That was a bit of extra explaining to do, and she still had several more Koopalings to speak to about it, but Bowsette was glad she was able to get that out of the way, even if it was during the highly inappropriate location of... the middle of a warzone.

The Grand Unity Army was able to go a while without any significant fighting thanks to Whomp King’s gallant sacrifice and Dr. Crygor’s temporarily-very-successful rout of the initial forces, but they had finally engaged another army just a short way before the castle.

It was almost entirely made up of Hammer Bros., which means they were starting to get serious about this.

Bowsette didn’t want to waste any troops here, though, so she decided to jump in on her own here. Now it was her time to strike.

She flew in front of her army and landed right in the middle of the enemy force.

This was for not rebelling the moment some asshole skeleton started ordering you around! She raised her left hand into the air, and began circulating flames all around the area above her. Soon, a large sphere of fire formed, flickering in the heat of the sun. Once it was large enough, and the Hammer Bros. around her were scared enough, she slammed her fist to her side, letting the gigantic fireball crash down right on top of her... and utterly destroy the enemies around her.

The only ones remaining now were some Dark Fire Bros whose bodies also allowed them to stand the heat of the blast.

To that, Bowsette summoned her Chomp Shell and went to work with a scowl and a laugh.

“Kakakakakaka... Kakakakaka!”

She swung her weapon around in a speedy spin, the head of the Chomp colliding with the fiery Hammer Bros. and knocking them away, sometimes miles away. Their main weapons were fireballs, and clearly, obviously, that was not going to work on her. With each bash, the Ztar-infused weapon absorbed more and more strength. It was working. She couldn’t tell how much it was working, but the weapon was exhibiting some sort of otherworldly dark glow, acting like an abyss and a shining star at once.

The rest of the enemies fled or surrendered within seconds.

Bowsette’s determination in this moment was not a guise to cover up her depression. It wasn’t a misguided attempt to correct her mistakes or make herself feel better. Nope. She fought because she just plain liked to fight.


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