Reborn as a Zombie Plague

by Aszelra

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Gender Bender High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Jules was a kind person who treated everyone the best he could. However one day this all changed when he was ruthlessly betrayed by his best friend and girlfriend. As he was about the commit suicide he got caught in alien crossfire and died. Only to find himself reborn as a zombie plague in a world of arcane magic!

However, for some reason, an A. I. supercomputer from his encounters with the aliens has merged with his soul. He swears to himself not to waste his new life and use it to become the strongest plague in this new world. So that nobody will ever be able to betray him again!


***Author's Notes***

Update. This story is going to go on indefinite hiatus. I'm quite busy with my studies currently and I currently find it hard to find the motivation to write. I feel like my story has way too many flaws and is not really worth writing anymore. And who knows, I might come back to it later and fix it or start another new and exciting story! Thanks a lot for understanding and for having read and supported my story so far for those who have!


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  • Overall Score

I have read alot of stories on this site already, but this one really stands out. The idea is something new im interested in, i generally like if the mc really is a "villian" and does act like promised! All in all i got what i was looking for in this novel and hope for more in the future :P

  • Overall Score

Sadly I missed out on doing the first review but this still needs some love. Overall from the small portion I have read(chapter 10) the story is going good and some progression and overall very catching. Few grammatical errors, but those could easily be caught by an proofreader. Only thing I dislike is the lack of more chapters. I can’t wait to see how this fiction pans out. Too early to say anything definitive but from the looks of things this could be a good ride.

  • Overall Score

As of chapter 11 a very promising story!

The only negative point till now is, that the protagonist doesnt seem to have any scruple to kill innocent humans, even though he was very kind before. Would seem kinda strange, wothout a good reason. (Till now he only killed bandits and bad people)

  • Overall Score

Still finding its footing, but so far so good

I like it, it seems to have a decent way with building its characters up. The protag is somewhat OP, but not without draw backs that while not that huge of a deal, still add a layer to the story. Only 11 chapters in, so I guess now I want to see some more world building other than trusting I've read enough fantasy trope to know whats going on.

  • Overall Score


I dont know how I feel about this it wasn't a bad read I took a chance on it even with the "gender bender" tag because of the good reviews this isn't terrible but it's out of my niche 

Story is good so far small issues such as a change in temperment could be explained away with ai  changeing his brain she obviously has access to his memory 

Writing style isn't bad not enough story yet to judge how much character development is going to happen

All of that aside this is kinda short so far so might as well check it out to see if you like it