The Glory of Bowsette

by Thedude3445

Bowser, on his last legs and in a desperate act, decides to abandon everything he's ever cared about. But upon obtaining the Super Crown, he finds a new purpose in life, unlocking a potential that he never saw coming... 

The most-popular Bowsette fan fiction on the internet makes its way to RoyalRoad at long last! Catch the excitement, catch the adventure, catch the Hawk--er, Koopa!

Cover art by Joi Massat.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Bowser's Plan ago
Chapter 2: At the Villa ago
Chapter 3: Enter Bowsette ago
Chapter 4: The March to Toad Town ago
Chapter 5: Pauline's Plea ago
Chapter 6: I'm Here! ago
Chapter 7: Merlon's house ago
Chapter 8: Bowsette vs. the Forces of Good ago
Chapter 9: Bone and Bot ago
Chapter 10: Last Legs of the Lordess ago
Chapter 11: Guess Who's Coming to the Castle? ago
Chapter 12: Lordess of the Mushroom Kingdom ago
Chapter 13: Peach in Captivity (As Usual) ago
Chapter 14: The Reveal ago
Chapter 15: Bored to be Queen ago
Chapter 16: Big Fight Chapter ago
Chapter 17-1: The Kingdom Ablaze ago
Chapter 17-2: The Kingdom Reckoned ago
Chapter 18: Wherein Bowser Cries a Lot ago
Chapter 19: Is it Alright for Such a Visit... ago
Chapter 20: Trials of the Koopamancer! ago
Chapter 21: Rescue...? ago
Chapter 22: Return...? ago
Chapter 23: It Could Be ago
Chapter 24: The Emperor of Dark Land ago
Chapter 25: Such Wasn't Life ago
Chapter 26: Dungeon Duos ago
Chapter 27: Luck Comes ago
Chapter 28: Getting Outta Here ago
Chapter 29: Black is the New Orange ago
Chapter 30: Chaos Theatrics ago
Chapter 31: Highway Diner ago
Chapter 32: Her Own Bed ago
Chapter 33: Gang's All Here ago
Chapter 34: Game Guy ago
Chapter 35: An Awkward Luncheon ago
Chapter 36: Off to See the Wizard ago
Chapter 37: Dojo ago
Chapter 38: Crush ago
Chapter 39-1: Merlon on the Cliff By the Sea ago
Chapter 39-2: Creatures of Might & Magic ago
Chapter 40: Deep in the Toadwood Forest ago
Chapter 41: Mushroom, I've Come to Bargain ago
Chapter 42: The Purple Ones ago
Chapter 43-1: Our New World ago
Chapter 43-2: Your Chaos ago
Chapter 44: Wakey Wakey ago
Chapter 45: Funky Flights ago
Chapter 46: Bowsette Party: Ztar Rush ago
Chapter 47: Classy Dinner at Sirena Beach ago
Chapter 48: Comfortable ago
Chapter 49-1: Undue Consequences ago
Chapter 49-2: Instant Consequential Events ago
Chapter 50: Reckoning of the Mushroom Kingdom ago
Chapter 51: Calming Her Down ago
Chapter 52: Pick-Up ago
Chapter 53: Dead Tired at Whomp Fortress ago
Chapter 54: King Boo and His Request ago
Chapter 55: Secret Army ago
Chapter 56: On the Train ago
Chapter 57: In the City of Ice ago
Chapter 58: God of Thunder ago
Chapter 59: Direct Line ago
Chapter 60: Healing ago
Chapter 61: Pink is the Warmest Color ago
Chapter 62: Missed Connection, and Connected ago
Chapter 63: The Conqueror ago
Chapter 64: Crystal Palace Crawl ago
Chapter 65: Another Throne Room Battle ago
Chapter 66: Death and Destruction ago
Chapter 68: Nabbit's Last Visit ago
Chapter 67: Let's Go Back a Bit ago
Chapter 69: Breakdown ago
Chapter 70: My First Wife ago
Chapter 71: The Angel & the Axe ago
Chapter 72: Koopa vs. Koopa ago
Chapter 73: Knighthood ago
Chapter 74: Training Day ago
Chapter 75: The Generals ago
Chapter 76: FINALLY YES ago
Chapter 77: Lucky Days ago
Chapter 78: Trio ago
Chapter 79: Interlude for a Ghost ago
Chapter 80: Arrival of Nabbit the Wanderer ago
Chapter 81: Adept ago
Chapter 82: No Time for Heroic Speeches ago
Chapter 83: One Last Night ago
Chapter 84: March to Dark Land ago
Chapter 85: Dark Land Battle (Dr. Crygor) ago
Chapter 86: Dark Land Battle (Whomp King) ago
Chapter 87: Dark Land Battle (Flutter) ago
Chapter 88: Dark Land Battle (Boom Boom) ago
Chapter 89: Dark Land Battle (Iggy, the Conqueror) ago
Chapter 90: Dark Land Battle (Bowstte) ago
Chapter 91: Dark Land Battle (Peach) ago
Chapter 92: Dark Land Battle (King Boo(ette)) ago
Chapter 93: Bad Father ago
Chapter 94: Bash His Skull In ago
Chapter 95: Dread ago
Chapter 96: Celestial ago
Chapter 97: That Was That ago
Chapter 98: The Glory of Bowsette ago
Chapter 99: The Power of the Royal Spirit ago
Chapter 100: Dark Land in Light ago
Epilogue: Hostel ago
Epilogue: The Future of the Continent ago
Epilogue: The Lives of the Generals ago
Epilogue: Dr. Crygor ago
Epilogue: Sunbathing ago
Epilogue: Down the Warp Pipe ago
Epilogue: Love ago
Epilogue: The People at Peace ago
Epilogue: Bag It and Grab It ago
Epilogue: Scientist Amok ago
Epilogue: Club 64 ago
Epilogue: The Koopas and the Toadstools ago
Epilogue: Island - THE END ago
Author's Note: Mario Maker 2 & More? ago
Super Bowsette Maker ago

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1. Opening

Reviewed as of Chapter 50.

The Glory of Bowsette is something…different. Its what the writer has promised, a story which follows Bowser and his physical (later mental) transformation into Bowsette.

The story aims to provide a unique comedic experience set in the world of Super Mario that is filled with political strife and the mental struggles of Bowser as he tries to figure out who he/she is.

And I’ll admit, despite having a bit of worry going into it, I think its hilarious and has a great message.

2. Story

This story at first doesn’t seem to be something anyone can take seriously, but yet, its sort of captivating. I didn’t expect much going into the story. My initial thought was that it would be a rip off of Super Mario with some erotic fan-fiction thrown in without a hint of a real storyline. But to my surprise I was wrong.

It’s a story alright, and its enjoyable as hell. Though I don’t think its gripping, or emotional I will say its damn enjoyable and it does a great job of handling the difficult concept that most genderbend fictions can’t seem to do.

If you’re looking for something gripping, filled with mystery and a heavy plot, then this probably isn’t for you. But if youre looking for light hearted fun that explores the world of Super Mario and the concept of finding ones identity then I have to say the Glory of Bowsette is a great time.

3. Style

Style-wise theres some issues. There is no real pacing and no rhyme or reason as to where the story is going, but it sort of just ~flows~.

Its by no means bad, especially compared to some other stories on Royal Road, but its not Shakespear level. But I think that’s fine because its not trying to be. The Glory of Bowsette doesn’t aim to be the next epic poem, or the fantasy saga of the century, it’s just good fun.

All in all, the style is the writers own and I think it fits well enough in with the story.

4. Grammar

Grammar wise I was surprised at first at the quality of the writing because its pretty darn good. Nothing to complain about.


5. Characters

There are a lot of characters here. Some that are sort of fleshed out, and others that are just kinda…there. The background characters, however, aren’t the highlight of this story because the star is Bowsette.

When we are first introduced to him we learn that Bowser is depressed, frustrated, and basically a shell (no pun intended) of his former self. That all changes when he puts on a mysterious crown which turns him into Bowsette.

Bowsette is basically Peach with horns and claws, as most people on the internet will know. Yet, the crazy thing about this story is that she isn’t overly sexualized, or even erotic in any sense of the word. Bowsette is simply empowered, and that is what makes the character in this story so great. When Bowser puts on that crown everything just sort of clicks together for him/her, and that’s when the story really takes off.
I think the writer does a great job showing Bowsers change from a he into a she, and how he/she embraces it. Personally, I never thought I’d enjoy a story like this, let alone one about freaking Bowsette, but I can’t shy away from the fact that its written really well.

6. Closing

Like I said, I did not expect to enjoy this going into it. This sort of story has never been my thing, yet I was pleasantly surprised.

My advice to the writer, you’ve got two choice: finish this story and move onto something more your own (as in not based off of Mario) or keep with it and give it a nice conclusion.

You’ve got something here that can and will attract an audience, so I’d say keep with it.

Lastly: People tend to like Bowsette for one reason, the attractive eroticism of the character. I just wanted to say that you’ve done the character justice by not subjecting her towards sexualization.

Would I recommend The Glory of Bowsette?

Yes, I think its fun.


An "Oz" style fairytale With Soap opera drama

This story evokes the same giddy fascination I had reading the Oz stories as a child married with some soap opera drama.

The world building and fairy tale logic is so well executed it feels like I'm reading a new Wizard of Oz book set in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser's backstory, the fact that nobody can really die, the convoluted plotting, and the insane cast of characters and settings are all easily woven into an Oz like fairytale narrative complete with a genderswap story that feels inspired by the Marvelous Land of Oz or the The Tin Woodsman of Oz! 

The fairytale/Oz energy is so fitting for Mario, Peach, and Bowser's insane world I'm surprised we haven't gotten a tony winning mario musical before now. Dorothy's silver slippers might as well be a mushroom kingdom power up. I can imagine L. Frank Baum writing in excruciatingly nonsensical detail about trade relations between the Mushroom Kingdom and the Emerald City or about the intracacies of Munchkin-Toad marriage.

The story deviates from Oz stories in that it has more focus on characterization which is where we get to bear witness to the soap opera drama that is Bowser finding his true self amidst the dire continent spanning consequences of his personal tiumphs and his personal failings.


 I'm supprised that there aren't more written reviews, this story is amazing. Starts off with a depressed Bowser who retires and wants to be left alone. One thing leads to another and Bowser becomes bowsette and feels a whole lot better and he (she) doesn't understand why. (yet) Story plot is there with mixed in side stories containing fluff and more information while including the struggles of a magical transgender woman with a clear goal. Read the entire thing in 3 days. Could have finished sooner, but i didn't want to see the end b/c it would mean the end of another great story.


So after finishing the Story her is a review.

At first I was really sceptical, mainly since most fanfictions are garbege. But the Story was really good, I was looking forward to the new chapter every time I saw that it got an update. There are a few flat chars but the main chars are so good.

Some chapters feel a bit rushed but overall I liked the pace of the story.

Really liked the ending of it all and looking forward to more from thedude3445.


Yes!! Yes!!! I remember reading this on Ao3, this is my favorite Bowsette fanfic by a long shot! Very happy to see it make its way on Royal Road.


This story explores Bowsette specifically in the context of her having been a repressed bisexual trans woman, and it gets gay with Peach! Makes my tiny trans lesbian heart flutter.

On a non-gendery note, the story is also packed with interesting action scenes that, true to the original material, feel lifted straight from a video game, with Bowsette regularly using every item she's managed to stash in her inventory.

It's also a story of immense political intrigue, as the disappearance of Peach makes the mushroom kingdom fall to fascism, monarchies explode, territories demand independance, and a certain someone from Bowsette's past ressurfaces to cause chaos.


Stew that all together in a mushy sometimes light hearted sometimes heavy mix and you get The Glory of Bowsette, which I could continue to gush about for ages.


Spoiler: Spoiler

It is a fun read, good grammar, and well written characters. The chapters are too short for my liking, but I guess you do you