The Legendary Class

by ArtNJ

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead

At the height of the Age of Terror, humankind lay shattered, its few survivors scattered like dust in the wind. It is said that at the brink of extinction, the Gods intervened and blessed five champions known as “The Titans” with legendary classes. To this day, every small child dreams of obtaining a legendary class. Whether there is any truth to this ancient tale is unknown, but it is a certainty that in each generation perhaps a handful of those children will, in fact, obtain a legendary class. But, if they ever did, the Gods no longer answer prayers, and, in modern times, a legendary class is often far from a blessing.

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Sean Wilner
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A Legendary Titan of a Story in the Making

Well written, well thought out, well constructed world building.

Typos and grammatical mistakes are there but are few and far between. The only stylistic note is that it could do with a little better spacing during the back and forth dialogue. It's sometimes non-obvious which lines belong to which speaker.

The pacing is excellent, the characters are interesting and believable (if sometimes mildly exaggerated). The story has pleasant humor, growth, and action.

This is for sure one to watch, especially if you're a fan of gameLit and LitRPG (or even if you're only a fan of fantasy). It's still new at 11 chapters at the time of this review, but it shows incredible promise!

Faber Write
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My thought on this is that while the MC doesn't exactly flow into the badass-category, his apparent self-depreciation and rumination, along with the general realistic take of legendary classes with strong bonuses are quite nice.

That half-a-star off is only due to me getting thrown around by the poor capitalization in dialog, the story in its essence is more than enough to distract me from the small errors, though not enough to make me disregard it.

I would enjoy some background beforehand to the retorts of the common tropes of OP MCs, due to the abrupt injection of "Soldiers [text]" occurring only in the situation, not to make a reappearance or having some sort of reference in the entirety of the thing itself, having use only in that situation.


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Litrpg done right😤

I love litrpg but finding one is hard, many try but fail. 

I like how you simplified the status how skills level up. Some authors think the bigger the numbers the better, so you end up with a person leveling skills and their overall levels by the hundreds in few days while other characters who have been at it for years aren't even in the 50s.

And limiting the number of skills is awesome I dnt want to read a novel where protagonist has over 1000 skills In 1 week. 

So far it's awesome 

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Enjoying the story so far

It's been mostly training and fleshing out relationships and some of the world as of chapter 20. Doesn't seem to have gotten to the point where the MC knows where he's going yet.