Records of Zinc

by Zero300

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Short Story High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Collection of short stories of the adventures of the eccentric Doctor Zinc, who is currently a guild member of the recently established Adventurer's Guild in the city of Nagrand. The short stories are quest reports and records detailing his exploits alone or with fellow guild members. This is also to help me keep track of what's what while I play the newly modified version of Adventurer's Guild game in NU Forums. The Adventurer's Guild of this world exists in a parallel universe and future timeline of the Adventurer's Guild that Khaos the Mask Maker is in. As I submit my quest reports on the NU Forums, here's a link to where I or my fellow party members submit the quest reports:

If I am to further provide proof of ownership, I can also provide links to the quest reports. Here's the link to my character sheet where I confirm my identity:

And, if anyone is interested in playing this game, the sign up thread is here:

WARNING: Not a lot of flow in the chapters. Some chapters may not be very descriptive....You have been warned.

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Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Zinc - Character Sheet - E Rank ago
Monster Hunting Quest ago
Medicine Recipe #1 - Chaurus Powder ago
Herbal Recipe #1 - Wolf Lure ago
Basic Medicine Making: Lesson #1 – Insect Powder​ ago
Weird Flowers! Quest ago
Basic Medicine Making: Lesson #2 – Bone Powder​ ago
Basic Medicine Making: Lesson #3 – Core Powder​ ago
Experiment #1 Part 1 - The first Chaurus ago
Experiment #1 Part 2 - Success? ago
Experiment #1 Part 3 - Tough Runt and Continued Success ago
Experiment #1 Part 4 - Failure Upon Failure ago
Experiment #1 Part 5 - Trying Something New ago
Experiment #1 Part 6 - Mutation ago
Experiment #1 Part 7 - Arsenic's POV ago
Medicine Recipe #2 - Blood Lily Salve ago
Nooo! My son! Quest ago
Witch! Hunt the witch! Quest ago
Medicine Recipe #3 - Rejuvenation Tonic ago
Rat Infestation Quest ago
Medicine Recipe #4 - Revitalizing Solution ago
Bounty #1 - A Den of Wolves ago
The Mask of Mayhem Quest ago
Rescue my Daughter! Quest ago
Apothecary Supplies Quest ago
The Lights Are Spooky! Quest ago
Unknown Poison Rank-Up Quest ago
Zinc - Character Sheet - D Rank ago
Update on the Chapters ago
Hunt the Giant Bird Quest ago
The Eye of the Tiger Quest ago
Vampire Investigation Quest ago
Medicine Recipe #5 - All-Purpose Back Reliever ago
Defeat the Red Horse Bandits Quest ago
Shadows of the Past Quest ago
Medicine Recipe #6 - Anxiety Pill ago
Dewloren Quest ago
Snow Fairy Quest ago
Poisonous Flowers Quest ago

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