Mycology, A VRMMO Story

by Sir Nil

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy GameLit Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Slice of Life Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Declan is just a normal kid that gets a strange message inviting him to a vrmmo...

**Warning** Protagonist comes included with fancy wizard hat.

**Actual Warning** Takes a while to actually get into the started, so please have some patience as you read.


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  • Overall Score

This book is quite a ways a-head of the game.

It's well made, as of chapter 2.0, and contains no small amount of, very specifically, cabbage puns. The main character hasn't had a lot of time to flesh out, but so far seems more than one-dimensional. Hope it turns into something great.

  • Overall Score

I felt compelled to review this as it has none currently. I can’t tell what makes a good book or a bad book but what I can tell you is that this entertains me and I want more. 

I am and a sucker for unique and weird things and as it turns out mushrooms.

Give this a try yeah.


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Cabbages and Goats so far

Interesting racial design, real world feel advanced but from a natural progression as opposed to near magic science. Gotta love characters not afraid to say fuck you too. Warning: Puns. That is all

  • Overall Score

Nice story overall. 
I feel this one is going a long way if the author doesn't quit it for whatever the reason. (Please, don't, I like mushrooms)
That said, step up the pun game, the mushrooms deserve it.