I fall deeper in the hole that is my mind all the way to the centre only to find another wait in the shadows.

She sits their playing the web as if it were her harp she strums a ruthless rhythm that my mind can only sway to the beat. Which far more skill than my body could ever hope to match she strums the cords of my mind. Playing me in the shadows she laughs and I stear.

“ Who the fuck are yooou~ grasshopper?”

She stops and turns any sense of style is lost in her frantic movements she makes eye contact. Fear! She’s deeply afraid.

“ Hmm” she fleas down a web and it is at this point and only this point I noticed that her lower body was not that of a human but a spider. She fleas to the darkest depths of my mind. Places even I would not tread lightly unless I discover some buried fetish… so I return.

My eyes flash open and I sit up the blanket falls down. I look at the blanket. It seems Zoe was kind. Must have fallen asleep at some point. It's still dark so I couldn’t have been asleep for more than a few hours as the operation was finished at twelve to one around then.

Rise and shine! RISE AND SHINE!

Jesus Sef don’t scream in my ear.

Hahahahaha well would hate for you to fall back to sleep wouldn’t we. Besides you have to cook breakfast for our new semi roommate.


Jax, Alex and Zoe are still here.

I rise up and make my way to the kitchen only to be stopped in my tracks. Jax is wearing a pink apron and cooking eggs. Wait!

Jax is a well built guy who wears fancy suits and has as scar on his chin up to his mouth. Its small and barely noticeable unless you’ve seen it once then it will be impossible to stop staring at it. He also has this extreme tough guy personality that always acts like he doesn't care but in truth worries about his subordinates very much.

How rude. He stole our eggs!

“ I borrowed your eggs. You have no problem with it.”

Huh the nerves of this guy! Doesn't he know who he’s talking.

Well I don’t think he really does. I walk out of the kitchen and make a b line for my bed room. I open the door and walk inside.

I sneak as quietly as possible as this is the lair of a dragon... or a dragon went to sleep here yesterday. When you open my door and enter you face the bed straight on two the left is a cupboard and to the right is a window. That faces the building right next to us and doesn’t show anything.

Mason! Do exactly as I say.

I reach around behind the cupboard and pull out this long wooden pole and poke the sleeping bear named Zoe. It is a very scary experience. I am doing as Sef is saying.

She releases a inhuman growl as she rolls over a final warning to all who hear it. Wake me and your dead. As I cannot die I decided to poke her again this time in the butt because I could and Sef was suggesting I take advantage of her current state.

Nothing happens so I rise the pole up and wack her butt gently. A clear crisp noise rings out as I may have had too much strength behind that. Zoe doesn't move. Something feels wrong.

No nothing’s wrong do it again. This time go all out.

Sef has never lead me wrong before. So I rise the pole and swing it down with my strength.

Before it makes contact the pole is snapped in half and the wood bends and chorales(?) around me like a snake and soon I am tied up and desperate my desperate struggle am unable to escape and the great beast rises from under the covers.

I feel the wood twists and reorganisation itself and pulls my body into weird positions as I find myself in a wooden bondage set.

“ Fufufufufufufu” Zoe laughs in such a way where your not quite sure is she’s doing it like that on purpose but you expect she is but not enough to call her out on it but other times she will laugh normally.

A branch of wood growls and snaps off and fall onto the ground. Zoe picks it up. She rubs her butt then glares at me. “ How funny Mason”

I feel the wood move and I am bent over and then smash. I feel something wood collide with my ass and the sound of Sef’s joyful laughter echo in my mind.

You hahahahaha actually did hahahahaha it!

Then again. Then again. This isn’t fun anymore.

Then again. Then again. Then again.

Zoe starts getting into it a bit and adds some more force. I frown and my desperation grows.

Then again. Then again.

Suddenly I hear the door creak open and Jax is standing there. He takes one look at the screen before him and “ You will put some clothes on and come eat breakfast… you can have your kinky sex later.”

Yes you see maybe I didn’t mention but Zoe is a high elf.

This means two things. High elves usually sleep a couple days then go a month so Zoe is in a bad mood as she has at most slept for a couple hours.

And second she’s naked.

Jax closes the door.

And Zoe hits me one more time for good measure. She then drops the wood bondage and I am free. Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha

I walk out and close the door behind me without saying a word I then step my feet and make it slowly get lighter as if I am walking away I then hide behind the door and wait. About a minute later Zoe steps out and I swing my hand with all my might and get her with a firm slap to the ass.

He returns with a kick to my head. I return with my knee to hers. She gives me a good punch to the face. I kick her in the stomach. She elbows me in the neck. I slap her ass again. She pushes me away and I run away.


Straight out the front door and followed behind by a now clothed Zoe but… I was tripped! I swear as I was falling I saw a Vicky in the shadows smiling at me but she was gone by the time I hit the floor!

Fucking Vicky

See Sef agrees !

“ Ha ha ha ha looks like someone is in a bind would you like some help?” A voice echos out from the shadows


I stand up and instantly fall down as I am punched in the stomach by a pissed of Zoe. “ I’m sorry, you win.”

“ of course I fucking win. I always fucking win but you just never learn. Now theres a fucking hand print on my ass you fucker you need to pay for this… I am taking your-“


“ I didn’t say what I was taking yet. Hmmmm something you care about? … dam this is hard… let's just call it even ok.”

“ Ok… want some Eggs?”

“ No I am heading down to the beach or the flooded region to look for a tree I can use to build my new boat you come find me when you finish breakfast… with that guy.”

“ Ok… I will.”

“ When were done were going to get you a gym membership your punches are really weak now.

“ Sure.” By the way I am completely fine but I am still laying down clutching my stomach because it will probably make Zoe feel better.

Hahahahaha. Let's skip breakfast get that Alex guy out of your house then have him fuck off then it's time to go… besides you only work at night… oh wait you should probably grab rent on the way down.

But I don’t want to.

Trust me can you remember a time when listening to me leads to a bad outcome?

No actually I don’t.

Actually that is kind of sad.

What is? What are we talking about?

Don’t worry Mason I am on it now go inside.


I walk over my knocked down door. Wonder how that happened. Zoe got angry.

Why did she get angry?

You harassed her.


Ahhhh Mason things like that happen whenever you don’t listen to me.

So it’s my fault?

It’s ok Mason she calmed down because of my intervention. But you need to listen to me in the future ok.

Yeah. What would I do without you guiding me in all aspects of my life.

It’s because I am you remember you’re interests are my interests.

Yep I trust you Sef like no other.

I am glad you’re relying on me.

I am glad there is someone to rely on.

Ahhh but just remember to do whatever I say.

During the conversation with Sef I have come to sit at the base of my operating table. I have been looking at the injured guy trying to remember something important.

“ What's your name?”

“It’s Alex” he is strangely buff and his hair is oddly long. And his face looks silky.

“ Ok alex you look fine so eat your fucking eggs and get the fuck out I have shit to do and don’t work during the day.”

“ Huh?”

I stand up and grab a plate of eggs and walk back out the front door. It’s scrambled eggs and I eat it with my finger before throwing the plate over the railings I make my way to collect rent.

The first how apartment I stop at is the muscle freak the daughter of that class guy I was talking about before then I remember that she doesn't pay rent and make my way two doors down.

I stop and prepare myself as much as I can for the thing that comes next… I always hate this the most. I knock on the door.

The door swings open and I am pulled in and thrown on a bed. Someone jumps on top of me and wraps there arms around my neck. I smell something sweet and it strangely makes me hard I feel a finger make a circle on said neck. I look down to see someones head with long black hair and a beautiful but small ass that persons legs wrap around mine and I hear “I knew you couldn’t resist m- Mason? Where's that guy?”

Then someone opened the door he stood there a bit flush and then yelled at the top of his voice “ It’s ok if you’re a guy! I think I can be gay if Just for yo-“ he stops and looks at us. Then he runs away crying and calling the thing on top of me a slut which he is… this dam incubus.

That's right like a succubus that lives off semen which is actually a lie. They are just born with an ability called subduction…

but incubus are different.

They are born with an ability call slave maker. All they need is to obtain your life seed in other words sperm and they can have a certain level of control over you depending on how high you’re ‘affinity’ with them is. They also require these slaves to sustain themselves as they feed on the life force they obtained from certain means that should be obvious to the reader.

They are also different as they have the ability to impregnate and continue their species. Which is why most incubus spend their days clucking people.

I push him off and in the most formal manner ask for “ Rent please.”

However he jumps at my legs and wiggles “ You cost me that person so now I am going to starve help a brother out.”

I push him off again. “ Rent please.”

He pouts in a disturbingly cute way but I have seen to many tragedies come from this person… what was this guys name again.

Just ask.

“ Hey… what's your name?”

“ Haha funny Mason always with the… Guy. My parents hated me so they named me Guy. Please don’t forget me friend to honestly hurts. Oh it hurts more than I wanted to accept I feel like I am going to cry.”

“ It’s ok… you’re just not that remarkable to me.”

Damm Mason! Set a man on fire and look at those burns! Hahahahaha

Tears were honestly pouring down from his face. “ But we did that thing together… we robbed a Bank.”

Fuck! Did we?



Years ago.

How did it turn out?

You two decided to sell everyone else out and didn’t make any money… I think this guy had the others whacked. Maybe he even sent assassins on us but I don’t remember so they couldn’t have been much.

“ Well that was that and this is this so pay me my rent.”

“ Ha ha ha can I suck your dick instead?” He ask as he was already pulling off his pants.

“ No money only.”

“ Give me but two hours… If you just let me get back to that guy I can have your money in two hours!”

“ Give it to me now.”

“ But I can’t I don’t have it… also don’t you owe me a favor.”

Do I?

… yes.

“ Ok sure I will leave.”

“ That worked?”

“ Yep goodbye guy and see you in two hours.”

“ Huh?”

I step out and close the door behind me. I turn to see that guy crying on the floor. I walk over to him and pat him on the back he tries to throw me off “ He just thought I was you I am his landlord and I came to collect rent it's all a misunderstanding”

“ You’re lying!”

“ Then Don’t you deserve to hear that from him.”

“ Yeah you’re right!”

“ He runs inside Guys place. Only to be devoured by a monster of great evil… I better get my rent.”

Hey… you remembered he was an incubus but not his name?


Oh you usually forget that. But in more important matters did you see what that guy hand on his hand.

Wedding ring.

Yep hahahahaha. Cheating is wrong. Guy is just taking his time to teach that.

No we shouldn’t justify it. He is simply doing what he needs to do. That all there is to it. Also he was smiling but his eyes weren’t. I stills remember what eyes of people on the edge of their wits look like.

Who’s next.

One, two the next one is crborg granny the second. Then there's selektor the loli and the fairy. Then it’s FUCKING VICKY’s place.

I shiver in rage at the name.

My arch enemy.

Okay so which one does the great selektor the loil live again.

She’s a floor down. But cyborg ganny.

Does she pay rent?

Ahh no she doesn’t. Hahahahaha I forget these little things it not like I have photographic memories and am purposely leading you to start taking rent from her because I find her annoying or anything like that.

Ok so sekeltor the loil.

Fine… greeze bias much you were happy to throw guy out on the street if he didn’t pay rent.

He didn’t pay rent.

Ah well… damn you logically thinking Mason.


Nothing selektor the great destroyer one floor down two to the right.


I make my way down and see that one door is completely different to the rest. And that door just happens to be the door I am after.

I walk up and knock on the door and nothing happens so I knock a little louder. Nothing happens.

So I start wailing on the door. Nothing happens. My annoyance grows and I consider an explosive approach.

Then the door flies open and there stands a miniature dinosaur skeleton that looks like the cross breed between a little girl and a world ending calamity.

I say this because said skeleton is wearing a pink dress and licking a lollipop and is about as tall as my knees. Se swivels her head around and then looks at her door and like a fly that was hit with a fly swatter half my body has been crushed and my blood now paints the side of the building.

“ You lord of this land have disturbed the sleep of the great I name tho reason or be destroyed by I selektor!”

I rise up my only working hand and scrape myself off the wall in about 4 seconds I am standing before a crush half version of myself completely naked.

Selektor is staring at my junk. “ I did not the show you are presenting to me. The knowledge that it is so… large puts me in an odd mood. Beyond creature.”

What? I look down and oh. “ By the power vested in me by alchemy instant clothes!”

And I am now wearing a shirt and pants.

That you use that for nothing by keeping clothed is honestly shameful

Well I cannot run around naked now can I. Also I was just crush into a fine paste by a door please be a little considerate Sef.

Ha? What did you say something? Did selektor the loil just turn you into her bitch?

Ha ha very funny.

“ Rent. You must pay rent.”

Selektor goes back inside and come back with about 1 dollar. I snatched the dollars from her hand and walk away.

You know that isn’t… actually know that I think about it you haven’t gove over selektors contract since before you entered the arena have you thats her actual rent.

Well she had been living there for almost sixty years by now so who care if she pays less than other people.

“ Ah wait! Does the want to partake in the tea? Or… something? I have a new… model! Yes its a model and I desire to reveal its new pink laces… Please”

Also she makes me so sad! She doesn't have any friends other than me! Can you believe there is something so sad. Its ok selektor I will play dolls with you come here!

“ Aa thou havith grabbed me in a hug! I am very pleased!”


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