Adventures of the Goldthirst Company

Adventures of the Goldthirst Company

by Mejiro

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Get the quest, kill the monsters, grab the loot, don't die.  How hard can adventuring be?  When the party is a fashionista wizard who'd rather stare at her reflection than dirty herself with actual combat, a thief that picks locks by ripping them apart, a paladin trying to do the right thing, and an archer that's better at talking to plants than people, then even a simple quest can prove a challenge. 

Hired for a variety of tasks, from retreiving the legendary Dragon's Veil to bodyguarding the wealthy, thwarting apocalyptic prophecies, or uncovering not-so-abandoned elven ruins, the problems in their way may well prove their undoing; lonesome medusas, sticky-fingered psychopomps, agressively passive golems and fearsomely violent geography stand in their way, as well as the minor issue of simply not actually trusting, or even liking, each other! 

 Releases twice weekly, generally Tuesday and Friday

(Art by Sin Soppitt)

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15 Reviews
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3rd Anniversary
Word Count (16)
30 Review Upvotes
Table of Contents
346 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Lies of Wizardry, the Truth of Gold ago
Dragon's Veil 1: The Night Before the Day After ago
Dragon's Veil 2: Of Wizards, and Other Irksome Things ago
Dragon's Veil 3: The Path Less Travelled ago
Dragon's Veil 4: Into the Darkness ago
Dragon's Veil 5: A Woodland Encounter ago
Dragon's Veil 6: A Thorny Encounter ago
Dragon's Veil 7: Another Day, Another Dungeon ago
Dragon's Veil 8: Light, in the Darkness ago
Dragon's Veil 9: All Ends As It Began (Drunkenly) ago
A Simple Job 1: The Party Getting Ready for the Party ago
A Simple Job 2: Breaking the Wizard ago
A Simple Job 3: Working the Room ago
A Simple Job 4: What Lies Beneath ago
A Simple Job 5: The River of Eternity ago
A Simple Job 6: Across the Darkest Ocean ago
A Simple Job 7: Ambushes and Awkward Meetings ago
A Simple Job 8: Negotiating an Advantage ago
A Simple Job 9: Entering and Breaking ago
A Simple Job 10: Fire from the Heavens ago
A Simple Job 11: Settling Scores ago
A Simple Job 12: The Going Gets Gone ago
A Simple Job 13: The Wet Way Home ago
A Simple Job 14: Blue Skies, Golden Sun ago
A Simple Job 14.5: From the Shade to the Light ago
Janaxia's History, Chapter 1: Growing Pains ago
Janaxia's History, Chapter 2: Halls of Darkest Frost ago
Janaxia’s History, Chapter 3: A Legacy Unveiled ago
Janaxia’s History, Chapter 4: An Icy Retreat ago
Janaxia’s History, Chapter 5: A Brave New World ago
Sidenote: D&D5e Game Stats ago
Redcastle 1: A New Road ago
Redcastle 2: Welcome to Redcastle ago
Redcastle 3: Empty Home, Empty Heart ago
Redcastle 4: Temple of the Sun ago
Redcastle 5: The Wounded Hart ago
Redcastle 6: The Thrill of the Hunt ago
Redcastle 7: A Chilly Return ago
Redcastle 8: Patching Pages ago
Redcastle 9: Lighting the Sky ago
Redcastle 10: An Unwelcome Visitor ago
Redcastle 11: A Bargain Struck ago
Redcastle 11.1: A Bargain Struck (Semari) ago
Redcastle 11.2 A Bargain Struck (Janaxia) ago
Redcastle 12: Family Ties ago
Redcastle 13: A Lukewarm Return ago
Redcastle 14: A Bleak Awakening ago
Redcastle 15: Night of Red Ruin ago
Redcastle 16: Battling from Sky to Earth ago
Redcastle 17: Frost and Fear and Fingerfood ago
Redcastle 18: New Departures and Old Arrivals ago
Redcastle 19: A Promise Kept ago
Redcastle 8.1: Calm Repose (Parth Chapter) ago
Redcastle 19.5: New Flames and an Old Blade ago
Between Arcs: This Space Intentionally Left Blank ago
Stathis’ History 1: Hitting the Town ago
Stathis' History 2: Dropping In ago
Stathis' History 3: Going to the Party ago
Stathis' History 4: Rave in a Cave ago
Stathis' History 5: Excuses in Diplomacy ago
Ashfall Keep 1: A New Recruit ago
Ashfall Keep 2: Temple of the Moon ago
Ashfall Keep 3: Beyond the Mist ago
Ashfall Keep 4: Ill Met By Moonlight ago
Ashfall Keep 5: The Lost Castle ago
Ashfall Keep 5.5: Into the Realm of Moonlight (Parth) ago
Ashfall Keep 6: The Restful Heart ago
Ashfall Keep 7: Meet the Boss ago
Ashfall Keep 8: A Fated Rematch ago
Ashfall Keep 9: A Brief Respite ago
Ashfall Keep 10: Flames in the Darkness ago
Ashfall Keep 10.5: The Hidden Heart (Parth) ago
Ashfall Keep 10.5: The Hidden Heart (Semari) ago
Ashfall Keep 10.5: Flames in the Darkness (Janaxia) (poll) ago
Ashfall Keep 11: The Sun Sets ago
Ashfall Keep 11.5: The Sun Sets (Parth) ago
Ashfall Keep 12: As the Fire Fades ago
Ashfall Keep 13: Resting in the Green ago
Ashfall Keep 13.5: A Better View (Semari) ago
Ashfall Keep 14: Steamy Discussions ago
Winter Break 1: Important Choices ago
Winter Break 2: A Fated Guest ago
Winter Break 3: A Winter Union ago
Winter Break 4: A Relaxed Morning ago
Semari Backstory 1: Summer Jobs ago
Semari Backstory 2: The Drink of Wrath ago
Semari Backstory 3: Raging in the Streets ago
Semari Backstory 4: When You’re in a Dark Place, Keep Punching ago
Semari Backstory 5: Arena Battle ago
Intermission: Character Polling (poll) ago
Ivory Mask 01: New Town, Old Friends (poll) ago
Ivory Mask 02: Down the Darkened Streets ago
Ivory Mask 03: Fevers and Shadows ago
Ivory Mask 04: The Crippled King ago
Ivory Mask 05: A Party, Interrupted ago
Ivory Mask 06: In the Streets (Semari) ago
Ivory Mask 07: Night Time Excursion (Janaxia) ago
Ivory Mask 08: A Cold, Unfeeling Morning (Janaxia) ago
Ivory Mask 09: The Tower of Embrelas ago
Ivory Mask 10: Uncertain Choices ago
Ivory Mask 11: Planning and Styling (Janaxia) ago
Ivory Mask 12: A Not So Restful Night ago
Ivory Mask 13: A Long Night Gets Longer ago
Ivory Mask 14: Uniting and Dividing ago
Ivory Mask 15: A Darkened Soul ago
Ivory Mask 16: Flame to Purge Flame ago
Ivory Mask 17: Of Swift Resolutions to Complicated Matters ago
Ivory Mask 18: A Not-So-Soothing Rest ago
Ivory Mask 19: A Soothing Morning ago
Ivory Mask 20: Hitting the (Defenceless) Road ago
(Warning: Image Intensive) Cover Art and Poll ago
Parth Backstory 1: The Rite of Conquest ago
Parth Backstory 2: Relaxation in the Green ago
Parth Backstory 3: An Important Mission ago
Parth Backstory 4: Flight Through the Forest ago
Parth Backstory 5: Dawn Breaks, Outside the Forest ago
Stat Sheets ago
Silver Storm 1: The Road Through Nowhere ago
Silver Storm 2: Fort Verinal, Keep on the Borderlands ago
Silver Storm 3: Silver Spears and Simple Strikes ago
Silver Storm 4: The Hippogriff and Dragon ago
Silver Storm 5: The Whispering Flame ago
Silver Storm 6: Wandering and Encountering (poll) ago
Silver Storm 7: Darkness and an Excess of Light ago
Silver Storm 8: Required Equipment ago
Silver Storm 9: Commence the Duel ago
Silver Storm 10: The Storm is Called ago
Silver Storm 10.5: A Dream of Encardine Stone (Janaxia) ago
Silver Storm 11: A New Position ago
Silver Storm 12: Steel Beneath a Stormy Sky ago
Silver Storm 13: Besieged by Weather (poll) ago
Silver Storm 14: Aerial Attacks ago
Silver Storm 15: Through Ancient Eyes (Parth) ago
Silver Storm 16: Wrath and Thunder ago
Silver Storm 17: A Brief Sanctuary ago
Silver Storm 18: A Reckoning of Powers ago
Silver Storm 19: An Excess of Darkness and No Light ago
Silver Storm 20: Storm and Fire ago
Silver Storm 21: Tunnel of Crimson ago
Silver Storm 22: Keep On Keep On Keeping On ago
Silver Storm 23: Drinking in the Dark ago
Flashback Theatre: First Meetings ago
Strange People and Strange Quests 1: Down the Pub ago
Strange People and Strange Quests 2: Village of the Dead ago
Strange People and Strange Quests 3: Just a Devil Woman ago
Strange People and Strange Quests 4: Rescue Mission ago
Strange People and Strange Quests 5: Performance Review ago
Strange People and Strange Quests 6: Darkness and Ice ago
Strange People and Strange Quests 7: An Arrangement is Made ago
Laws of Heaven 1: Domes of Fire ago
Laws of Heaven 2: Ancient, Crooked Wings ago
Laws of Heaven 3: Pleasures in the Darkness ago
Laws of Heaven 4: The Dead Amongst the Dead ago
Laws of Heaven 5: The Tolling of the Bells ago
Laws of Heaven 6: Winnowing the Competition ago
Laws of Heaven 7: Brunch and a Show ago
Laws of Heaven 8: Visions and Evasions ago
Laws of Heaven 9: Mansion of the Dead ago
Laws of Heaven 10: Brawling on the Rooftops (Semari) ago
Laws of Heaven 11: A Meeting in the Night ago
Laws of Heaven 12: The Inner Shrine ago
Laws of Heaven 13: Taking the Stand ago
Laws of Heaven 14: A Confusion of Laws ago
Laws of Heaven 15: A Foregone Conclusion ago
Laws of Heaven 16: Fists of Thunder ago
Laws of Heaven 17: A Brief Rest ago
Laws of Heaven 18: A Lord of Darkness ago
Laws of Heaven 19: An Awkward Dinner ago
Laws of Heaven 20: No Rest for the Holy ago
Inter-Chapter Discussion (poll) ago
Broken Words and Bitter Blood (Janaxia) 1: A Family Duty ago
Broken Words and Bitter Blood (Janaxia) 2: The Broken Crown ago
Broken Words and Bitter Blood (Janaxia) 3: A Good Night for Bad Things ago
Broken Words and Bitter Blood (Janaxia) 4: The Book of First Shadow ago
Broken Words and Bitter Blood (Janaxia) 5: A New Dawn ago
Defence Against the Dark 1: Past the Edge of the World ago
Defence Against the Dark 2: Touring the Base ago
Defence Against the Dark 3: The Lay of the Land ago
Defence Against the Dark 4: Testing and Gearing Up ago
Defence Against the Dark 5: A Mess in the Mess ago
Defence Against the Dark 6: Field Mission ago
Defence Against the Dark 7: Return to Base ago
Defence Against the Dark 8: Calming the Troops ago
Defence Against the Dark 9: Night Raid ago
Defence Against the Dark 10: Night Time and a Return to the Light ago
Side stories and other projects ago
Defence Against the Dark 11: Defending the Walls ago
Defence Against the Dark 12: Tangling with the Titan ago
Defence Against the Dark 13: Dawn Assault ago
Defence Against the Dark 14: Assault Against the Darkness ago
Defence Against the Dark 15: An Unanswerable Darkness ago
Defence Against the Dark 16: A Visitation from Above ago
Defence Against the Dark 17: The Journey Home ago
Defence Against the Dark 18: A Release, and an Expectation ago
Defence Against the Dark 19: A Long-Delayed Dinner ago
Defence Against the Dark 20: Distant Dawns and Uncertain Futures ago
Defence Against the Dark 21: Void ago
Ancient Blades and Lost Bells 1: The Hidden Lord ago
Ancient Blades and Lost Bells 2: Spirals of Gold ago
Ancient Blades and Lost Bells 3: No Easy Entrance ago
Ancient Blades and Lost Bells 4: Shining Gold and Azure Blue ago
Ancient Blades and Lost Bells 5: The Inner Sanctum ago
Ancient Blades and Lost Bells 6: Flight to Safety ago
Blood of Darkness 1: Getting Ahead in a Dungeon ago
Blood of Darkness 2: Meet the Darkbinder ago
Blood of Darkness 3: Welcome to Saltstone ago
Blood of Darkness 4: An Unwelcome Return ago
Blood of Darkness 5: Dinner with the Family ago
Blood of Darkness 6: A Brief Rest ago
Blood of Darkness 7: A Trial of Shadow ago
Blood of Darkness 8: The Hiring Process ago
Blood of Darkness 9: The Second Trial ago
Blood of Darkness 10: The Trials of Sisterhood ago
Blood of Darkness 11: In the Bleakest of Lands ago
Blood of Darkness 12: In the Darkness, a Light Shall Shine ago
Blood of Darkness 13: A Cold Dinner ago
Blood of Darkness 14: Broken Bindings ago
Blood of Darkness 15: Darkness and Decisions ago
Blood of Darkness 16: The City of the Crystal Princes ago
Blood of Darkness 17: An Easy, Drowsy Morning ago
Blood of Darkness 18: Big City Lights ago
Blood of Darkness 19: Speaking with the Dead ago
Blood of Darkness 20: A Place Beyond Words ago
Blood of Darkness 21: A Place Beyond Light ago
Blood of Darkness 22: A Place Beyond Fire ago
Hakara Travant’s Day Off 1: An Acrid Awakening ago
Hakara Travant’s Day Off 2: All the Fun of the Fair ago
Hakara Travant’s Day Off 3: The Serpent’s Tomb ago
Hakara Travant’s Day Off 4: Heart of the Dungeon ago
Hakara Travant’s Day Off 5: A Passing Grade ago
Shadows of Dawn 01: Darkness Awakens ago
Shadows of Dawn 02: Inexorable Advancements ago
Shadows of Dawn 03: The Lost Palace ago
Shadows of Dawn 04: Down to Earth with a Bump ago
Shadows of Dawn 05: A Deal is Made ago
Shadows of Dawn 06: A Not-so-Random Encounter ago
Shadows of Dawn 07: An Attempted Assassination ago
Shadows of Dawn 08: Visions of Another World ago
Shadows of Dawn 09: A Conversation Resumed ago
Shadows of Dawn 10: Underground Fighting ago
Shadows of Dawn 11: Scrying the City ago
Shadows of Dawn 12: Repeated Confrontation ago
Shadows of Dawn 13: Stuck in the Otherworld with You ago
Shadows of Dawn 14: An Infiltration Ensues ago
Shadows of Dawn 15: Return to the Labyrinth of Darkness ago
Shadows of Dawn 16: A Conversational Segue ago
Shadows of Dawn 17: Wrath and Fire ago
Shadows of Dawn 18: Awakening on the Ocean ago
Shadows of Dawn 19: Fighting on the Sea ago
Shadows of Dawn 20: A Long-Awaited Talk ago
A Blade Sunk in Shadows 01: Bound by Oath, Bound by Steel ago
A Blade Sunk in Shadows 02: A Pact is Made ago
A Blade Sunk in Shadows 03: A Journey Further than Expected ago
A Blade Sunk in Shadows 04: Never an Easy Journey ago
A Blade Sunk in Shadows 05: To Slumber Beneath Ancient Stone ago
Adventures on the Ocean 1: An Interrupted Journey ago
Adventures on the Ocean 2: Scrabble Under the Sea ago
Adventures on the Ocean 3: Making Waves ago
Adventures on the Ocean 4: An Island Retreat ago
Adventures on the Ocean 5: Battle Beneath the Blue Waves ago
Adventures on the Ocean 6: Gold and Green ago
Adventures on the Ocean 7: Gritty Awakenings ago
Adventures on the Ocean 8: Strangers in the Darkness ago
Adventures on the Ocean 9: Discussions of Darkness in Light ago
Adventures on the Ocean 10: Awkward, Lazy Days ago
Adventures on the Ocean 11: Mist and Spray ago
Adventures on the Ocean 12: Frogs in the Sea ago
Adventures on the Ocean 13: A Conversation, and an Unwanted Plus One ago
Adventures on the Ocean 14: Arrivals and Departures ago
Adventures on the Ocean 15: Shelter from the Storm ago
Adventures on the Ocean 16: Battle in the Shrine of Swords ago
Adventures on the Ocean 17: Discussions with Darkness ago
Adventures Across the Ocean 18: Penetrating the Border ago
Adventures Across the Ocean 19: An Unacknowledged Return ago
Sun and Stone 01: Steel Surrounded by Flowers ago
Sun and Stone 02: Into the Cave of the Dragons ago
Sun and Stone 03: Into the Depths ago
Sun and Stone 04: Twists in the Caves ago
Sun and Stone 05: Aerial Return ago
Of Shadow and Sun 01: A Not-So-Secret Entrance ago
Of Shadow and Sun 02: Catching Up With the Light ago
Of Shadow and Sun 03: A Continued Flight ago
Of Shadow and Sun 04: An Unwanted Cold Contact ago
Of Shadow and Sun 05: All in the Family ago
Of Shadow and Sun 06: Not Exactly a Homecoming ago
Of Shadow and Sun 08: Scales and Curses ago
Of Shadow and Sun 09: A Not-So-Trifling Affair ago
Of Shadow and Sun 10: The Long Way Back ago
Of Shadow and Sun 11: No Easy Passage ago
Of Shadow and Sun 12: Some Shall Pass ago
Of Shadow and Sun 13: (Another) Steamy Conversation ago
Of Shadow and Sun 14: Elsewhere ago
Of Shadow and Sun 15: Panic on the Spire ago
Of Shadow and Sun 16: Meet the Team ago
Of Shadow and Sun 17: To Speak With Shadows ago
Of Shadow and Sun 18: Fighting in the Arena ago
Of Shadow and Sun 19: Altar of Darkness ago
Of Shadow and Sun 20: Inner Darkness, Outer Light ago
Of Shadow and Sun 21: Blood on the Sand ago
Of Shadow and Sun 22: Elsewhere, Continued ago
Of Shadow and Sun 23: Blackest Blood ago
An Ancient Chime 1: Another Job ago
An Ancient Chime 2: Sanctum of Darkness ago
An Ancient Chime 3: Strike a Light to Curse the Darkness ago
An Ancient Chime 4: Fever and Fear ago
An Ancient Chime 5: Getting Gone ago
The Darkness Revealed 01: Amidst the Blackest Desert ago
The Darkness Revealed 02: A Night's Rest ago
The Darkness Revealed 03: The Niceties of Politics ago
The Darkness Revealed 04: The Paths of Old ago
The Darkness Revealed 05: Assault From Surprise ago
The Darkness Revealed 06: Changing Plans ago
The Darkness Revealed 07: Negotiation Ensues ago
The Darkness Revealed 08: Vim and Vigor ago
The Darkness Revealed 09: Scouting the Hills ago
The Darkness Revealed 10: An Ancient Passage ago
The Darkness Revealed 11: Taking It From Both Ends ago
The Darkness Revealed 12: Things Get Worse ago
The Darkness Revealed 13: A Long-Awaited Reunion ago
The Darkness Revealed 14: The Blackest Day of Darkest Night ago
The Darkness Revealed 15: A Confluence of Betrayals ago
The Darkness Revealed 16: Shield of Darkness ago
The Darkness Revealed 17: Night At Night ago
The Darkness Revealed 18: A Spark in the Dark ago
The Darkness Revealed 19: Travelling Onwards ago
The Darkness Revealed 20: Not Quite Solace ago
Dawn of Night 1: An Unsafe Sanctum ago
Dawn of Night 2: An Unlikely Saviour ago
Dawn of Night 3: Unstable Norms ago
Dawn of Night 4: Politeness in the Darkness ago
Dawn of Night 5: Taking Council ago
Dawn of Night 6: Dark Talks in Dark Woods ago
Dawn of Night 7: Unexpected Lights ago
Dawn of Night 8: A Desperate Defence ago
Dawn of Night 9: A Brief Return ago
Dawn of Night 10: The Fruits of Research ago
Dawn of Night 11: Lightning Strikes the Darkness ago
Dawn of Night 12: The Fists and Feet of Heaven's Fury ago
Dawn of Night 13: Blades of Light and Dark ago
Dawn of Night 14: A Temporary Aftermath ago
Dawn of Night 15: An Claimed Hoard ago
Dawn of Night 16: An Ancient Barrow ago
Dawn of Night 17: Battle Beneath the Earth ago
Dawn of Night 18: Apportioning the Spoils ago
Dawn of Night 19: A Militant Departure ago
Dawn of Night 20: Riding with the Dawn ago

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Fun and Whimsy in a Fantasy Adventure

Reviewed at: Chapter 24: A New Road

I'm really glad to be doing all these review swaps lately, because I've been coming across stories on Royal Road that are a huge breath of fresh air from the typical droning power fantasies. Adventures of the Goldthirst Company, while nominally a dungeon crawling fantasy action/adventure story, is very different from what you'd expect-- it's actually good.

The story is a bit simple--the three members of the Goldthirst Company, Stathis, Semari, and Janaxia (plus Parth), go on adventures to try and make a lot of money. They tend to get drunk, they tend to squabble with one another, and they tend to run into incredible danger at the worst moments. Simple is good, in this case, because it allows us to focus less on the Point A > Point B adventure and more on the antics and banter along the way.

It's also divided into several self-contained story arcs, much like Deviant's Masquerade, though still the same cast every time and (as of this writing) there is no clear division between the story arcs except through author's notes. I'd liken it to the anime series Princess Principal, each episode a separate adventure, except replace the serious spy intrigue with a bunch of goofy characters getting drunk at the tavern.

So far, there are three completed story arcs, and the fourth is ongoing; the first one is an intensely silly adventure, and my favorite so far; the second falters a bit in having too many action scenes for my taste, but it's sill good. The third, a backstory arc for Janaxia, is good but more serious, aside from one major aspect that I love. You'll find a lot of stuff to enjoy in here, and the story is quick enough that you won't get bored because we're always rocketing to new adventures.

The writing style is nice, with a lot of British dry humour to it. The prose isn't anything overly special besides the funny lines, and I found myself wanting for more setting description at times, but we're at the point where my criticisms of the writing style are more of "this needs more polish before it's published as a paperback" rather than the typical Royal Road "this writer doesn't know what commas are" kind of comment.

So, The Adventures of the Goldthirst Company, while still pretty early in its story from what I can tell, already has a few fun and funny adventures for you to check out. If you like good stuff, you will like this.

Also, it's really gay. 


I Ain't Saying They Some Gold Digger, But They Ain't Messing With No Broke

Reviewed at: Redcastle 7: A Chilly Return

When a gang of misfits, groups together unexpected hilarious comedy will ensue. I don't know how to say how much I enjoy this, it one of the funniest novels I read on RR so far and the story just keeps getting better with each chapter. This is a must-read, get in before the story blows up.



This novel dives straight into the action and expertly weaves the interactions of four people over and over again.

Having attempted to write a few adventure-like scenes I found it very difficult, but the author here does a great job.

Because of how fast the action starts, I struggled through the first two chapters figuring out who was who and who was responsible for what, but by the third I was wondering what sort of interesting situations this team was going to get in next.

I'm not finished yet, but it's a very smooth read and if you thirst for adventure, this is the novel for you. I found myself squeezing in time to continue to see what comes next.

This is only a personal preference, but I enjoy watching characters behave and seeing how that shapes who they are. I was hoping to get a bit more "showing rather than telling" for how these characters came to be where they are now. The "showing" of this novel is heavily in the action and fighting. This is not a problem, but a little more non-fighting interactions that build on the characters would be great. The author has shown that he/she is more than capable of doing this through the Janaxia backstory (which was my favorite arc) and hopefully we will see more of this in the future.

I have a soft spot for the silent characters and so my favorite is Parth and her habit of one word answers. One day I'd like to know where she came from, what wood elves are like, etc etc.

Overall, definitely give this a read!

Folded Corner

This story reminded me why I still visit this site, because you'll never know when you happen upon a gem such as this. I'm honestly surprised that this isn't more popular. I suppose it's because it isn't an isekai, or a harem (i think), and doesn't have an overpowered mc, so the average RR user might pass this up for no good reason.

The bickering between party members, nonchalant attitude of the clearly-evil "wizard", and casual comedy from the prologue drew me in immediately. The story has a distinct style to it that's easy to love.

The grammar is good too, especially if it's all edited by a single person. Though there is the occasional spelling error, I was never unsure of what the sentence was supposed to say. It not never got in the way of the story-telling so still a definite pass.

As far as plot progression goes, I'm not sure how to rate it. I've played a bit of DnD before and have read an ungodly amount of fantasy novels/comics/books, so it's hard to tell how common/predictable this is for most other readers. It definitely is entertaining enough to keep me wanting to read more even if there is some commonality in plot progression other fantasies of this type have.

Slight story spoiler so I'll put a tag:

Spoiler: Spoiler

But that's such a minor issue that it's not worthing worrying over. It's much better than over-explaining every detail, motive, and decision characters make.

Speaking of characters, this is really where the story shines. I'm fervently rooting for each of our party members and it's always fun to watch them.. interact.. with eachother. I think this is the main draw of the story, as each character is so clearly defined and have such vivid personalities you can't help but get drawn into their lives. I clear sign of a successful story is when the readers can imagine what a character's life was like proir to the start of the current story, and this definitely succeeds on that front.

My only other complaint is minor and it's with the story's hook (prologue). I was confused between Stathis and Semari, mostly because they both start with "S". While this confusion would quickly be sorted in later chapters, their original introductions threw me for a loop. I think the issue is; within the first 3 paragraphs 3 character names are introduced. All 3 names have no physical descriptions attached to them so us readers had to separate them purely by name. It would have been nice to know from the beginning that stathis is a battered paladin, semari a thuggish monk, and parth a standoffish elf. The only character we have a physical description of in the prologue is Janaxia.

I don't think a rote description would be the correct writing decision, but you have an easy opportunity with Janaxia critisizing her party members choice of attire. That's just one idea, there's a lot you could do to organically introduce character descriptions without it feeling like a checklist.

This next part is more a me thing as I'm not sure if anyone else cares. I like not knowing when a story arc will end. So, while the chapter naming scheme is clearly defined, it was a bit too defined for my taste.

Overall, keep up the good work. It's truly an entertaining story and I can't wait to read more :)

PS: Re-reading back this review I felt I might've been overly critical. Don't take it the wrong way, it really is a good story!


An Adventure anthology that gains a level with each story.

Reviewed at: Redcastle 10: An Unwelcome Visitor

This story starts out a bit rough in the beginning, but as it continues the number of issues each episode steadily decreases as the quality improves bit by bit into a memorable series of short stories following the Goldthirst Company.

-Dragon Veil

The story starts out at the end of one adventure and the beginning of another, with the party formed and personal dynamics largely established. This first episode admit ably has a few issues, being a bit choppy between some of the scene changes, and pushing Semari and Parth to the side for a time.

Past those issues however is a cast of characters that play off of each other well enough for a number of laughs, given their general genre savviness, willingness to sell each other out for their own safety, and general mismanagement of their party roles. 

-A simple job

This adventure smooths out a lot of the issues I had with the previous one, while also setting up the events that'll have greater ripples to the rest of the story.

-Janaxia's History

While it doesn't answer all of the questions left to Janaxia's mystique, (which is a good thing) it does explain her beginnings as a meek but proud girl, and the events that inspired her to become the confident Eldritch wizard of present.

Side Note: Kinnevar is a dark lord whose style is worth remembering. (It's also genetic.)


This episode while lacking some of the dungeon delving adventures of the previous episodes, instead focuses more on a social adventure, as the party interacts with the various knights and inhabitants of the town of Redcastle, while combating a local demon threat.

This episode alternates between action filled sequences of fighting and a much slower pacing which works because it allows the party to do what they do, while also using the downtime to show a greater focus on the party's interactions, both with each other and others, which as always is where this story shines.

-In closing

While this story does open with a bit of a rough start, it's constant improvement and entertaining characters leave each episode memorable in its own way, and with the party's bickering and occasional bouts of genre savvy munchkinry, leaves a feeling reminicent of a night playing fantasy rpgs (just without the dice praying, and DM haggling).


A really fun story, enjoyable to read and the characters feel fully fleshed out.

There are stories that take themselves too seriously, this isn't one of them. I laughed out loud many times. The dialogue doesn't feel forced or stale and you really feel as if you are there with the characters, drinking ale, looting corpses, winding up dragons... Good old fashioned adventuring. 

My one bit of feedback: The grammar isn't perfect, but that's not something that I tend to mind, especially when the story is this enjoyable. 

Delightful story with great characters!

Kaleb Bjorkman

A fun, character-driven romp through demon-infested castles and enchanted tombs. The party has a nicely clashing set of personalities (but not so much so that they can't work together perfectly when needed) whose mysterious backstories lead to a nice bit of intrigue throughout the story. Not a terribly original setting, but it's polished to a mirror sheen with creative flair, which is so much better than a creative setting that isn't. As a DnD player, I found that the banter caters well to me, but I believe anyone even vaguely familiar with the modern fantasy scene could have fun with this one.

Domi Sotto

Warning: Laughs Ahoy!

Goldthirst Company offers an off-kilter take on a classic dungeon crawl. The story follows the classic archetypes of fighter-rogue-wizard that are fitted with personalities made for comic explosions. 

They grab at the tasks that would daunt stout-hearted, and... well, they grab it. And don’t read the fine print. Every adventure the Company goes on delights with a little twist or two on the trope for maximum comic effect.

the chapter size is just right to catch up on the latest twist in their tale, and go to the next one.

about the only thing I missed is what the cover offered — a central character focusing the narrative and breathing emotional layer into it. While I know it is a party adventure, I still think it would have benefited from the first among the equals, be it Janaxia or one of the other three misfits :) 

highly recomend for laugh out loud moments  and a solid story.

Jordan Stufflebeam

Get The Gang Together! ADVENTURE!!!!!

First off, wow! I was laughing pretty good at the majority of this because it is just a fun story. The Blurb alone gives you a good taste as to what the conflict is going to be and the author sets it up so well. Its a skill to set up humor to where it actually involves the story instead of just being funny to be funny, and she does a bang up job with that!

Dont be off put by some of the errors in the story. Overall it is a well written adventure just needs some fine tuning but the characters are diverse, the pacing is spot on, and more people need to be reading this book!

One thing I loved that the author did is that everyone in the group is drawn up to cause drama with one another but they still need to work together towards a common goal. Genius! 

Its dark, its hilarious, all around amazing! Read it! You won't regret it! 

Ayuuya UyAizt

One thing I have to say is that I have very poor memory. I forget so many things so quickly that it makes Dory from Finding Nemo look mild in comparison. But despite that I have become able to remember the characters in this story and even imagine what they look like. As if I had met them in person. That is because of how well written they are and how every chapter reinforces their character and image inside my head. Their appearances, quirks and habits all naturally come to mind everytime they appear in a scene.

Usually when I read stories with 4 or more characters it all becomes so messy as every character tries to have a piece of dialogue or the action and some characters are disregarded completely. It often results in very dialogue or description intensive parts which confuse and cause you to forget their surroundings. But not so with this story. It's because of the type of characters which are portrayed. So you can imagine what they're doing even if it's not stated what they're doing.

Parth not talking is because she's looking at a plant or hiding at a distance because she's the archer.

Janaxia is in the back of the group probably using make up or preparing a spell.

Semari is doing something silly, taking a nap or in the thick of the action.

And Stathis is in the middle of it all, trying to keep it under control. It feels like Stathis is our main protagonist as she's the most normal of the bunch and it seems like she's the de facto leader. At times I even thought that she might be the one narrating.

Taymar is my definite favourite character despite appearing in only one chapter so far. I can really imagine the type of person he is. Acting so tough while being observed on the job but in actuality he just wants out.

I don't usually like action, adventure stories but this one is an exception because its characters are so special.

In some scenes, I feel as if there's a bit too much description of items and objects but that's my own personal bias. I much prefer the scenes where the characters react to those objects instead.

Some minor spelling mistakes here and there. A missing dot or coma. But otherwise this story's near perfect.

And someone in the reviews already pointed this out but I have to say it again. Using ' instead of " for dialogues is a bit of an odd choice.

Among the many forgettable stories I've read, this story and its characters will be one to stick around in my memory for quite some time. Thank you for the great read.

One day, I want to be just as good as a writer as you.

Please keep up the good work!