I Get a Second Chance and Accidentally Become a God

by themurderbunny

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Mason (last name forgotten) has been summoned to another world. 7 years later, he dies. He wakes up 7 years earlier, before the summoning, with a chance to become the strongest. This time, he will live as he wants in the fantasy world.

OP main character

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  • Overall Score

All around good, i just want more chapters!

  • Overall Score

I love it. especially the romance. i hope you post more and dont make my poor heart wait for more.

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Surprised at how much I like this

It’s really good. I normally don’t like story’s with long titles and non-serious plots . I tend to read things like the wandering inn and Iron teeth or LORG but I’m genuinely enjoying this. Good stuff!!! Keep it up author! You have talent and potential!

  • Overall Score

I hope the love between the two never ends. It is just too sweet to look at.

hikari izuki
  • Overall Score

realy, i just got back here after a while not finding anithing fun to read, trying to find something new to read and lucky me! im amazed by how much i like this series with just a few chapter

  • Overall Score

I Accidentally Became Addicted


This was a book that I was going to skim over and not read. Seemed like another book with a weak person suddenly gaining extraordinary abilities, and those abilities cause the downfall of the book as a whole, whilst throwing in tropes that would make even a girl cringe up like she had testicles and had just been punched in them.

IGASCAABAG gives the MC god-like powers and... let him do jack shit.

Which in the case of this book, is actually well played, since the MC wants to do jack shit anyways.

Well... he wants to DO a certain person, but I wouldn't spoil anything for first time readers.

Still, it should be known that for a mere five chapters in, we're getting excellent worldbuilding, refreshing character development, and even a pet! Of sorts (no spoilers)

This book is a fun little read, perhaps too much. Hence the title. I need some other books to ease my addiction (or possibly get addicted too as well)


The cycle never ends.

  • Overall Score

holy! so good! i honestly can't understand explain why i love this story so much but O god do i love it!

  • Overall Score

Found something worthwhile!

Way, way better than I thought it would be.

Don't be dissuaded by the title, the story itself is gold! 

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OP MC Story Done Right

The characters have their own distinct personalities and nothing seems fake or off.

The plot is just taking off but it's pretty obvious that it has tremendous potential, due to the heavy amount of fun worldbuilding concurrently with introductory character interactions.

This is just my opinion but I think the author's writing style is beautiful - I can't explain this though.

The premise is awesome. The romance is heartwarming. This story is just 4 chapters in but it may already be one of my favorite stories on this site, and I don't say this lightly -- I've read lots of amazing stories here.

I just see incredible potential in this story, so definitely start reading it now before it becomes a Royalroad legend so you could claim to be an OG like me.

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Style is rough. Story is pointless.

The words are spelled right and generally in the right order.

Otherwise, this reads like a junior high school project.  The author will frequently tell you what the character is about to say just before he says it.  I.e.  There's no way he can do that.  "There's no way you can do that."  Very painful to read.  Worse, he likes to play out a scene from one character's perspective and then redo the whole scene again from another's.  If you want a scene viewed from multiple angles, then don't write in first person!  That's the whole point of the style.

If all of that doesn't bother you, and all you want to know about is story, this is a class transfer isekai where the interesting stuff is already over.  The class had failed their quest and started over.  Instead of trying to warn anyone of what was about to happen, the MC gives himself a gigantic leg up, becomes all but a god, and proceeds to ignore everything because it has become trivial for him to accomplish.  He then pursues a love interest who does not remember him like a love sick puppy.  End chapter 4.

If that sounds cool to you, fine.  I'm out.