What did she say?

That her name was Vex.

Didn’t she just say that she was my… ok yeah you’re probably right I missed heard.

You fuck. You fuck it’s getting harder and harder to see you as anything else than a mental ass that’s without hope… ahhhhh maybe I should fight for supremacy and become THE ONE IN CONTROL OF THE GENITALS! And you can be the voice in my head

Please don’t.

It was a joke… you know a joke hahahahaha… have I ever actually tried to take control before? Let's give it a go…. Oh how would I even go about doing that?

I haven’t the faintest clue.

I look back up at the woman before me. Who was she again? Where am I?

Hug her.

I stand up and hug the woman. She’s about average height so shes small in comparison to me so my arms wrap around her head more than anything and it pushes my chin up. She has soft black hair that covers her face where only a single eye is revealed through a slit in the gap in her fringe. I can’t tell is she’s attractive or not but she seems well built. Sturdy but not muscly which is good because she seemed to be light on her feet so she not wasting herself by simply adding muscle like Noah. Her build would open her up to assassin techniques but if she wanted to be a fighter? Hmm what would she be good at?

Oh she’s wearing nothing but bandages. Wonder why she looks like a mommy… mammy? Sef is it mommy or mammy? Mummy? Yeah that last one sounds right.

She punches me in the stomach and tries to break free from my grasp but I don’t let up and actually get a better grip instead. Pain? What's that? I sustain myself with pain on a daily basis. Immortal doesn’t need food but I still get hungry so at the same time I also want to save money but cutting food expenses to zero. Oh I guess I eat when I am cooled for.

Which is everyday ever since Zoe found out you didn’t eat and starve yourself past the point we a normal would have died ten times over on a regular basis to save on food expensive.

Well that's the way the cookie crumbles.

You dear you a food reference slash analogy.

Yep. By the way who is this person?

Your daughter. Congrats father



Who is this person?

Honestly are you doing it on purpose why do you always forget her so quickly… it oddly like any negative experience is quickly erased.

“ Ahh… lets go please.” She punches me in the stomach again and I spit some blood onto her hair which leads to her struggle coming to a stop. “ Um why am I hugging you?”

“ I don’t know so please let go.” Another blow to the stomach and some more blood and I think my feet came off the ground for a second.

“ Come on there has to be a reason I don’t give free hugs… they are expensive merchandise.”

“ Yep this is worth its weight in gold… I can’t afford it.” The way she spoke was odd. Not the words they were polite but her voice is creepy as hell. But I think the division between her manner of speaking and her voice cute. Very cute. I feel oddly defensive of her and defenseless when I hear it. Like I wanna lock her up and keep her safe but feel like that isn’t the way to do it.

Hmmm there's no one else here accept me, this girl, an stupid faced Zoe in the corner and some guy looking at porn in the corner. Although poor guy is ripped.

Yeah this gym went to shit… it costs a lot to keep a place like this running and do you honestly believe that it could be maintained with Noah's romantic approaches to business. Although Zen is still here. Somewhere that Qu clan fucker thinking he is so great.

Yeah… but I always believe that his sister would take over the business end.

She did. It still failed in the end. Although it lasted thirty years so that’s something.

This woman?

Vex she’s twenty three this year. You taught her that weird fighting style that you made up on the spot and strangely she turned it into a weapon of war. But the stupid you didn’t even think for a second about the consequences of it!

Ok… oh she broke free. She dislocated her shoulder to do it too that was mighty impressive not may can escape my grappling. Well I wasn’t focused so it doesn't count. Why am I on the floor.

Ahhh I told you to hug her not pin her down on the ground then forget about it mid way through the choke.

She rolls away but twists and sends her foot to my face but with a slight adjustment of the location of my head I reach forward and dive into her legs I twist around and get her head trapped in my legs as I grasp her legs to try and prevent her from breaking free. Her arms are also stuck in place well one of them is the other is dislocated. But then oddly enough the dislocated arms flys into my leg and shatters a bone. There's not a 50 degrees turn where there shouldn’t be. So I kick her with said broken leg and leap to my feet I even add a flip for style points. I wasn’t very good at grappling.

Didn’t you say the opposite just before.

Nope you’re imagining things. You know I am not good at grappling I am better with punches and things.

Yep… but when your punches don’t work then you are good at something else and you go through all you skills and if none of them work you say ‘ I am good at improvisation’ and we both know that’s something you suck at. Half of the time.

But it's true that I suck at them. I just don’t like using them. You also never bothered to learn you are just repeating things that were used on you.

Yeah. She sends a punch forward. I raise my arm and block and slide into her personal reach past her defence and boom! There light jabs to the face.

Then I feel a hand grab my head. I twist to see Zoe and rises her head and punches me. I feel her first tear through my check and shatter half my teeth and snap my jaw off its left joint. Then she pulls back and does it again and I feel her tear through my check, shatter my jaw and you understand my face was completely healed by the time the next punch arrived.

Then she dragged me away for ‘training’

Have fun father!”

Ass… why didn’t we raise her better. I blame you.

For what?

Shitty parenting.

I don’t understand?

You never did. Hey you think she could use her long ass hair to whip something?

Probably. I can whip things with my hair and its like… an inch?

Now that I think about it you never get your haircut.

Of course it would regenerate instantly.

Luckily it doesn’t keep growing then.


Hahahahaha that be a shity way to go.


Hey I have a question what are you going to he when humanity evolves into a higher being and your left all alone because you can’t die but can follow.

Genetically engineered human?

Or so you would be like the eternal watcher of humanity it has a nice ring to it.

Ahh try again

You could walk around for shadowing the creation of a new human race by the hand of SCIENCE!


Because you could when have we ever cared about anything more than that? We fight because we can.

We win because we can.

Not because we need to

Because we are the ones who lack… needs

We need to work on the last bit

It's a total mess alright.

Zoe drag me to a room and began to beat me but this gave me time to think about… stuff by myself. Together… always together.

Right yeah. together me and Sef began to think about some things.

Yep… this was a calculated move.

We were not getting the absolute shit kick out of us at all.

What were we thinking about?

Uh? oh where did the… uh where am I?

Gym thinking about something

Ok so let's think about pasta.


I weave under a straight punch barely then counter with a blow to the stomach. Zoe is not fazed in the slightest and brings her knee up into my chin so I am knocked back but one I stop sliding backwards I siccor kick her neck. My shin bone breaks in tow and Zoe is unharmed.

She brings her first down over me and brushes past my still raised leg. But her blow is a miss only just she sends her other arm out to my head but my foot is back on the ground know so I launched the head she seeks forward straight into her hand with all my might. My head shatters but Zoe steps back shes broken a fingers.

Zoe is a mage. Not a fighter she better at long range and weak in close combat and yet I would have had to die to take a finger.

One death.

Back alive again I leap back and make some distance. I stand with my feet just beyond shoulder width apart and bend down slightly as I lean forward sending my weight forward to the point just before I fall. My hands come from my side as if to catch something but then spread apart and one opens up and I flex my hand as if to show off some claws that aren’t there and the other forms a first. I lean my right foot work a little so my side is facing her and smile for style points. This all take less than a second.

Its only at this point that I realize that Zoe is actually just sitting there checking her nail for damages.

Oh she wasn’t serious… what a bummer.

Well could we beat her if she was this seems more like some anger management or something similar.

Unfortunately our state right now is far from our peak.

So how do we that.

I throw my first forward and jab Zoe in the eye. She steps back then slowly she starts getting pissed then her face returns to a calm neutral but she entered a combat stance.

We start fighting and from the very beginning I am completely out match and there is not much I can do at the start but I can get a few good punches in by the end. However like most of my fights Zoe was worn down over the course of a few hours and in all honesty she wasn’t a good opponent for me as she is a long range mage. Actually that it take me a few hours to beat a mage should show you just how weak I have become.

You want the kill count?

I wonder… probably don’t but ok show me.

638 and you didn’t win Zoe gave up and left.

That counts as my win.

No it doesn’t.

“ Um… father?”

I turn my head to see Vex standing there her head lowered and her body language is very meek. If she didn’t look like the girl from the ring she she would be… the cutest thing in existence? Bias

Why? Actually who is this girl? Vex right at least I think I remember the name this time.

It’s honestly a miracle but you will forget it tomorrow so I won’t cry tears of joy.

“So what do you want? I am happy to help.”

“ I wanted to show you how far I have come… I know you won’t remember but I will remember you. I am about to start my own journey and I don’t want regret of you so please let's fight.”

Oh I wonder if she will use that insane thing you taught her.

This is the first time I take notice of my surroundings… from the looks of things I am in a pit with no way out? How did I get here?

Focus Mason… do not take your eyes away from your opponent thanks for the reminder.

She steps forward and launches at me. I am amazed at speed she travels over that short distance. She lunches a punch at me but I block it with my arm. She sends another and I step around it and get her in the side of the head then I twist and get her in the stomach she is thrown away.

Once she lands she slides a bit and she looks up and me. The emotions in her eyes a flurry of admiration and a desire. A powerful desire to break.

“ I am truly the child of a monster. You were only fighting for a few hours and you have surpassed me. You speed, power and even skill have grown greatly in but a few hours. But fear not father for I will surpass you! With the TECHNIQUE YOU GAVE ME!”

She moves back like a ghost then stumbles like how I would assume a zombie would. Then she stands in a lower case t pose before.


Her bandages pull and dug and she is almost crushed by the technique but all of her joints are disconnected at exactly the same time.

Then her first was going through my chest and I was covered in holes.

The speed was remarkably and I cannot begin to describe the beastly rage and primordial zealously in her movements. It was like she was… playing with playdo the way she broke down my body.

Then she stopped and collapsed.

Remarkable! 1137 kills in a minute meaning she launched over 100 attacks per ten seconds or over ten per second that is inhuman but what was more so was that each attack was at her maximum strength and endurance! In fact she was starting to go fast by the end!

This is bad! She’s in a bad way! Who the fuck taught her that stupidity! She will kill herself long before she kills anyone else.

Hahahahaha and you it!

What sending such-

You grinning ear to ear.

That was an amazing rush of attacks I could do something against Zoe but I was composed powerless. Unless they put all there points into their defences and knew it would be coming then I know few who could withstand that rush! We need to help her… Sef lead me to Zen.

I bend down and scrape her up into my arms. She limp like a noodle but is breathing and even moans when I pick her up and leap out of the hole.

“ I can understand lead and arm bones but why did you dislocate your jaw? “

“ Ah aaahahahahhhrrrhahsharrr haahhsh hahahhahrrraaaa haaaa”

“ I see makes perfect sense.”

What the fuck did she just say?

How the fuck was I supposed to know?

I walk a few meters before I am stopped. Zen is there and fuck he got old. He like a saggy old man. No not like at all.

“ Allows mes to assistssss herrr nooo?”

God he still talks like that doesn't he.

No matter what we did we could never get him to stop trying to sound like a talking snake could we.

I hand her over I mean… wait a second I am a doctor! What am I handing her over to another doctor. I snatch her back and take her over to a corner where I start reconnecting joints.

“ You need to touchssss her pressureeee pointssss”

“ Nope… modern science.”

“ Yoooou would rejectssssss my techniquessss 1400 yearssss offff innovatonsssss fooolllll”

“ Ahhhhh… stop. Just stop talking.”

“ Butt whyssss dosssss yousssss wantssss messsss tosssss stopssss talkssssssingsssssssssssssss”

“YOU ARE DOING IT ON PURPOSE! I fucking know you are!”

“ Isssss havessss nosssssssssssssss ideaaaaaassssss whaaaaaaasssssss yousssss aressss ssssssaaaayyyyinnnnnnggggggsssss”

“ fucker.” I wanna rip out his fucking dick and cock slap him to death!

Calm down Sefsssssss


Ok ok I wonder what I was do- ah right.

Well then I fixed her up all nice and good. And we lived happily ever after.

You asked her if she wanted a prescription for performance enhancing drugs. Good thing she said no.

Then she gave a polite bow and hurried off.

Ahh um ah oh um… Want to go home?

But I just got here!

You know that isn’t the case.

Ok then I guess I will work on my product. Where's my phone. Hahahahaha Fuck!

Guess I will go meet him in person.


Actually you know what fuck that. Lets go… ahhh


“ Haaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeee “

“ Oh you totally changed the nose you were making at the end!”

“ I havessss nosss phone …sssssss”

“ Oh don’t fuck with me!”

Actually Mason the phone we lost today was his… we took it from him the last time we were here.

Did we.

Then my new favorite person in the hole world called me. “ Um father… would you like mine?”

She’s a bloody angle.


Didn’t I say the right thing?

Actually you might have don’t mind me.

“ Sure… actually you are kinda strong want to get some practical experience… oh wait are you ok with killings?... actually don’t answer that where were you born?”

“ Yes I was born in the dead zone.”

“ So I can take it you have killed a few people in your day?”

“ Resources are sometimes scares… we do what we need to, but not many live in the dead zone anymore most died. As mother said ‘We are monsters it is only by choice can someone become human’.”

Well that's what happens when you have an immortal killer who hunts crime!

We don’t do that?

Really? Remember your words I will prove them wrong… BECAUSE I’M BATMAN!

“Thats is a great phases… ok let's get going we have someone we need to meet first because I don’t where to find my objective.”

“ And what is your objective sir?”

“ For now… a mix of knowledge, connections and wealth there is something I want to build.”

“ What?”

“ Secret.”


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