The Alchemist's Potion

The Alchemist's Potion

by Taxouck

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Jamie, twelve year old recluse and bookworm, is the target of a group of bullies, Dean, Lukas, and the chief of the three that goes by Snake.

After news of the arrival of an alchemist in town, Snake and his goons force Jamie into breaking in the alchemist's mansion and looking for a potion of strength for another of their poorly thought out plans.

Jamie, however, gets distracted by another kind of potion after arriving at the lab...

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Sometimes, ignoring labels turns out for the best

Reviewed at: 7 - The bottom line

As is the case of this story and the Gender Potion. 

I love this story. A lot. It's heartfelt and fun and relatable while focusing on very young teenagers figuring stuff out due to an accident. An accident caused by a mistake they have to face and work on addressing. 

The cast is lovely, from our protagonist Jamie (who does share several traits with the author truth be told), to Snake and the Back to the Future reference goons, to Lucille and her "okay I'm helping" attitude born from a friend's sad, horrifying request. 

Now gimme some body change potions Feli I want my wings!

Luna Foxfire

That story was really good, It was a fun relaxing read but also it was pretty deep and educational about one Teen issue!

The discovery of their gender or their whole identity!

Most often then none, teen discover themself after a mistake or a unpredictable event~

And they after need to face obstacle that life and the old foundation  of our society put in there way

In that story the said event was the genderchange potion!

That story also was based I feel... a lot on Feli emotion and probably past, wich she was able to infuse in this story!

Overall it was a great read ♡!

So thank you Féli for this story!


A Very Cute Trans Story

Reviewed at: 7 - The bottom line

If you like sweet stories about kids getting into trouble and learning valuable life lessons then this is the short story for you!

The characters are endearing, and watching them grow and learn more about themselves and each other is an absolute delight. For any trans readers out there I'm sure you'll find a lot to relate to, but of course you needn't be transgender to relate to these charming characters.

The style is engaging and entirely readable, easily pulling you in and setting just the right tone.

The grammar is great and there weren't any moments where I was stumbling over typos or awkward sentence structures. Nor did I ever have to re-read a sentence to puzzle out what it meant to say. It was all smooth and well structured.

The story is of course a simple one, as it is just a short story. Still it packs quite the emotional punch for being as straightforward as it is (well, maybe not that straight xD).

I highly recommend anyone looking for a cute and wholesome short story to check it out. And it's a great first step into trans lit as well for those new to the genre.

I only ask that you read it with an open mind and I'm sure you'll find that it will sneak right into your heart.

Shadow Bunny Dragon

Oh wow, poor Snake. At least Jamie and Lucille are there for her... OH! And her friends! Excellent new chapter for an excellent story! I was pleasantly surprised when I first started, and now I find that I'm happily awaiting each new chapter!



Quite frankly this story isn't any good, it doesn't make any sense. The characters are flat, they only seem to care about pronouns. I think the whole purpose of this story it to trick some people into thinking in the way of the author.