The Legendary Class

by ArtNJ

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead

At the height of the Age of Terror, humankind lay shattered, its few survivors scattered like dust in the wind. It is said that at the brink of extinction, the Gods intervened and blessed five champions known as “The Titans” with legendary classes. To this day, every small child dreams of obtaining a legendary class. Whether there is any truth to this ancient tale is unknown, but it is a certainty that in each generation perhaps a handful of those children will, in fact, obtain a legendary class. But, if they ever did, the Gods no longer answer prayers, and, in modern times, a legendary class is often far from a blessing.

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A Legendary Titan of a Story in the Making

Well written, well thought out, well constructed world building.

Typos and grammatical mistakes are there but are few and far between. The only stylistic note is that it could do with a little better spacing during the back and forth dialogue. It's sometimes non-obvious which lines belong to which speaker.

The pacing is excellent, the characters are interesting and believable (if sometimes mildly exaggerated). The story has pleasant humor, growth, and action.

This is for sure one to watch, especially if you're a fan of gameLit and LitRPG (or even if you're only a fan of fantasy). It's still new at 11 chapters at the time of this review, but it shows incredible promise!

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A story for pain lovers without logic

I have put comments throughout the story going into detail what my negative points are if you are interested in that go looking but I will keep this short.

The bad things about the story are the characters, their attitudes about what they are doing, their logic/reasoning for doing what they are doing and how the mc uses his class. If you are a reader who does not care about if actions are logical then go ahead and read this. If you care about about things being done for a certain reason that makes sense then don't read this. The viliage of the mc tortures him because they are "helping" him even though they have never helped him before. The mc accepts this torture because he has to get strong really really fast for no immediate reason. The things that the people in the viliage do to him without questioning if it is wrong, until the author is called out about it in the comments, are just insane. Even after that it is really forced logic to explain why everyone is ok with what they have done to him that doesn't even make sense if examined against the whole story.

Another negative about the story is how its written. The author needs to work on how he places dialogue into the story. So far he is not seperating the dialogue between different characters and keeping them all in one paragraph. This makes some parts of the story confusing to read. 

The only thing I can say to recommend this story is that if you like Jackass(tv show) style of humor but want to take it to an extreme level like the pain olympics then this is your poison.

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Good LitRPG, bad characters

I like the LitRPG progression, the story is fine, the writing flows well, and grammar isn’t too bad.

The characters, though... There are some good monologues but anytime two characters talk to each other, it’s bad. You have no clue what the hell is going on or why one person saying something to another. It’s like line of dialogue is only tangentially related to the line that came before and there’s never any flow to any conversation. None of the characters really have a voice, other than the elder.

I get that the main character is supposed to be a guy that puts his foot in his mouth trying to be funny, but as someone who often puts his foot in his mouth, he doesn’t do so in a believable way. “Hey, can you get something for me?” “You’re a slut” 

And also, is he supposed to be funny, in story? Out of story, he isn’t, but I can’t tell if the story treats him as funny.

The Elder is a pretty good character, though. I like his rambling, probably bullshit, stories.

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Litrpg done right😤

I love litrpg but finding one is hard, many try but fail. 

I like how you simplified the status how skills level up. Some authors think the bigger the numbers the better, so you end up with a person leveling skills and their overall levels by the hundreds in few days while other characters who have been at it for years aren't even in the 50s.

And limiting the number of skills is awesome I dnt want to read a novel where protagonist has over 1000 skills In 1 week. 

So far it's awesome 

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I don't have much else to say, maybe I'll think of something later.

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Quite honestly this is one of the most entertaining and down right hysterical things I've read in quite some time. The fact that it's also well thought out and imaginative just makes it better.  Absolutely fantastic. Seriously, thank you.

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It's always nice to find a litrpg you can binge!

A good growth story has rewards and perserverance come hand in hand. This is one of these stories.

The story is about a boy named Arn who gets a legendary class that is all based around regeneration and resistances, with weak inherant attack power.

In this world a legendary class does NOT mean op at all. It meens it's a one-of-a-kind class that is hyper specialized. 

And his 'legendary' class does not directly benifit his village in any way, unfortunatly the villages of this world have policies against people who can't work and they have to become adventures, where they will ether die or strike riches.

An interesting and realistic solution to the homeless proplem!

Mc's class centers around regeneration and soking up damage, guess what he has to do to level the class? laughing This is a fun story!

*Note: I'm joking about the homeless part, but in all seriousness the village's policy makes sense.

And to the people complaining that the villages stab him in training, if we lived in a world where everytime you got hurt you quantifiably grew back stronger we would 100% cut ourselves too

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The harsh journey of a boy to becoming a legend

Would say it has a weak start, with especially the first chapter being just random and all abrupt with no actual setup. Through it gets better after a couple of chapters, and then is actually good.

The MC Arn is just a weakish boy dreaming of archieving great heights, but he is unable to even be useful, until a a certain incident happens and it all changes, he may act stupid, but Arn is really determined to reach his goal, not stopping at anything, including death.

A notable problem in this novel is the dialogue between characters, it somehow feels forced, unreal. This also sadly does count for some of the characters themselves, they do not feel realistic, and even if the author is doing effort at making it look better, sadly there hasnt been much improvement yet. This is so far i can see, the main problem this story has, if the author can work on this, this could be a much better read.

The worldbuilding in this novel so far has been decent and well-constructed, even with what has been shown so far, with much more to come eventually.


Grammar is barely any problem at all, few typos or mistakes at all in this story, through they do exist.

One of the problems with the writing i have seen so far, is that the author is inconsistent with capitalization of dialogue, this is however just a minor problem, and a easy fix.

The pacing in this novel is great, even if its a bit fast. Thats mostly due to the short chapters in this novel, though its getting better with the newer chapters.
There are quite some comedic situations in the novel, and the author is good at using humor in his story, and has shown clear improvement with writing the good and crazy kind of comedy in the story.  However there are also some problems with the writing style, especially how the author does handle dialogues. At times, and this is sadly frequent, there is no indication of who is talking at all, which can get confusing fast.


 A warning to those who are interested in reading this, is that the MC gets put through extremely harsh situations, and slowly becomes a masochist, if you do not like such content, turn away now and do not read this story.

This is a great novel for anyone who is a fan of LitRPG Fantasy, and even if you are not you can still enjoy this novel and its mix of action, comedy, character development and growth.

Faber Write
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My thought on this is that while the MC doesn't exactly flow into the badass-category, his apparent self-depreciation and rumination, along with the general realistic take of legendary classes with strong bonuses are quite nice.

That half-a-star off is only due to me getting thrown around by the poor capitalization in dialog, the story in its essence is more than enough to distract me from the small errors, though not enough to make me disregard it.

I would enjoy some background beforehand to the retorts of the common tropes of OP MCs, due to the abrupt injection of "Soldiers [text]" occurring only in the situation, not to make a reappearance or having some sort of reference in the entirety of the thing itself, having use only in that situation.


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Enjoying the story so far

It's been mostly training and fleshing out relationships and some of the world as of chapter 20. Doesn't seem to have gotten to the point where the MC knows where he's going yet.