They went to the dojo and he sat in seiza. Fumiko sat in seiza with her knees almost touching his and extended her hands. He gave her his hands; she grabbed his wrists and he grabbed hers.

‘I’m going to channel my mana into you so you can feel it as a base for yours. Close your eyes.’ Said Fumiko with a calm voice.

He felt a warm, cozy feeling, flowing through him oscillating and vibrating in micro-patterns, familiar ones.


[[ You have acquired Mana Control ]]

[[ Due to having all the requisites, Mana Control has changed to Mana Control III (max) ]]

[[ Due to having all the requisites, Body Mastery has changed to Body Mastery III (max) ]]

‘Got it.’ He said after less than one minute.

When he opened his eyes, Fumiko had an expression of astonishment and excitement.

‘Kouta, what did you just do?’ Fumiko asked with eagerness in her voice.

‘What happened mom?’ Asked Himari brimming with curiosity.

‘His mana control is already similar to mine.’ She said with a slight tremble on her arms.

‘I also mastered Body Mastery.’ He said calmly.

Both of their eyes widened.

‘I just detected the micro-patterns in the flow of mana, oscillations and vibrations that were identical to some details on my mom’s code. What I did then was apply my knowledge of the code to my own mana. As for body mastery I can’t explain, it just made sense to me. I still feel that something is missing though.’ He said calmly.

‘JUST?’ Fumiko yelled getting up. ‘He JUST, he says, JUST!’ she kept repeating while walking around.

‘Yup, that’s one of the reasons I’m so into coding with Apex.’ Said Himari smiling.

After a few minutes of seeing Fumiko walking in a circle Kouta walked up to her and kissed her. She forgot what she was even thinking and blushed.

‘Calm down. Sorry for the method, but you needed some shock treatment.’ Said Kouta backing away.

‘Thank you.’ She said calming down. ‘This might make more sense now, and this is secret information but, in this case, I can share with you.’ She said sitting down.

She took a deep breath.

‘You breaking your own seal, that is the second case. The first one was the first person to discover magic, the first spellcaster, over 3000 years ago.’ She said calmly.

‘Oh…’ Both Kouta and Himari said in unison.

‘Fortunately, there is actually a third case for seal breaking that although super rare, it’s not treated differently. It’s when your seal breaks due to being near the creation of a Mystical Space, what those men referred to as a room. The chance of it happening during a creation is infinitesimal, but it’s there.’ She said seriously.

‘So, that’s our story, okay.’ Kouta nodded.

‘Receiving an innate spell upon having the seal broken is also rare but not impossible. Usually to get an innate spell you would have to refine your finesse with that specific spell to a really high degree, or be beyond genius, like Himari.’ She said with a calm voice.

‘I can finally talk to Kou-chan about magic!’ Said Himari hugging him.

‘Innate spells have that name because they become second nature to you, like breathing. They consume less mana and are stronger than a normal version, to what degree depends on the individual’s capabilities. Now, let’s test your body mastery.’ Said Fumiko calmly, but getting excited at the last sentence.

Fumiko backed up and created 3 layers of some type of magical shield. It had a faint light green glow and was of a translucent green color.

‘Kouta, hit it with your Body Mastery activated, do your best.’ She said excited.

Kouta activated body mastery and punched the air, feeling his speed and strength for a few seconds. Each punch pierced the air, making the sounds echo throughout the dojo. He then approached the shield in a tiny fraction of a second stepping strongly and cracking the ground.


Following the strong step in front of the shield, he twisted his body while doing all the calculations in his head. His own body moved so perfectly that less than 1% of the momentum was wasted.


When the punch finally reached the shield the three layers shattered like he was punching crystal. His punch created enough wind pressure to make Fumiko and Himari activate their own Body Mastery.


Himari and Fumiko shivered with excitement. Not that they couldn’t do the same, they were capable of much, much more than that. They shivered because they were looking at someone who’s seal was broken a little over a day before that.

‘You really mastered it. I believed you believed it, I just needed to know if you knew what mastering it meant.’ Fumiko said in awe.

‘He always does.’ Said Himari smiling, looking at the goosebumps in her arm.

‘Whatever it is that you two think you understand about what my power is, please, never say it out loud.’ Kouta pleaded with a serious tone.

Fumiko and Himari nodded, understanding that whatever it was, acknowledging it would make it worse somehow.

They trusted Kouta’s judgement.

‘Just so you know, your girlfriend is a magic otaku and there is probably less than 20 people stronger than her in japan, good luck.’ Fumiko said getting up. ‘Good night you two.’ She said smiling.

‘Good night.’ Both replied.

‘What kind of magic do you specialize in Hi-chan?

‘Lightning, Air and Body Mastery, all innate. I’m also really good with Healing, Barrier, Cloaking, Cleansing, Mystical Sight, Spatial and Force magic. Those are the only ones I’m qualified to teach you.’ She said with sparkles in her eyes.

‘Force as in telekinesis?’ He asked curious.

‘Yup.’ She smiled brightly, making some wooden weapons levitate.

‘You were using Body Mastery as contraceptive, weren’t you?’ He asked with a mischievous grin.

‘Tee-hee.’ She said making and innocent face.

‘All right, teach me everything besides Body Mastery.’ He said excited.

‘First, we’re going to the dojo’s bathroom because you’ve turned me on too much, then I’ll teach you.’ She said grabbing him by the arm with a seductive smile.

After their tryst in the bathroom they began training.

‘Before we begin, how do you think spells work? Besides what you said before.’ She said while they sat down in the middle of the dojo.

‘From what I observed when I fought, each spell is more than a spell, it’s like an entire school of magic. I assume that your Spatial magic is a spell, but that single spell has a myriad of uses. I’d say from something like making a temporary storage to teleporting or creating a portal. ’ He said with a contemplative tone.

‘That’s correct.’ She said with a loving smile.

‘Fumiko said that the power of our soul is connected to our mana, which is why their direct spells like the paralysis effect didn’t work on me. The gestures make it easier to determine the spell, because you associate them with the patterns on how your mana flow. I think that after you got the patterns of a spell down, intent would determine which function you’re using, so the ability to visualize it is fundamental. There is where the chanting helps, and it’s easier to make the connection to how you feel or what you’re thinking. Which is why I said before that both helped but were not necessary.’ He continued.

Himari nodded, still smiling.

‘With that being said, knowledge should be extremely relevant, like knowing medicine when healing someone. In conclusion, magic is amazing and I want to learn all of them.’ He said smiling with an excited tone.

‘You’re making me wanna drag you to the bathroom again…’ She said with a seductive tone before slapping her face with both hands. ‘So, which one do you want to learn today?’ She asked knowing the answer.

‘All of them.’ He said with a resolute smile.

‘Let’s begin then.’ She said with an excited tone and sparkles in her eyes.

They spent the rest of the night in the dojo.


Kouta cooked breakfast. Fumiko and Aya were woken from their slumber by the smell. When Fumiko looked at Kouta she just shook her head smiling. Himari just hugged him from the side. Aya didn’t know what happed but hugged him as well.


After school he told Himari and Aya to train without him, because he had a matter to resolve. Himari understood and just kissed him goodbye. Aya just hugged him, kissed him on the cheek and wished him good luck. He then went home to check the things he learned and practice Force magic.

‘All right, let’s go over the new things.’ Kouta thought lying down on his bed.


  • Name: Hisakawa Kouta
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 1,87m
  • Weight: 92kg
  • Physical: 86
  • Mental: 90
  • Spirit: 100
  • Magic: 42

Basic Skills

Architecture [59], Athletics [90], Biology [64], Chemistry [64], Coding [90], Cooking [75], Drawing [65], Electronics [70], Engineering [53], Gaming [65], History [65], Insight [80], Intimidate [78], Linguistics [70], Martial Arts [87], Math [88], Medicine [58], Music [66], Perception [82], Performance [62], Persuasion [71], Physics [70], Presence [78], Swordsmanship [87], Sex [80] and Writing [65].

Spell Skills

Air [34], Barrier [32], Cleansing [30], Cloaking [31], Force [45], Healing [38], Lightning [32], Mystical Sight [35] and Spatial [40].

‘So, the system treats innate spells as abilities, but the others as skills. It raised a lot from one night of training. Makes sense that Final Wish affects spells, since channeling mana might as well be coding in Apex. The Magic stat itself seems to be much harder to develop than Physical and Mental…’ He thought.

Mana Control III (max): Reduces the mana cost by 75%

‘This seems overboard. My body mastery might as well be free at this point.’ He chuckled.

Body Mastery III (max): Greatly increases all physical capabilities based on your Mental and Magic stats. It allows you to manipulate different functions on your body based on your Physical stat and Medicine skill. Also reduces the aging process based on your four basic stats.

‘It said slightly instead of greatly when I got it. Innates spells seem to not need practice, just the requisites. Right now, I could have won that fight in a second or so, this is absurdly strong.’

He decided to focus on practicing Force magic the entire night.

11:26pm, Kouta hears a knock on his door.

He opens the door in his underwear to see Yumi and Miu, only wearing underwear as well.

‘We can’t take it anymore, Kouta.’ Said Miu with a soft voice.

‘We’re in love with you too…’ Said Yumi with a gentle voice.

Kouta spent a second going over their body language to make sure this wasn’t a horrible prank. He then extended his hands to them leading them into his room while closing the door with his foot.

He hugged both of them tightly with one arm each. He caressed Miu’s face and gave her a deep, loving kiss, doing the same with Yumi right after. The three of them started trading deep, passionate kisses, caressing each other.

Both girls started kissing and caressing his body until they noticed his bulge increase in size. They caressed his crotch, feeling that the large member was still not at full size.

They slowly took off his underwear and caressed his member while kissing him. He unhooked their bras, one with each hand and caressed their beautiful breasts.

A succession of tiny, short moans was let out by the girls. He laid the girls on the bed and slowly took off their panties.

He kissed Miu’s pleasure spot and started caressing it with his tongue, at the same time pleasuring Yumi with his hand, alternating between them a few times.


The girls moaned, grabbing the sheets and curling their toes. After a while two loud moans echoed through the room in unison.


The girls had extremely lewd expressions of pure pleasure. He kissed both of them deeply and looked at Miu caressing her face.

‘Are you ready?’ He asked with a loving tone.

‘Yes…’ She replied with eagerness.

He picked her up and brought her further into the bed while Yumi kneeled on top of it and started touching herself.

Miu spread her legs inviting him in. He gave her a deep kiss and started entering her.

From the combination of him entering, kissing and caressing her at the same time, she felt like a jolt of electricity went through her body touching all of her pleasure spots.

He started moving back and forth with rhythmic movements while caressing and kissing her body until both of them climaxed.


Miu had a face of pure bliss.

Kouta gave her a light kiss.

‘Come to me Kouta.’ Said Yumi seductively.

He went to her and started kissing and caressing her while kneeling on top of the bed. She started kissing his chest and going downwards.

‘Let me clean you up first.’ She said with a lustful smile.

The taste of Kouta and Miu combined made her body tremble. She licked and enveloped it while caressing his member’s companions. After she cleaned it, she kissed the tip.

‘All done.’ She said with an incredibly seductive smile.

Kouta kissed her deeply, he didn’t have to ask, she was more than ready. While still kneeling on the bed he picked up Yumi while she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

He slowly descended her body into his member. At this point Miu was watching, happily touching herself.

When Yumi’s descent was completed, she trembled. They both looked at each other passionately and kissed.

He started to slowly moving her up and down and then she felt his middle finger enter her rear.


She let out a seductive moan while trembling.

He caressed her breasts with his mouth and kissed her while slowly and methodically moving her, until they both climaxed.


He slowly laid her down, as her right leg slightly twitched.

As soon as he separated from her, he felt Miu pulling him from behind making him lie down on the bed.

‘My turn to have a taste.’ She said licking her lips.

They started servicing each other at the same time.

For the next few hours, the three of them immersed themselves in pleasure, getting to know every single millimeter of each other’s body.

After that, the three of them lied down, with Yumi and Miu hugging Kouta, one from each side while he hugged them back with one arm each.

‘That was surreal.’ Said Kouta with a gentle tone.

‘Yeah…’ Said Yumi.

‘Himari trained you well, remind me to send her a thank you basket.’ Miu said chuckling.

‘Now I want her in here too…’ Said Yumi with a spoiled tone.

‘I’m sure she’ll be delighted.’ He replied chuckling. ‘How are you two feeling?’ He asked with a gentle voice?

‘Free, with no guilt whatsoever.’ Said Miu rubbing her head on his chest.

‘Same here.’ Said Yumi caressing Miu’s face.

‘Thank you for being in my life.’ He said lovingly before giving both of them light kisses.

The three of them woke up at the same time, about 8 hours later. Even though Kouta needed less sleep, he was already awake for over 48 hours exerting himself in more ways than one.

They looked at each other happy, then noticed Himari sitting on Kouta’s big office chair with her legs resting on the bed. She had headphones on and was playing a handheld game.

Aya was spending the day at a classmate’s house working on a school project.

‘Good morning sleepy-heads.’ She said with a mischievous grin.

None of them hesitated or tried to cover themselves. They just smiled and said good morning.

‘I came here to surprise Kouta with a fun shower and I’m the one who gets surprised.’ She said smiling. ‘I’m glad you two decided to stop waiting, it was getting rough by myself.’ She said chuckling.

Miu and Yumi started laughing at Kouta’s slightly embarrassed face.

‘Would you join us for a shower?’ Asked Miu with a sincere smile.

‘Of course.’ Himari replied smiling reciprocating her sincerity.

With this simple exchange the biggest shadow looming over this unusual relationship, jealousy, has vanished. They were simply happy for each other and happy to be in each other’s lives.

During the shower Kouta waited for Yumi and Miu both to get intimate with Himari before he joined in on the fun. Fortunately, the chemistry between the three girls was fantastic.

They spent the day pleasuring each other, talking, developing this new relationship. Of course, they have been doing that since Himari became Kouta’s girlfriend, they were just doing it on a more intimate level now.

At night, Fumiko and Aya came for dinner.

Miu went to receive them when they arrived. Fumiko and Aya noticed a serene glow, a sense of bliss coming from Miu. When they entered, they noticed the same thing with Kouta, Yumi and Himari. They both understood even before anyone said anything.

Before dinner started Kouta told Fumiko and Aya that Yumi and Miu were now his girlfriends as well, not because he thought he needed to, but because he wanted to say it out loud.

‘So, Aya, anything fun happened at your classmate’s place?’ Asked Himari with a mischievous smile during dinner.

‘No… He flirted with me but I politely refused. He took it well and there was no awkwardness.’ She said with a light blush.

‘I thought you were eager for new experiences. Was your friend not to your tastes?’ Asked Himari sincerely.

‘Those kind of things… I want my firsts to be with Kouta and Himari, of course, if they want to as well.’ Aya replied with a soft voice and a beautiful blushing smile.

The kitchen became silent, the aura of Moe was too strong.

She slowly looked at everyone tilting her head slightly. ‘I can’t?’ Again, with a soft voice.

Everyone in the room cultivated a lustful blush due to the incredibly impure thoughts they were having. Aya slayed the five of them without much effort. That was a moment that was burned in their minds.

‘You can do whatever you want…’ Said Yumi reflexively.

‘Okay…’ Said Aya with a soft voice slightly averting her gaze but smiling at Yumi.

It took a while for them to recover.

After dinner Fumiko left and Himari stayed. Aya also stayed since she asked if she could and they couldn’t say no, they wouldn’t dare, they didn’t want to.

Yumi and Miu retired to their respective bedrooms, they were absolutely exhausted.

At Kouta’s bedroom, he, Himari and Aya were playing a racing game with their handheld consoles together. Aya was sitting between them on Kouta’s bed, leaning against the headboard with pillows behind their backs.

‘Can I kiss you both?’ Aya asked with a soft voice and a light blush after the race ended.


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