A man in a nice and clean white suit walk into a and dance his way over to a desk that had the name tag director Johnson. However Johnson had been crossed out and the word white written there on top.

He was smiling as his wavy blonde hair danced back and forth. However anyone watching this would feel a sense of great discomfort weather they notice that his hair wasn’t moving in time with his rhythm would be another thing entirely. He hoped up onto the desk and looked over it.

His eyes were revealed for the first time and they appeared as if he had never slept a day in his life. The person he was looking at was a pale faced old man.

The man in a nice white suit wrinkled his nose and stepped back before taking out a peg and blocking it. “ Hoo did you shit yourself? Hay hay did I make you shit yourself. Hahahah! Filth! Beyond!”

He then turned around and walked away and then from behind the desk the sound of struggling was heard. The man in the suit slowly rose his hand and for a fraction of a second a thin string was seen around his hand.

Soon an explosion of blood went off as the old man was cut into hundreds of pieces. He man reached into his pocket with extremely exaggerated movements. He pulled out a phone.

“ Doll you there?” His voice was abnormal as if he shouting from a distance.

“ Sir Grey Please follow protocol. Is the target dead.”

“ Yeah target be dead… everyone on this floor is dead!”

“ What? You idiot you were only supposed to kill that one guy! Ahhhhhh why does the boss put up with your shit.”

“ Hahahahh because you all love me and you know it.”

“ So… why did you call?”

“ I think we should get back together!”

“ What? When were we together? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“ Oh I wasn’t talking to you but the gut behind you.”

“ Wh- cargggghg”

“ Hello doll you there?”

“ Why did you reveal me? I had to kill her.” This time it was a different and more emotionless voice but it would be different to hear anyone but the person who was talking before with a different tone like she was putting on a voice.

The man in a nice suit or Mr Grey walk down a hall as he looked at people being hanged by a invisible rope. He made the motion as if pulling down a rope and there lifeless bodies went up into the air.

“ So… what my next target.”

“ The next target is an odd one.”

“ Oh… and why so?”

“ The boss does not expect you to survive.”

All joking stopped and the atmosphere was pulled into one of absolute despair. Grey grab his head and pulled himself into a fetal positions. Then he placed the phone on the ground next to his head and with a blank face he asked. “ Who?”

“ That's the thing that bothers me… some woman… buts thats all I can tell about her. She has no record its as if she suddenly appeared but she doesn't seem like that much of a threat.”

“ And they don’t think I will survive why?”

“ They… didn’t say. Boss only said that if you can kill her and make it back to base un affected then you would have the right to call yourself boss.”


“ English you lost control at the end there.”

“ Oh sorry human faces are hard… so who… where is the target?”

“ An practically abandoned heightened city in district 19 section 45.”

“ That's the other side of the fucking world!”

“ Yeah the base of operations that exist there believes this mission to be to dangerous and rejected it.”

“ What? I have worked for seven years and I have never heard of a rejection… at most a boss himself would bitch a lot and then go deal with it… is the boss!”

“ Him, you, me the entire team is getting in on this.”

“ Wow! Never thought I would see the day… so what's this persons actually name.”


“ Last name?”

“ Classified unless deemed necessary.”

“ Oh so she’s someone's powerful property. A clan?”

“ Honestly you’re guess is as good as mine I cannot find the threat. But the boss said if we are going after one of his then we need to prepare for a war of attrition… he sent some men to check out his safe houses.”

“ Why??? This doesn’t make any sense? An organisation? Why a long game?”

“ Although he did mention something else.”

“ What? You have me on the edge of my seat here.”

“ he said… and I quote. I am probably overreacting but if we pull that guy into things then we are probably… not merely going to die simple deaths”

“ Hmm nope name dosen’t mean a thing to me.”

“ Well. Boss says it would be best to go in and out unnoticed.”

“ So when is the operation?”

“ She will die in three days.”

Grey looked up at the ceiling. He couldn’t help but be exited. Something had got the boss spoked!

He almost couldn’t believe it. He was honestly shaking. How could something that is able to send fear into his boss not scare him.

Across the world a man was playing dolls with a ancient skeleton lizard princess named selektor the destroyer. He slipped from his tea and joke around. The little put on the fancy dress and comb the dolls hair as he listened intently to the little lizard complain about life as they had a real fun time… for her.

He head would bounce whenever she laughed and the running around eventually turned her out. “ Tho must speaketh why is joy so tiring! This world is bullshit I say. I say! I must sleep now.” She then waddled over to ber giant pink bed and went to sleep before it. A man named Mason came over and picked her up he then placed her on the bed she couldn’t reach and kissed her on the skull before whispering “goodnight princess”

Then then left the world of pink and stepped outside. “ Ahh she’s so fucking cute!”

She broke your spine during the hug.

She broke you stomach as her tea was acid.

He dolls her mini skeletons that were begging you for salvation by death!

She was literally teaching you the fine points of torture.

She a criminal ! Because it's criminal to be that cute did you see her when she sneezed. Haaaa total bliss!. I want to take her head and mount it on my FUCKING WALL! Let's go back and take it with us.

And walk through that hell hole of pinks no thank you now then… who is next?

… three doors left.

Ok lets go. Hahahahaha

Wait a second. Something doesn't feel right.

I knock on the door and instantly find out my problem. Even hair on my body stands on end as I enter flight or fight mode.

Then the door slowly opens and Vicky stands there. She blinks three times then steps to the side and welcomes me in but THERE IS NO WAY I AM ENTERING THIS DEATH TRAP!

“ Rent… bitch.”

“ Very well. Although are you not willing to come play dolls with me as well?”

“ Never!”

“ My my if I didn’t know better I would say you don’t like me with how you treat me. Wait right here and let me get it for you.”

She turns around then stops turning then she turns around again and gives me the money from where it came from I have no idea and I am to scared to tear my eyes away from her to look I to her room.

My heart beat rises. She goes to close the door but stops herself. “ Ah… didn’t you have to go meet Zoe at the beach? Well well a little birdie told me do so now will help you out greatly if you did so now. That this as a warning not a request. And know that we are friends. You better listen no one is home and the world will move on without you soon or at least this one will” she blinked at the end and it sent shivers of horror down my back in every inch was screaming at me to run.

Then the door is closed in my face.

Fucking slut. I bet she is into furry children. Wonder if we could get her arrested for it. Or maybe if we pay the right people we could have someone deal with our problems. So what we going to do?

We have rent to collect.

I personally feel like we should listen this time to throw her off the next. Can’t let her one up us also we spent a lot of time waiting her with selektor the loil Zoe has probably gotten pissed and then mellowed out again all in this time.

… Ok Sef you have never lead me wrong before.

Of course trust me.

Ok. Let's go down to meet Zoe. Hey how are we surprising to meet her if we don’t know where she is.

I don’t think she knows where she is.

That doesn't help it just make this harder for me.

That it does. Well where can we find trees?

Isn’t there a bit were the flood section and the retaken section come in contact with each other?

That there is but the elves hate Zoe would she walk into their territory just to make a boat!

Does she know they hate her?


Are they strong?


Doesn't it seem more like Zoe went looking for a fight?

That’s pointlessly ZOE! Lets go pick a fight with the elves!


I decided to take the short cut down and jump. I crash into the floor and my legs shatter but don’t give way allowing me to stand up and walk away completely fine by the first step.

I was a quiet day and I walked for about one to two hours. I see a large wooden wall there are hundreds of these all over the city they are guarded by at most thirteen and at least seven armed fighters.

You know for eco elves they sure love machine guns.

Are they eco terrorists? Aren't they a cult?

They are a nature goddess extremist group who see all technology as a front to nature.

Well I guess that makes sense.

I walk. Things like stealth are not my strong suits. Don’t think there Zoe’s either.

Hay Mason.

Boom. A bullet rips through my head.

Do you want me to keep count?


Well that's one.

I lie there waiting and eventually a two men come stand over me. “ This idiot? Do you thi-“

He before could finish speaking my hand had passed through his chest.

Are we sure we want to go in killing? Make no mistake I love a good murder but isn’t it more likely that Zoe’s actually on the beach than going on a killing spree?

Hahahahaha why the did you say that now. I grab the other person and he becomes my shield as I rush the gate. Honestly WHAT THE FUCK SEF! A well placed bullet rips through the now corpse shield and I stumbled only to be covered in small metal cylinders called bullets.

I ditch the shield and keep running. I make it to the gate and leap up the side swinging my arm I claw out someone's throat.

Then I am nailed to a wall with a spear. Like snapping a twig I escape my new wall based prison.

I land on a platform thats two high up for someone to jump and not hurt them selfs.

I am glad these guys use bigger guns so the bullets pass straight through with smaller guns I have to rip them out later. Other than that they are mild annoyances at most.

Can’t see spear guy but there is six before me including the three I killed before and spear guy that makes 10. Ok

I using the two spear halfs take that number down to 8 with two nice throws.

I cast a alteration spell that leads to projectiles swerving around me but brakes my spine for 0.3 of a second. I run along on all fours to the next two.

That makes six


I cast another alteration spell that improves my senses and adds another like a third eye I can tell where everyone one is. Spear guy is hiding in a tree down below so I jump down and bring my first into his face then bring his face and my first to the ground shattering it. I walk up some steps killing three who were trying to run. The hole time I am just riddled with gunshots.

Just broke 50

Arr I kick it into high gear and start dodging instead of walking through all attacks for style points.

Three left one jumps but as expected he breaks his legs and can’t run. One runs out of ammo and pulls a sword. One simply cowards.

Knife guy charges and tries to stab me in the stomach but which I allow.

He the thing about these old school sword fighters is that they never abandoned there swords so when he stands me I just have to rea- he ditched his sword and tried to run a away but I slash out his tendons in his legs with my fingers.

I leap and cowering guy and straight through the heart and I finish off injury guy.

Can you think of something more original than using alchemy to turn your fingers into blades.

But it works so well. And its relatively cheap mama wise.

But… but… I don’t like it.

Well sorry for that.

At least just do your nails instead of your fingers.

I give it a try and my nails grow out and condensed at the same time changing the material inside I also hardened them. To complete the image I also make the veins on my fingers stand out more.

Then I let the transformation go away am my fingers look like any old fingers.

Ok let's go back and circle around before we run head first into a armed legion of highly trained soldiers and a few hundred thousand heightened shall we?

Wait before that there is something even more important what was the number.

Haha I don’t think that really matters and it doesn't count because you weren’t trying at all were you.

Of course it fucking counts it always counts what was the number!

  1. You died 87 times trying to take this gate

I stumbled a bit… “have I truly grown so weak. That I must die 87 times to kill so few and so weak of an opponent. THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE!”

Calm down you will forget this by the time you go to bed.

How long! HOW LONG HAVE I remained this way!

I don’t know a couple tens of years… you will honestly forget by the time we get home… actually you will forget by the time we reach Zoe wherever she may be.

Of course I won’t forget this!

I strom off towards the sea and less than five minutes later.

“ Sef why do I feel so bad?”

You don’t feel bad you feel weak.

“ Oh. Why do I feel weak.”

You know it's a shame.

What is?

In all honesty you’re blessed with an insanely handsome face.

Thank you?

You have the body like that of a greek god.

True. I do.

You can literally call yourself a doctor.

That's right.

And I have kept you well groomed

That you have. I don’t know what I would do without you.

Your not poor although you are not rich.



Because I haven’t meet the right person.

The fuck are you talking about! You have had forty bloody years!

I blame you.

Of course you do…

I love you Sef.

You’re a hell of a guy Mason… or at least you were a hell of a guy.

What does that mean?

And I honestly don’t know what to do about your mind anymore. I have been hoping for a miracle for a long time… but that’s alright.

Is it?

Yeah if there is one thing you have got it is time. All I need is an edge to push you off. One you start falling you won’t stop.

Then let's go find that edge.

Yeah lets hope its just around the corner. At least you act the same even if you don’t remember anything at the end of the day.

By the way? Where are we, and what were we doing? Looking for Zoe right? So where do I go?

Yeah that's right.

Well I eventually found her but by then it had passed midday. Apparently she got board and went to my place to wait for me then she came out to look for me because she was worried then she used my phone and CALLED… DID YOU HEAR THAT SEF SHE CALLED ME!

Sorry I forgot about phones.

Well that’s alright as I had fun.

You did?

I think so? Not quite sure what I was doing to be honest but I feel good physically and mentally at the moment so it should be fine.

Yep it was fun.

I am glad.

For all my complaints I guess I have had you to myself for the last forty years.

Oh how emotional!

Shut up. Ass

You know it best.

That I do.

Se-“ Why are you standing on the beach smiling to yourself you look creepy.” Zoe said as she kick me face first into the ocean and despite her words I was on a pire. So I feel like two meters then crash into the water. But to be honest it wasn’t that hard to get out.

“ So see any wood? I can probably use anything even a tig.” Zoe scanned the beach.

“ Nope.” I replied honestly

“ Then look. Geez sometimes you are honestly like a kid.”

“ Hehe it is my best quality!”

“ Every quality you have is your best quality to you.”

“ Well the truth is the truth what are you going to do?”

“ I have long given up beating some sense into you… oh a twig.”

Zoe simply pointed at the twig and soon it morphed into the shape of a two man canoe.

Zoe leaned over the finish boat. “ Well that was stupid. But know for the main reason why we are here… Ok Mason...”

She is dedicated I will give her that.


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