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so... I am going to write some more of this. maybe. 

I stand before a beautiful house with seven dead corpses at my feet.


Sef attempt connection.


What! You want to what? Are you trying to destroy this city?


What's the matter chicken?


Oh! Fine, let's just see what happens!


Beginning sequence. T44y

Attempting connection





Sef’s voice becomes machine-like whenever I have her use to much processing power. Although I think she does it to anger me into hesitation about asking this of her as I think she doesn’t like me asking her to do things TO BAD ITS TIME SHE EARNED HER RENT!


Warning: scans show you are gay. Please go suck a dick, Mason.


Each corpse at my feet is just as powerful as the previous clan head in other words leagues beyond me my claws shattered a while ago and I had to go back to fighting with my fingers. The venom got two down before they become careful and I was unable to land any attacks before they broke. It actually takes me some time to put them back together in a way that will allow me to use the venom and they barely cut through the skin of these people.


See like anime. The super op power will be counted in the next usage! They only work once!


Actually, it is kinda funny about my situation. Oh, I left Vex back home by the way. It took time but I was able to wear them down and kill them one by one.


I also used my alteration magic which made me twice as fast the downside is my stomach caught fire and I was brutally burned inside out before my immortality decided it was time to put it out.


It hurt, like a lot.


Then a bolt of light shot up into the sky and my top half was blown clean off my body with the wave of a hand.


From low to high the body slowly becomes stronger with low being the peak an unnatural normal human could reach or normal human have reached low class heightened from mid upwards to high it's all superhuman... but what the fuck does that actually mean? But once one gets to upper it's only at what point do people say the path to power has truly begun with the class being simply the peak. Its believed that class is simply the limits a human can reach naturally or magical. Don't pretend you have any idea what the fuck your on about.


So when I was in the arena and said I reached upper in truth my strength was still slightly below the average fighter. Although I could make up the difference with those close to my level how could I hope to surpass those at a level beyond me? After all without a combat-based blessing or a secret technique that could turn the tables against those at the class level or those the freak at the peak of this world's strength?


The answer is I couldn’t.


So I made it away.


Alteration magic.


Simply put.


“ A.A x2”


Alteration acceleration times 2. Despite the name, the ability works inexplicably. I don’t move at faster speeds the time does or my relevant time does.


Make sense mason!


Instead of making myself faster I made the universe slower!


I can see the Kh clan heads movements but that doesn't mean I could react to them and in one more cleaved it in half. No, I am bound by limitations beyond me


Although when I was in the upper level heightened a double in anything would be a much larger growth when stronger. But I couldn't double my speed it just wasn't possible. So my Ability A.Ax2 doesn't actually double my speed or accelerate me in the slightest.



Think of it this way right now I am doubling a 5 to get ten but before I was doubling a 50 to get 100 see the difference. in truth, I am taking the ten and making it a five. So on the surface, it looks like I am going faster in truth you are just going slower.




Now far more than keep up with him I can surpass him however there is more. My perception also speeds up twenty times so the world to me at least is moving twenty times lower. However, here is where things get scary.


I punch forward and the world shakes in wake of my power. See time is moving at twenty times the speed but so is the momentum accumulated is also timed twenty meaning I am moving at twenty times the speed and twenty times.


However, despite all that in terms of ability he is still larger than me he is also faster and can attack at a long-range while I am unable to cast another spell in this state of being.


So let's skip the small fights and go to my victory!


Connection establishes. The world is yours


“ Hahaha”


“ Curse you!… what be this power!”


The world was consumed in light and the clan head burned away after being completely incinerated and I laughed joyously as I am torn asunder with even my atoms being split apart.


But existing in a state completely unrelated to matter is quite an odd experience and not one I get often. Well, actually it's odd that I can think when my head is destroyed but that I can think when my atoms are in the process of completely reconstructing?


This leads me to get a deeper understanding of my power which is why I call it immortality instead of instantaneous regeneration or personal time reversal is because the atoms that are being put together to form my new body are completely different from the previously used ones. Meaning in a few minutes I will not be healed but completely reborn if we take a purely scientific method of understanding my ability, but unfortunately due to my ability to both remain conscious while I have no physical form or anything connected to reality means that it doesn't work at all as an explanation.


So my first theory is this. I or Mason lives in another dimension as does all consciousness that inhabits a physical body when said body reaches a level of development that can house them.


The difference between me and others is that they can return to said dimension in the form of death or maybe they are destroyed by the experience of death and I cannot be which is why I can not die and live forever.


There is one point that intrigues me. My body’s recreation after an injury is not preventable and completely outside of my control. Meaning if this is true then I may have unconscious control overall matter. This would explain my alchemy but also means that if I were to gain a better ‘connection’ and understanding of that dominion than its possible I will become simply all-powerful.


Imagine the fundamental building blocks of reality completely under my control. I know this is possible because it’s exactly what I do when I use alteration magic. I alter the laws of the universe when summoning magic summons laws from a different universe and creation magic makes new ones.


If my theory is true then I know I have control over matter simply because of my inability to die and that to continue my conscious a body isn’t required. Meaning that the electric signals inside my ‘working’ head are not the birthplace of my thinking or self.


This means something important.


Existence could be something of my make.


And my second theory is that I am simply a figment of Sef’s imagination.


I got to this conclusion one time while on acid and don’t remember how I got there feel like it's the case instinctively.


But there is one problem and possible evidence for this. I can not communicate with Sef without a physical body and the evidence for this is that the head is not required to be a part of said physical body for communication to be possible.


And if this is the case it begs another question? Should I wake her? Speaking logically I will cease to exist but Sef has intense value to me… but how far would I go for her? I want to say I would do absolutely anything for her and I honestly feel like that's the case as well but I get scared that it may not be like that. I know my true nature is extremely selfish not selfless. Every time my mind falls to this I get scared and run away from the idea like its the greatest terror ever.


I could also say something like it’s all a simulation but that’s honestly no different than saying it's like this because the goddess made it so, just in this case the goddess is the ruler of the aliens who made the simulation and not heaven. It's also a much ‘more boring answer so we will discard it ON PRINCIPLE,


Thanks to modern science we know that all matter is made out of atoms and that their atoms are made out of quark and that they are governed by a few fundamental forces and second that magic exists on a separate system of laws than the ‘natural’ world.


And that right now the recreation of my body is not accepting these forces or laws. Therefor is the laws can be denied to recreate my body then can they be controlled by my will alone?


And if they can be used to recreate me then is it possible they could be used to destroy something else? Or even better create something else? If simply put I am being reborn after every injury then it might be possible to 'rebirth' others as well.




Let's go further and say that if I were to truly take control of all this could I destroy west?


Currently, there are four cardinal directions. North, South, East, and West. Can the West's direction be destroyed?


Think about it logically what are directions? Movements based on the stable laws of reality? But if I were to gain control of the fundamental laws and add another say that all forces moving in this direction will be removed then couldn’t I destroy any attempt at moving in that direction? Could I add another in its place?


What about the time? Where would I sit on it? Then what of fate? If I knew what was to happen could I change it or would I become its slave?


This is my secret object. The destruction of directions, time and fate.


In simpler terms, my goal is the death of everything.

if you were to ask me why? I would like to die one day.


And the first test of my theory was successful. The ability ‘connection’.


See I can trace Sef it a physical part of my brain and she is connected to me and my thinking therefore if I use her as a bridge and throw my mind up into the other ‘dimension’ then wouldn’t my abilities in alternating existence skyrocket! In other words, I am pulling myself up to a higher existence and standing on Sef’s shoulders to stay there. The only weakness is that I can only go as high as Sef’s shoulder will take me if you understand.


And it was a success. Sort of I actually was unable to control this new ability and simply destroy everything in an explosion. But with time this connection will become an extremely powerful weapon.


Although as it is now it is too much for me and… will there for alway be too much for me.


I feel cold. I want Sef back. I don’t like this. I hope she is ok? I wonder what she thinks about whe- YOU MISSED ME?


Get fucked I finally had some peace and quiet in here.


Pst! You hate peace. You missed me come onnnnn


Well, maybe it was a bit too quiet without you.

I blush and turn my head to the side.


Fucking tsundere.


I know you love me I bet you forgot how to talk without me. Bet you had a cry wank when I wasn't there we both know you can’t live without me


You are just as dependent! You would live a dull and borne existence if it wasn’t for my impulses! Actually, you literally need me to exist why.


AAAA shit do you feel that!




The natural human instinct to reproduce after a tough battle let's go get laid! We can literally steal their money and go… oh


Yep. I really lost control. The entire house is gone actually there property is pretty gone to shit.


Where lucky you didn’t vaporize the city


Please, it’s not that powerful… also, when did we lose control?


Just before we lost the connection


Dam so it was a failure on my part, not the theory.


Still, if we could get this working it would become a great power.


Actually, I have another idea I want to try first.


Oh, another anime power? Well, it is remarkable you remember this connection considering you haven’t tried it for 45 years.


Yeah ever since that old lady in the mysticism shop my head's been really clear has my memories.


Hmm, how odd? Well, what now?


Ahh, let us see. We prepare for the clans' counter-attack and set a trap.


I turn to try to find a way out of the hole I made because you see I am currently trapped in the bottom of a great crater.


Let's go check on Vex.






“ The council has started please take your places elders. "


12 people sat in a circle of thirteen seats. Each wore a coat with a number imprinted on its back. The one who called for everyone to take their seats was an old man with a bushy white-bearded labeled number two.


Number eleven spoke next.

“ Hay so like its been 12 years since I became an elder right and I know this is kinda taboo but like why do number 13 never show up?”


Number 5 nodded his head. He stepped forward and was a shocking handsome young man

“ Number 13 will do as he pleases.” Before he slinked back into the shadows.


Number three who never revealed her appearance but judging but the shadow was an incredibly beautiful woman spoke next “ Number 13… ah I hope that scary basted never returns geez”


Number eight. An older man with white hair combed back. He had a build that would make a superman jealous spoke next. “ Will I even meet him while I am elder? All you do whenever he is brought up is throw some vague he’s scary shit at us. Even the elders in my family refuse to tell me anything about him simply saying for me to pray he does not return in my time?”


“ Number 1… what do you have to say? After all I Number 4 have not seen him either.”


The next one speak was number 4 a younger-looking man.


“ Fear him I do not but we the council are powerless before him. It is simply the truth.”


“ What of the rumor that number thirteen is only here because of the goddesses command?”


There was a murmur among the ‘elders’ but number 1 the current world leader did not move.


“ The god holds no sway over what happens in this room.”


That was his only reply.


“ Now then onto the main reason why we are here. The prophecy… so do we act as if it were true? We will decide now.”


“ nine to three against.”


“ Very well we will act as if it were to occur. Moreover what of the escapees from the level Z containment?”


“ My family is currently on it. However, I would like to make a request. Currently, the individuals are attempting to run into the dead zone labeled the graveyard permission to use lethal force”


“ Twelve in favor.. so be it see that the individuals are dead after the kill is confirmed they will be stripped from the records.”


“ Good and th…”


The hall went quiet. They all felt it. Each and every single one of them heard it. Like a rattling in their bones. Something had just happened that was beyond their understanding.


“ Someone look into that.”


“ Yes, number 1 I number 5 will do so… hey do we really have to keep the numbers up I mean is there anyone here who doesn’t know my name?”


“ It is tradition… or something.”


“ I don’t know your name.”


“ what??? Are you being a serious first elder?”


Number two rub his head. He hated these monthly meetings that happened yearly.


I kick open my front door and see a Vex lying on the table. I walk over and then go to my bedroom where I fetch a blanket and come back to cast it over Vex before I get on my way to my bedroom. I walk past a bathroom I hear something inside so I have a look and a naked Zoe is taking a bath.


I step back and while Zoe yells at me I step into my bedroom and close the door. Tomorrow I will make my way to the desired destination and prepare for their arrival. I will then murder all that come in.


Today has been a good day. I feel like I have made progress towards something but in truth, I don’t quite remember it. My mind blurred and I sleep. I think I was thinking of some important stuff... maybe don't I have something planed tomorrow?




Currently, in a sewage pipe, a man and a girl crawling through a literal way of shit. She looked up to see the back of the man she considered a brother.


He spoke.

“ Don’t fear… Don’t fear soon little sister we will be in the graveyard and I know a friend who lives there he should be able to help us. Escape and maybe even give us new lives… trust me.”


“ Big brother is never wrong… but didn’t big brother say we wouldn’t need to crawl around in this in the pipe a couple of minutes a few hours ago?”


“ It’s your imagination.”


“ So… when did you last see this friend.”


“ Around forty years ago… he is the greatest guy I ever meet… on some days but on others he is a mindless killing machine so whatever happens, you can’t get too far away from me ok. This guy doesn't play around.”


“ What’s his name?”


“ Mason”




A man with spiky red hair steps into a city long abandoned.


“ In the name of the goddess I will claim your life, Mason… or I am not the chosen one… hahahahaha! Cough! cough!… I choked there a little but still in the name of justice and friendship I will defeat you!”



A man in a white suit laughed to himself it looked like he had not slept in days.

A woman without a face stood next to him.


And a man with eyes black as night… he watched over the city below. Then he spoke, “ The next time the individual confronts the local clans we will move in to kill Vex.”


“ Then it’s time to begin.”




A note from Rhys Harrison

I like wanted to show and hint at the strongest possible power early on HOWEVER after this arcI plan on takeing away a lot of Masons power. hint memory

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