Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy GameLit Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Slice of Life Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Declan was just enjoying a night out with a friend when he got involved in an improbable bus crash. Receiving an odd message in the aftermath. He soon finds himself face to face with Eve, some sort of God AI running the most sophisticated and advanced virtual reality on the planet. 

He has a choice, to join in Eve’s game or have his memories of the encounter wiped. Of course, this wouldn’t be a story if he refused...

And so, Gaia awaits!



**Warning** Protagonist comes included with fancy wizard hat.

**Actual Warning** Takes a while to actually get into the started, so please have some patience as you read. 

**Other Warning** Chapter titles are weird, like there's almost no logic behind them.

**Other, other warning** You have been warned not once but thrice. Wait, four times now actually.

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  • Overall Score

This book is quite a ways a-head of the game.

It's well made, as of chapter 2.0, and contains no small amount of, very specifically, cabbage puns. The main character hasn't had a lot of time to flesh out, but so far seems more than one-dimensional. Hope it turns into something great.

  • Overall Score

Do reviews need a title?

I felt compelled to review this as it has none currently. I can’t tell what makes a good book or a bad book but what I can tell you is that this entertains me and I want more. 

I am and a sucker for unique and weird things and as it turns out mushrooms.

Give this a try yeah.


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Cabbages and Goats so far

Interesting racial design, real world feel advanced but from a natural progression as opposed to near magic science. Gotta love characters not afraid to say fuck you too. Warning: Puns. That is all

  • Overall Score

Nice story overall. 
I feel this one is going a long way if the author doesn't quit it for whatever the reason. (Please, don't, I like mushrooms)
That said, step up the pun game, the mushrooms deserve it.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

Ch 2.6 

All in all enjoyable light read

Story that doesn't take itself seriously (not in a bad way)

Seems that the characters will have some dimension to them 

Enjoyable writing style so far I dont remember anything super annoying that pulled from reading this