The world swayes and twisted into the characters of a child's fever dreams with small amounts of nightmare full thrown in. The curtains gossip behind the back of a tall lean man wearing a white shirt and black paints and oddly a pink apron.

He is listening to the pitter patter of his own two feet as he taps them in place. He isn’t wearing any shoes but there are two besides his feet.The toaster in the room down the hall calls out to the carriots in the fridge. Poison! They want to poison the man. Soon sweat pours down the side of his face as he begins to cry.


The toast betrayed him. The report never came! No let's be positive here. What has the toaster done to them. He looks around the room. It white and completely empty except for the man.


All his rooms are white. Mother says that Zoe says dark colours can make people feel sad. Who would want someone to feel sad. The person who made dark colours.


“ But we get the question of why?”


Mason~.” A beautiful clear voice answers.


“ It's so they can make money!”


How would they make money from dark colours your not thinking straight again calm down.”




Ok then tell me how let's try and go through this.”


“ A haha isn’t it overwhelming obvious Sef. The money doesn’t come from the colours themselves but from the sadness! See when people see dark colours they get sad! And if they get too sad they kill themselves.”


Mason we're going down a dark path here you need to steer clear. You know how you get”


“NO SANE PERSON! Wants people to kill themselves so the evil colours start anti suicide charities THAT'S WHERE THE SICK BASTARDS FUCKING GET THEIR MONEY FROM!”


“ Mason stop and think it out.”


“ OF COURSE that's the case so why did toast betrayed me? And how does the toaster get involved? And how did the toaster get the neutral carriots on his side they should know that getting involved now will be sure defeat. It must be… the curtains have gossip on them and they feel embarrassed about it! Yeah that can be the only reason. So what do I do? I need to seek refuge I cannot beat the toaster while in the bath that would be a death sentence. But where can I see the refuge? Noah's gym? No I can’t drag that guy into my problems again. Ok what should I do Sef?”


“ Mason, shut the fuck up and SIT THE FUCK DOWN FOR FIVE MINUTES and then you may ask me what we should do.”


The tall lean man sits down on the ground. Fifthteen minutes later


“ What the fuck was I saying? Oh yeah why the fuck are all the rooms in my apartment white with nothing in them?”


Because we're not in your apartment where in a supply closet at a hospital now get the fuck out before anyone thinks we’re insane.”


“ oh really. Who would see us as crazy I mean your the smartest person in existence”


“ I am simply the greatest person. Besides… its not their fault they can’t understand me I am just limited in making my ideas stupider so people like you can get it. So when people see us talking they think that you are crazy because they can hear me. That's the only reason people think their something wrong with you ”


“ And I am eternally grateful. But sometimes I think there are things you don’t get or understand. Also it’s wrong with us not I remember. We are an I”


“ How could I forget! You are my arms and legs and I am the brain. Their can be no me without you and their can be no you without me! Now let us go meet your mother… and let me do the talking ok. Actually give me control!”


“ How?”


“ I aaa Just listen to me in their ok and do everything as I tell you to ok.”


“ Ok Sef I trust you”


“ As you should”



I step out of the closet. No


I step out of the supply room. Yes.


“ Ok now-“


-Testing… ok it's good I don’t think we are actually speaking but they can’t hear me while you can.


“Yes that seems to be the case. The time is 5:07 I am seven minutes late for my appointment. I suggest that we hurry Sef.”


-Ok now take off that stupid apron and throw it in the closet.




-Yes, you need to realize how stupid you look.


“Oh I understand completely.”


I look around the corridor. A white corridor with some chairs next to a table with a few leaflets about the importance of hygiene and some about elven nature protection pamphlets… in other words recycle you human barsteds.


Well I see no doctor so that's a plus in my direction but there is a patient strapped to a bed stearin at me although that could easily be mistaken for staring through me.


-We can take the chance kill him


And there we go… this is why we can’t have nice things. You need to calm down and think about this more Sef.


-Oh don’t act like the voice of reason mister talking to the voice in his head… and how do you not see that your mother will devour him and consume his memories if she gets even the slightest chance of catching us speaking together?


Ok you might have a point.


-Gut him… no hang him with his own belt… or funnel pills down his throat until he's dead we can claim suicide… trust me I am always right.


I walk away as Sef lays out in detail how best to remove the ‘witness’ as she calls him. The hospital is slightly worn down or old but its the best this part of town has so not many complaints really. That's only because I cannot complain. Because then the walls won’t let me go to hea- nope I am losing myself again.


Its been getting worse lately. I know it's not the case at all times except when I think it is which in all fairness isn’t that often. Nice to meet you by the way so my name is Mason Bright.


-Like light just with a b not a b then right.


Thanks Sef.


-Don’t mention it Mason.


Thats Sef… my imagination


I AM NOT IMAGINARY! I am a fallen god sealed inside your mind. It is your greatest honour to know of my existence much less by being so close and dependent on one such as my self… moreover you are the creation of me. Not the other way around Mason.


Well… the doctors says Sef isn’t real and someone one something similar but the problem is… I would be absolutely lost without her.


I bet you couldn’t even tie up your own shoe!


So the jury’s out on what she is… I believe shes a defense mechanism my mind created to, well help me back on track whenever I have an… episode or a brake down.


Although she believes she is a god that sealed inside my mind and body something she created so she could hide from a powerful enemy she doesn’t tell me about. The… my psychologist believes she is a imaginary person or a sign of Schizophrenia and although I do have quite a few of the symptoms of Schizophrenia. I also have my doubts. Some believe shes just a by product of my amazing magic powers. That the one I like the most.


And I don’t see things that aren’t their. Although do I hear and make insane jumps in logic. Yeah.


It's like the ten percent thing! Although the ten percent thing is a complete lie because we use much more than ten percent of our brains and use different parts at different time when we are doing different things. Like piñatas. God I love that word. Although it actually doesn't have much to do with what I was saying or anything really. Although it rarely does have anything to do with anything that's not it which is a amazingly cool thing when you think about it.


I wish I was cool like piñatas. piñata de unicornio isn’t that like the coolest words odd how they respect the lames thing. As for why I love that word it the ñ. Oh fuck I think I am going to get hard just thinking about it! And of course when presented with fancy ń or æ its only normal to get extremely excited so it weird that you not hard right now.




No its not don’t go telling people you get off to letters and words people will think us weird. Or crazy which were not. Also do you know what a piñata de unicorno is?


Nope but I think I should.


It's the thing people hit at parties but the de unicorno literally means the unicorn. So your telling everyone you want to be a unicorn.


Unicorns are killers in disguise trust me there is nothing more scarier!


Well maybe she’s just the result of brain trauma. After all before I retired


Ahh I need to focus I am about to see mother! Can’t let her know that I am still hearing voices what if she asks me to take a pill their and then that would be terrible! I hate medication.


Although it's absolutely amazing when others use it.


That's right for various reasons medication doesn't work on me probably. Even the magic kind.


Oh yeah I have magic.


I have magic you have a strong punch that you call magic.


Oh really then how did we escape the last time we were kidnaped. Hmm was it A my super strength and speed or was it your magic.


Ahhhhhhhh we weren’t kidnaped you tied yourself up in bondage because you wanted to use the ropes to bungee jump off our roof.


Hahahahaha Oh yeah how could I forget.


Idiot. Hey a question how long are we going to stand outside of your mothers office?


Haha until I can work up the courage to enter of course.


The door was made of a thick and dark wood with the nameplate of Ms Bight of the front about my eye level and mind you I am fairly taller than the common man.


Yep since I made you of course your better looking than most people.


Although I am only slightly better. Slightly.


I hate people who rely to heavily on appearances.


You really have an answer for everything don’t you.


Of course I do.


Well that’s relieving ok here we go.


The moment I push open the door the first thing that I see is obviously the woman herself then her large… fuck off large wooden desk. What forest did she gut just to get a desk that large dam Zoe would freak out if she saw that with all her new age, world peace, save the trees shit. Sometimes she just needs to chill the fuck out man.


Directly behind mother is a wall that's entirely made of glass and although hidden behind thick blinds the room is in bear total darkness. In fact all I can make out about my mother is her silhouette breaking the only light source. She honestly looks like she was plotting world domination before I walk in.


See Mother isn’t a doctor as much as shes the owner of a couple hospitals although she has work as both a surgeon and psychologist she has also made quite a substantial wealth on stocks and… more shady business.


Hey it's just the way the world is… I have two jobs and well one if them is definitely not righteous in anyway at all. And the other is illegal.


“ Well mother its that time again. Why do we do this dearest mother of all. Surely you must have better things to do”


Down with the intensity Mason. What did I say boy WHAT DID I SAY!

“ We only meet once a month you don’t have to get so uptight about meeting me. If I didn’t know better you didn’t like it.”


“ What me! I love everything.”


“ Is that another mental issue I have to deal with.”


Oh the fuck does she mean she has to deal with?


“ Oh the fuck does she mean she has to deal with?”


For FUCKS sake Mason why did you say that? Stop.


But you said to say what you said before?


Well obviously I didn’t mean say that and you… you are absolutely right I will take this one it's my fault that I believe in you. Mason I will try but just can’t help myself now whatever you do no pills you hear!




“ Son… are you taking your medication? You know how you get? Please son I do this because I love you.”


“ Really when I was younger it was all about how the weak have no place in this world and how I need to fight for every scrap so I get confused when you come bearing gifts.”


“ Tch… I know I wasn’t the best but I honestly believed that teaching you to fight instead of submit was better… and I think you agree.” A hint of depression was in her voice.


But I don’t buy it. Well your not good with guess at intentions or emotions are you. Although I agree with you this time. So let's go over our options.


What floor is this again




Ok. Which side of the building are we?


The bus stops below us.


That's good.


“ Well you got me their. I do think it’s better to fight which is why I won’t be so eager to submitting to you.”


Suddenly a mighty pair of hands grabs my shoulder. I look over to see a troll on one side and a giant human shaped tree on the other. DAM IT MOTHER!


“ I do this because I love you. Please at least try to understa-“




I flipped the troll onto mothers dest breaking it and punch the tree in the stomach region with my now free hand. The arm that’s being held down by the tree catches fire and the tree stumbles back in fear. I leap forward to the left side of the dest as my mother stands on the right holding a srinage.


I think fast and make my decision quickly. I jump at the glass I feel the needle enter my skin and while in mid air I spin around to see my mother injecting me with something despite still being in the air I bring my hand down in a chopping motion and slice my leg clean off then I feel the glass shatter behind me as light pours into the room mother slinks back into the shadows like the vampire she is and I fall down nine stories until…


I take the time to flip mother off as I think


So that went well.


Yep no pills.


Hahahah- Smack!  Ahhhhh fuck!


My leg perfectly healed by the time I hit the ground and it broken once more by the time I regain consciousness a few seconds later.


I find that I am down on the ground only to turn into boneless jello after first contact with grass in a long time.


The pile of flattened flesh begins to click and turn as bones bring themselves back from their shattered remains and I form my self back into human shape before I lunge up completely fine in every way! Although my paints have only a single leg and I am covered head to toe in blood.


Oh didn’t I mention. I can’t die.


Trust us we have truly given up hope that it’s possible.


I feel the blood being absorbed back into my body and my head spins as I take a trip down memory lane.


I am old. Too old. Like I should be dead old. I mean mother is a vampire and doesn't age but she can still be killed as for me… their is no lack of people who have tried it but none have much  success.


From death curses to total atomic annihilation and everything in between nothing works. Nothing magical either. These things do but at most they push me down they can’t keep me down.


Well obviously you have a god living inside you of course you can’t die.


So with the power of magic at an all time low and scientific research on the edge of sci-fi territory we get the modern world. And this fucking city.


I guess it's time to go home.


It's a nice place. Oh I bet you're wondering how I fit into this. Well I own a cheap apartment building and that's my day job as for my night job… I am a doctor. What? Oh no I am a great doctor.


Where do I work? Of course I work at home as all good doctors do.


Who’s dumb enough to go to me?


Well you see with the improvements in technology all individuals who enter a hospital are documented as are the causes of injuries so some… of the less trustworthy people come to me instead. As for where I live let's just say there's a reason my apartments are dirt cheap.


Got shot on the way home couple days ago. Just a stray bullet.


See not long ago there was a big technical revolution they called the second industrial revolution well. It lead to a some stuff.


Bad stuff.


Class division, 40% unemployment rate, increases in crime nationwide,


See with the invention of A.I it was actually office workers and common person who lost their jobs. Their were a few other things that were invented that are kinda neat.


Biometrics, bionic augmentation of humans, self directed genetic evolution, nanotechnology, VR, rail guns, cold fusion and we colonies a new planet or the dwarfs did at least and I think you're forgetting the improvements made in the field of magic.

Magicly generated food that sought of solved world hunger… kinda and teleportation, instant healing magic. Instant body growth, improved life spans, and you know that necromancers and vampires have made huge leaps into dark magic.


Some creatures of the underworld have been granted citizen status such as the succubuses and the dragon race have allowed their kingdom to become a republic… kinda. Witches are no longer hunted by the church and the demons have been subjugated ages ago… kinda.


There was a lot of kindas in that. And what else has happened recently. Well it's a scary place but that doesn’t mean the people in it are scary and the guy who shot me can and apologised afterwards.


Yeah then he shot you again when he discovered your weren’t dead and tried to use holy magic on you when you got up after that remember.


Hahahahaha yeah I forget that was funny.


No it wasn’t.


Way to kill the mood Sef.


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