in, unfortunately, it feels shallow.
The story can't decide if it's a slice of life story, cultivation or something else. Characterization is another thing that should be worked on, too often characters would make decisions that felt like the author's whim to achieve the needed result and made little sense.
*The review was edited. I felt that some remarks were not constructive, in the original, and would like to apologize to the author.