The First Born

by Hentai Ningen

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Janvas had been living his life peacefully for the early 10 years but when even after the 10 years he didn't get the traits of his father or the mother he became an outcast inside his own family. He was known as the 4th prince by everyone when he was a child but now only a few people knew him.

His father told the people the 4th prince doesn't like the crowd and he liked to stay inside the palace, the time passed making people forget that he was the 4th prince of the kingdom.

Even when he went out no one knew him.

The only reason he could live was that the king still had some hope that the trait of his mother would be awakened in time but even after turning 16 he had no sign of awakening. 

Janvas lived his life in the palace with his Personal Maid 'Haruru' and the Bodyguard 'Marine'. 

It was peaceful but with flaws and on one festival a calamity occurs and he gets cast out from the Palace. 

A future without hope is in front of him what shall he do let's find out the untold story.  

Just So You Know It's My First Time Writing. 

                                                             Advance Warning  

                                               Can Have A lot of Sexual Content.

                          Love That Is Not The Same As The Earth's Humans Agree On.

                                              Rules Different From Earth's Humans. 

Unlike Other Novels, Mine Doesn't Have Any Word Limits But Instead, It Has Objective Limit. After Something Happens The Story Ends.[For Now Might Change In The Future.]

Hope You Enjoy. 

Currently in a short break trying to get my stuff together so the chapter will be updated after a month or two.

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