Evolutionary Prison

Evolutionary Prison

by Sdrawkcab

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Sci-fi Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Dustin needed to evolve to survive on this hostile alien planet. If he can survive a year, he'll be released, free and clear. Unfortunately, no one's ever done that before.
And it's not looking like he will either...

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Word Count (7)
Top List #1000
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
63 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Landfall ago
Chapter 2 Why must everything try to kill him?? ago
Chapter 3 - Turtle Power ago
Chapter 4 - Lizard man ago
Chapter 5 No Luck Hell ago
Chapter 6 – New PED ago
Chapter 7 Higher IQ ago
Chapter 8 Bugs ago
Chapter 9 Dino Leg ago
Chapter 10 Dreams ago
Chapter 11 AI Security ago
Chapter 12 Is She Crazy or Is He? ago
Chapter 13 Josagn ago
Chapter 14 Religious Purists ago
Chapter 15 The Big Gun ago
Chapter 16 Fairy Lizardman ago
Chapter 17 Underground City ago
Chapter 18 Caught in a Web ago
Chapter 19 A City Dies ago
Chapter 20 Crystal Skin ago
Chapter 21 The Crystal Prince ago
Chapter 22 Fabricated Dreams ago
Chapter 23 Crystal Plates ago
Chapter 25 Temporary Evolution ago
Chapter 26 Crystal Eater ago
Chapter 27 Truth From A Stick ago
Chapter 28 Twig War ago
Chapter 29 The Dream's Breaking ago
Chapter 30 Bugs ago
Chapter 31 Time to Leave the hole ago
Chapter 32 Twenty Cycles ago
Chapter 33 Many Dreams ago
Chapter 34 Tired of Distractions ago
Chapter 35 Olivia, Again ago
Chapter 36 Something Not Human ago
Chapter 37 War With Josagn ago
Chapter 38 Weapons ago
Chapter 39 Shuttle Port ago
Chapter 40 She's In Her Human Form ago
Chapter 41 Shuttles ago
Chapter 42 Escape from the Shuttle Bay ago
Chapter 43 Underwater Adventures ago
Chapter 44 Recap ago
Chapter 45 Mistress ago
Chapter 46 Cockroaches ago
Chapter 47 Cave Fish ago
Chapter 48 Crystal People ago
Chapter 49 Iolite ago
Chapter 50 PED Upgrade ago
Chapter 51 Off the Planet ago
Chapter 52 Station ago
Chapter 53 Station AI ago
Chapter 54 Station Explosion ago
Chapter 55 Space Creatures ago
Chapter 56 Access To The Josagn Station ago
Chapter 57 Parts Warehouse Storage ago
Chapter 58 Specimen Lab ago
Chapter 59 Number 15 ago
Chapter 60 Bombs in Brains ago
Chapter 61 Messed Up ago
Chapter 62 The End of The Josagn ago
Chapter 63 The Original ago
Chapter 64 Epilogue ago

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The first part of the story was really weird but it made much more sense as the stroy progressed. On chapter 50.


A nice read, rough around the edges

A good story overall, worth a read if you're bored and want something in the genre, but not a masterpiece or a must-read.

Style is good, though a bit rushed, for lack of a better word. The action is densely packed and doesn't leave much room to process what you've read.

The story is good as well, but again, feels a bit crammed in. The twists and paradigm shifts come too quickly and densely to really for expectations or theories, and so lose a lot of their punch. The overall story though is quite good, and the world is colorful and interesting.

Grammar is OK, though lacks polish. There's a good number of odd little phrases that aren't quite right, and quite a few homophone mixups. 

The cast of characters is very small, but for the most part enjoyable to read. They end up a little... Off by the end, and don't seem amazingly deep, but they seem at least reasonably three dimensional. 


Needs work but is a enjoyable read.

Needs work but is an enjoyable read with almost nonstop action, a little bit of sexy time, awesome imaginative monsters, and mindfuckery.

Dan Ngo

20 chapters in, and the story’s been consistent so far. Good paced action and progress. Characters are somewhat simple but hints at potential depth in the future. Good job author 👍🏿!


Chapter 50

I enjoyed this some of the stuff is a little jarring (not in a bad way ) 

I will probably come back and binge read more


Really interesting and lots of little twists. The author continues on another site if you're wanting to read the next book.


Read it all from chapter 1 through 50, loads of action even if story was a little long to progress but when it did it seemed to shoot off with plenty of twists an turns I look forward to seeing this story through.


Interesting story we have here

Interesting plot, 

good grammar with few mistakes,

a small let down on evolution. 

That's how I would describe this novel.

Now, you may think that you wouldn't want to read this novel because the evolution part of it is a bit of a let down, right?

Not really. The way he evolves, the way he chooses his evolutions and how he manages it and what he does with them is above what I expected. 

What is below my expectations is the process of evolution. 

Just grab a fingernail from a creature you just killed, put it in your machine and you're evolved.

I expected something more from the grand process of evolution, but the rest is pretty well done.

All in all I would recommend this story 8/10 times. 


Script of an action movie just longer...

Read chapter 49

Everything is happening to fast and after chapter 25 I am not invested in the story anymore since there is nonstop action or plot progression.



Its been a while since a found such a great read it has plot for sure and a great premise cant wait for more