A man sat at a table outside a restaurant. It was a nice restaurant he through so he was never as hard on them as he was on others who require ‘protection’ and then refused to pay for protection.

He never really saw his job as a negative thing to be honest. He was never home but he still had to pay the water bill his daughter used. Most of his walking day was thinking about her.

She was beautiful and that was a problem. He knew first hand how the weak but wealthy or the weak by rich vanished and despite his best efforts she is just a normal person.

So he works to drive away the fear he feels. In his belief the best thing that ever happened to him was that she became a shut in and stop going outside when she was bullied.

He’s been stabbed repeatedly in the face leaving him with a ghastly appearance so he has difficulty seeing the pain in being called a name but he still hurts when he thinks of her. His wife was a bitch who wanted nothing but his money and before his child was born honestly he was ok with that. After all the only reason he got married was because he was lonely to begin with.

But that changed when his daughter was born. When he came home to find she was also harassing his own blood be kick her out. He was nearly made homeless when she wanted to sue him but a well placed bullies save his life.

I know what you are thinking but your wrong he wouldn’t shoot the mother of his child. Even if she was a nasty piece of shit.

Then from the shadows of an alleyway off in the distance a chair was thrown he watched in mild amusement until he realised it was directed at his head.

He doge and scream “ WHAT THE FUCK!”

He runs down a few of his boys following him in the shadows.

Straight into the jaws of the monster completely unaware that he would die today and that his daughter would starve to death a weak later in a ditch still searching for him.

The fuck are you doing Mason?

Well I feel like his death won’t have enough drama if I don’t give him a fancy background.

“ Oh you FUCK! Look at me when I AM TALKING TO YOU FACK”

I don’t like him. He has A’s where his U’s should be. That’s punishable by death in the world of Mason.

Snake fist! My hand lunches at his head the shadow of a snake lunging at its prey in my hand. I rip through some of the weaker foes but this attack is mean to lead to severe bleeding not a death strike or something like that. You rip the flesh around the important veins and arteries with your pointer finger and the one you use to tell people to go fuck themselves but when you add my claws into the mix then you get a lethal weapon.

I know only three attacks for this martial arts fist, strike, slice.

Jumping towards the target a mid class fighter on par with myself he kicks towards my chest but I dodge it and step in with a snake strike. I straighten out my fingers like I am making a parm but then I shove it forward like punching and my fingers stab through his chest and reach his heart and four large finger size holes are made. He will bleed to death in a few minutes. Oh four because my pinky was too low.

In other words a miss.

There is a slash of a machete and my throat is cut open leaning back Vex’s fist aims for his back but he doges I send my arm up into the sky then bring it straight down and cut off the man's arm with my snake slash. It’s exactly as you would expect it to be I use my hand in a chopping motion to cut flesh.

The reason this cuts and not bashes is because of two reasons. The first is because of magic sharpening the energy around my hand into a blade but the main reason is because my fingers are currently claws.

All of the snake style attacks are designed to slowly gain advantages over time than hit them with a sure fire kill shot.

Although in this case it was Vex who gave the finishing blow to the target not me. She kicked him into the wall hard enough for it to crumble then she brought her knee up and crushed it. Amazingly violent like I like my woman.

That's a total lie and I will NEVER! Let you put your dick in her.

Seriously Sef the fuck is wrong with you how did you get to that conclusion.

Waa! This is all your fault!

Ok ok calm down will you.

He was too weak the fight was fixed from the start.

Yeah so what do we do?

We ramp it up! I bet you could handle more strong hard men than one lets go for a fivesome.

Seriously… Sef you need to get your mind out of the gutter!

That's rich coming from you!

Is it? I don’t see it that way at all. Actually I think I might have become a monk along the way. I mean I look at Vex and feel nothing but the desire to protect… like shes a puppy.

Thats… ahhh I don’t know why that's the case? You were an ok father to your last Kids.

What do my offspring have to do with her? Vile creatures of the dark! Where are they?

Never mind.

Ok then “let's go!”

“ Where?”

“ There front door there should be like seven left at most and I am not being challenged anymore so I want to make things harder so you can get that experience of being absolutely overwhelmed.”

“ Um what? But it was going so well I mean if we just keep up at this wouldn’t the clan be dead by morning?”

“ YOU just don’t understand. I am getting bored and if I get to bored I will die. Its a proven scientific fact.”

“ Ahh Ok yes Mason.”

“ Good then let up go!”

The house that kept the clan was up atop a hill like a haunted mansion from a ghost story it even looked run down and it was raining with only the occasional flashes of lightning.

Me and Vex simply kicked in the front gate and stepped inside and instantly we were met with an old man and a four heighten at the mid level.

From what I guessed the old dude was a once powerful man but it seems he has weakened either due to injury or most likely time has left him a wreck of his one greater self. You can see the depression in his eyes. And taste the angry.

He attacks first with a simple pam but just before contact a vortex of energy spins around his arm creating a miniature tornado that seems twice as deadly as a real one. It hits my chest and I feel my organs go for a ride. I am sure my stomach ends up in my feet but I twist my waist and step inwards to deliver my elbow to the side of the old man's head shattering his temple he goes down then rolls away.

The next one to attack me is oddly wearing an makeup and lipstick… oh its a woman!

She goes to punch me but I grab her arm and throw her over she lands on her back in a bad way only to be greeted by a rush of punches delivered by Vex.

The next guy also goes for a punch but this one is tighter and closer to a boxers jab. I bend my legs slightly and weave my head to step under the attack then with a snake strike I rip out the man's throat. He doesn't understand what happens and bleeds to death in a few seconds. 13 seconds

One death one kill.

Oddly enough it's both the old dude and the tallest guy here who attacks next. The old dude rushes me from the ground and the tallest guy brings his hand down like someone would a hammer and I noticed. If I block the old guy completely then tall guy will crush my head. If I try to block both then old guy will attack me with his other hand while I focus on tall guy.

Meaning other than running away or completely overpowering them you can’t get of free… well you could if- not now Mason. Well Vex would fucked in this situation was what I was going for.

I don’t block and I don’t doge I simply hold out my arms and accept it. As expected my head is crushed and my chest is blended into mush.

Actually while we're on the subject -not now Mason.

Still headless I use snake slash and behead the old man. Tall guy is strong but seems slow as he does not react I launch a snake strike my fingers run through the side of his neck and I grab his spine from inside his throat. Snap! He falls lumpy head is back by the time his hits the floor.

I turn to look and… what are they doing?

Praying to the goddess forgiveness

I see but what they should be doing is “ PRAY TO ME!”

“ Ahh please no! MONSTER!” Snake first. I am at his legs and take away his reproductive organs. Then at the tendons in his ankles crippling him then I dig out the flesh in his shoulder and simply wait and watch Vex dish it out with that girl.

Hey have you noticed? That Vex fights like use to you?

Yep. Completely without regard or regrets only focus on victory.

Now it's like you're playing a game… but that simple difference places you on different levels of terror in the eyes of your enemies.

I get hard on there tears

And you say I am the one with the problem

Well you are… I may play with my food when it’s placed before me but I don’t spend the day fantasizing about it.

Aa… a… hoy boy look at the time… got to go!

Vex simply stands there and dukes it out with miss broken leg. I called her that because she had a broken leg.

Really? Never would of guessed Sherlock.

I was under the impression you had somewhere to be?

Hahahahaha! Shut up and get laid.

Oh and how do you suppose I do that?

Rape the chick Vex is fighting

Seriously… Sef

What? How is that any different from getting off on Vex slowly beating her to death as you get harder the more desperate her eyes get. I am not the one with the fetishise of strong women in bad sistuations.

Seriously Sef the fuck is wrong with you.

Then… are you not saying you want to use the head of the old guy to taunt her into suicide?

Honest to the goddess you have problems. But your right… that would make me less board then now wouldn’t it?

That's the spirit! Now let's go continue out killing spree

No I feel the need to watch this fight for some reason. Ah never mind Vex has barely won.

In the end Vex had to dislodge her right arm and use her technique on the target to insure her victory but she still won in the end. I… because I am a doctor put it back in place and we move on.

“ Do… did you find something wrong with my fight? Was my victory to close?”

“ No it was fun to watch but you had her on mobility after her leg broke but didn’t use the advantage… always use your advantages and if you don’t know how that's something you need to learn quickly as it will usually be the deciding factor in fights between to extremely equal opponents.”

“ Very well I fight more dirty from now on.”

“ Yep! The best respect you can show an opponent is going all out to kill them. Also don’t fuck around we are not animals so make sure they are dead ahh what else? If you kill one kill them all.”

“But is there anything technique wise?”

“ ohhh hmm oh yeah when you throw a knee from a standing position you have clearly been taught to go for the abdomen of the opponent that's good when they are in a similar height category but there are people out the three meters above you I am sure Noah’s told you this already but it’s better to throw it diagonally when they tower over you instead of the abdomen when you can probably head butt it. The reason is to allow more extension of your hips.”

“ Ah ok”

With that dead I make sure each individual is dead.

Then I guess all that's left are the servants and worker bees but the only member of the clan is the clan head usually the strongest member I say that but most of these clans or families are more like tribes that get on really well with everyone inside it but see all outsiders as vermin. Ok it's more like 30% perfect who heat outsiders 70% meh you would be surprised how humans that are left alone in small continuities don’t give a fuck about humanity outside said community.

That's why we killing off a clan before negotiations we have to show that we can harm there community. Most clans don’t care about honor, fame, wealth or power but are oddly put family first.

My belief is it’s a culture thing. Because it didn’t use to be like that.

Yep it’s amazing how much a influence the mindset of the individuals can change a society if you get enough people thinking the same thing.

I make my way up to the house and I focus on improving my claws. Although at first glance my fingers look like blades what gives them an edge over flesh is there ability to cut and stab but if it comes at the price of flexibility then it would be more useful for me to use my normal hand so I have to maintain the joints in my claws that replace my fingers during fights.

The snake first is in its essence something that wants the enemy to bleed which is my claws resemble sharpened fangs of metal instead of the blade of swords or the tip of a spear. It also allows me another hidden weapon. One that requires heavily detailed and fine changes made to the claw.

It’s this hidden weapon that leads me to fight with my hands instead of a sword or spear both of which I would say I have a higher level martial arts with.

You also learned how to use an axe a while ago.

Axes should be used to chop wood and nothing else.

You just don’t understand the beauty of a big fuck off axe.

What can you do with an Axe? You can chop! That's all but with a sword you can cut, chop and stab! And a spear you can stab!

So an Axe and a spear are the same as you can only use one.

They are completely different! If you are using a spear properly they should never get close enough to cut you!

“ YOU FUCKER! you killed my family you FUCK! I WILL DESTROY YOU.”

“ Oh wow what's this feeling! Vex step back you won’t be able to contribute to this fight.”

Vex doesn't like what I said so I kick her away.

The clan master appears behind me and punches me sending me flying through the mansion door.

He rushes me completely forgetting Vex lucky I attack with a snake fist but it’s blocked by his arm. Although it leaves two large slashes in said harm.

He punches me in the stomach and it’s like I swallowed a tiger! I cough up a mouth of blood and am knocked onto my back then flip up into the air and into a wall. I look down and my shirt is destroyed and my body has been twisted in a whirlpool design by the time he reaches me it seems to be completely healed and he follows up with another punch exactly the same as before so I know it’s exact speed and manage to doge under his arm with a snake strike into in front of his armpits. And roll away. I was able to use the hidden weapon.

He screams and all the veins grow on his body as his muscles pulse and he attacks again this time at a speed faster then my eyes can follow. He wasn’t a high but a peak upper heighten level in power and he has a speed technique plus his attacks do serious damage that seems to be unblockable I must accept this is miles ahead of me.

Once more I am hit. This time in the side of my head and it does not withstand. Then I received a low blow to the junk and it does not withstand and then once more to the chest this time I can see his movements. One to the black. One to the hips. One to the neck. One straight into the heart.

But then I noticed he is choking unable to breath. His eyes aren’t focused. He is sweating badly he turn to me but can’t seem to find me then he falls over dead.

Secret technique of the snake king martial arts. Viper stab.

Secret hidden weapon of the claws.

Viper Poison.

A blow to the side that ruptures the veins connected to the heart. This failed as the gap in our strength was to great.

So I use my alchemy to make a venom that liquifies blood and removes its ability to clot while dramatically speeding up the bleeding. Completely painless.

I kick him over and his side is damp in a few places with this clear red liquid that looks like water with a few drops of red dye that is his blood. This combined with the location the injection the front his lungs that were cut in the process. The blood would bleed internally combined eventually collapsing the lung leading him to getting choked out now unconscious with no way to prevent the venom rom doing its thing he will be dead in another twenty seconds as its all over obce that liquid makes it to the brain as it liquifies or breaks down platelets the cells that prevent bleeding and brain cells. In prolonged fights where the individuals has poison immunity since its a venom its by passes most magic safeguards but if the individuals has venom immunity then it will target the nerves flooding them with electric impulses leading to spreatic movements and even the body failing to control itself.

Honestly it even take me 15 minutes to get out of my system one of the top three know poisons in the world. Of course it's a venom but its not like I am going to sit my opponent down and explain to them why there anti poison defences didn’t work because of a loophole.

Well that’s because we don’t know why it works. I personally don’t know the difference between a poison and venom is and you don’t either Mason.

Oh I bet you're wondering when I got him with the venom? It's that subtle and find detail in the claws there is actually a needle hole in my middle finger that’s hidden. The difficulty is keeping it hidden after injected I can simply close up the wounds.

Now you say all this but it can only bypass mid level poison defences not high level one and is stopped by a low level venom one. And it is true that venom defence is the rarest resistance.

Well it becomes useless against individuals that my claws can get through as well then I have to switch back to my fingers and rip them apart with a mix of skillful techniques and overwhelming magic power.

But then again what does this all mean? That any injury obtained from my claws will lead to severe blood loss. Truth be told other than making the opponent dizzy it won’t do much it only worked because he was kinda weak… in the grand scheme of things but yeah it’s designed to lead to death by blood loss and a professional could cure it but not a fighter.

“ Sir? Mason did you win? I thought this would be a tough fight.”

“ Oh no. I said that because the fight would be over before you could do anything. He was to strong for me to train with so I had to get a little serious if my claws didn’t get through I would have had to use my alteration magic.”

I only hope it isn’t one of those powers that are completely useless after the first time like in any anime.

Quite the flag you raised there.

“ Well onto the next clan I guess.”

“ Sir?”


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