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Izakaya: Japanese Pub

Yakitori: Grilled Chicken Skewers

They played video games, watched a movie, sang and talked lying on Kouta’s bed. Around 3pm they went to the dojo to train.

‘Aya, would you like to go somewhere tomorrow since it’s Saturday?’ Asked Himari while they were stretching.

‘Yes, to an izakaya… I never drank alcohol and I often hear people talking about those at school.’ She said smiling with eagerness.

‘I’d like that too, whenever we drink, we do it at home.’ Said Kouta smiling.

‘That’s because at home we have Kou-chan’s food, but I’d like to go as well. We can go tonight and do something else tomorrow. I’ll find a really good one for us.’ Said Himari chuckling.

After they finished stretching.

‘Aya, I want you to go all out against Kouta, no weapons. I want to make a list of your mistakes. Kouta, you’re limited to throws.’ Said Himari with a calm voice.

They both got in position and started sparring.

Aya chose to attack Kouta with fast strikes to get into a rhythm while avoiding the throws. She attacked him with different combinations of punches, kicks and feints for about 20 minutes, being thrown to the ground 8 times. Around the 20-minute mark she finally connected an elbow strike to his abdomen.

She felt the impact but he barely budged.

‘That’s enough.’ Said Himari with a calm voice.

‘That’s why you don’t wear protective gear, it would be like protecting a boulder with wet paper.’ Said Aya chuckling.

Kouta smiled.

‘Your technique is good, but your body is lacking. We’ll have to raise the ratio of your physical training. Go do your repetitions while I spar with Kou-chan.’ Said Himari with a serious expression.

Aya nodded and went to the training equipment.

‘Come, Kou-chan, try to make me get a little serious.’ Said Himari with a grin.

Aya felt like the atmosphere changed. When she looked at Kouta she knew he was absolute serious, he was going to fight to crush the opponent.

Aya could barely see Kouta’s strikes.

He attacked Himari relentlessly while she only defended until about 5 minutes in, when she blocked his arching knee strike aimed at her face. She had to take 3 steps back to regain balance.

‘Oho, that felt like a wrecking ball. One step below serious it is, Kou-chan.’ She said finally assuming a proper stance.

Aya felt the atmosphere change once again, like a dangerous animal was let out of its cage.

Kouta began attacking again, but this time Himari wasn’t only defending. In less than a minute Kouta was put completely on the defensive.

Aya saw a barrage of blurring strikes being thrown against Kouta, every single one with a sharp sound. Every time he blocked; he was almost lifted from the ground.

Kouta lasted about 2 minutes without getting hit directly, but Himari got him with a leg sweep so strong that his body spun in the air.

Himari felt that something was wrong with that sweep.

At that moment Himari’s sharp instincts kicked in and she dodged backwards with her head. She saw Kouta’s heel cleave through the air like the Reaper’s Scythe going for her temple.

The sound of the kick echoed throughout the dojo.

Aya didn’t even see the kick, just heard the noise.

Himari instinctively punched Kouta in the solar plexus while he was mid-air, sending him flying for about 2 meters before rolling on the ground.

The sound of that punch also echoed throughout the dojo.

‘Damn it, it didn’t work.’ He said chuckling lying on the ground. ‘Owww, my chest.’ He said getting up.

‘Kou-chan, did you just bait that sweep?’ She said widening her eyes.

‘Yeah, I didn’t think I could get a hit on you otherwise. This is gonna be sore for a few days.’ He said rubbing his chest.

Himari was slightly trembling and smiling.

‘Kou-chan, come take a little break with me.’ Said Himari with a seductive voice dragging him to the dojo’s bathroom.

Aya just smiled with a light blush and continued her training with renewed focus.


That night would be just the three of them, so Kouta texted Miu that he wouldn’t be cooking tonight. He received a crying emoji.

Around 6:30pm Kouta left home with his usual attire and headed to the girls’ home. Upon getting there, he texted Himari saying that he was outside.

When the girls came out Kouta thanked the universe for the gift.

Himari was wearing short shorts with a crop top, thigh highs and sports shoes.

Aya was wearing a blue summer dress with a white floral pattern, white stockings and blue low heel shoes. Her silky orange hair was tied up in a bun, showcasing her beautiful and angelical face.

‘Aya… Wow. You look… Wow.’ Said Kouta with his eyes widened.

‘Thank you…’ Said Aya with a light blush.

‘Hi-chan, I thank you for your masterpiece.’ He said with a serious tone, slightly bowing.

‘Thank you, dear customer. I take pride in my work.’ She said matching Koutas tone, slightly bowing as well.

The three of them chuckled and started walking to the station. They took the subway to Shimokita, a commercial and entertainment district.

They entered a large izakaya with around 15 tables and a long rectangular counter that could handle around 20 people.

The place was very pretty, with an authentic Japanese design. It was also somewhat a tourist spot, so all the employees spoke English.

You could see a few foreigners there.

Since they got there somewhat early, there was still a few empty tables.

A couple minutes after they sat on a table a black-haired woman wearing a yukata came to take their order. They ordered a bottle of high-quality sake and some yakitori to start the night.

A lot of eyes shifted to that table due to the amount of beauty sitting there.

‘Aya, pace yourself, okay. Drink slowly, you don’t know your tolerance yet.’ Said Himari pinching her cheek.

‘I promise to grope you only a little if you get drunk.’ Said Kouta chuckling.

‘What a gentleman…’ Said Aya chuckling with a light blush.

‘I make no such promises.’ Said Himari tickling Aya.

They joked around until they brought the sake.

‘This is delicious, it’s a little sweet but with a hint of bitterness.’ Said Aya with an excited voice looking at the sake up.

‘Beer is more to the bitter side; we’ll order some later.’ Said Kouta enjoying his sake.

‘I like the atmosphere here, lively but not too loud. Everyone else seems to be having a good time as well.’ Said Aya smiling and looking around.

They chatted for a while, drinking sake and waiting for the food.

‘This is really good.’ Said Kouta after tasting the yakitori.

‘Yup.’ Said both girls almost in unison.

They kept drinking, eating and chatting.

They ordered two more bottles of sake and a few rounds of beer.

They stayed there until almost 3am before going home on a taxi. Kouta and Himari had a slight buzz while Aya was a little tipsy.


Earlier that night, Kouta’s home.

Fumiko, Miu and Yumi were making dinner and chatting.

‘Fumiko, are you ever gonna tell Kouta?’ Asked Yumi with a curious tone setting the table.

‘Starting with an easy nonpersonal question today, huh?’ Said Fumiko chuckling.

‘Actually, I’d like to know as well if you don’t mind. We never touched the subject but I think we’re more than close enough to do it.’ Said Miu with a gentle voice before kissing Fumiko’s cheek.

Fumiko took a deep breath.

‘Yes, I’m in love with Kouta. I had a long conversation with Himari about it. I still don’t really know what to do even with her giving me the green light. I’m probably going to wait and see if his type of love for me changes.’ Said Fumiko smiling with a cute blush.

‘I agree that your situation is more delicate than ours. I think the only “problem” would be what society would think. Still, at this point I think we’re past of caring about what other people think. Miu and I are only waiting because we want him to experience more of life before we do anything. It’s really hard though…’ Said Yumi sighing.

‘He got way too attractive on top of the things that made we fall for him.’ Said Miu with a contemplative tone.

‘It’s getting harder and harder to enter a tub or an onsen with him. This morning he asked me to go in with him and I had to refuse. Alone? I’d pounce as soon as he took his clothes off.’ Said Yumi with a flirtatious voice.

‘Have you two been with men before?’ Asked Fumiko curious.

‘I have, before meeting them. I had a few sex friends.’ Said Yumi like she was remembering a distant memory.

‘I have as well, in high school. I had a boyfriend, but he broke up with me a month before my parents died, he was going to college in Tokyo.’ Said Miu smiling.

‘You don’t seem sad about it.’ Said Fumiko with a curious tone.

‘I liked him, but I wasn’t really in love with him. Decent dates, decent sex, decent conversations, decent high school memories with a decent fellow programmer. I don’t regret it, but I would have broken up with him after my parents died anyway. I didn’t cry or get sad, just wished him the best of luck.’ She said with a gentle voice.

Yumi hugged her from behind.

‘Even if he didn’t dump you and you didn’t dump him, I would have stolen you away eventually.’ Said Yumi kissing Miu’s neck.

‘You would indeed.’ Sai Miu with a loving tone.

‘How would he compare to Kouta?’ Asked Fumiko smiling.

‘Oh dear, let’s not do that, poor thing.’ Said Miu chuckling.

‘Yeah, sometimes I hear Himari through the soundproofing, so I’d say it’s far above decent.’ Said Yumi chuckling.

‘Were you trying to eavesdrop? Naughty girl…’ Said Fumiko with a mischievous smile.

‘Never. I happened to be passing by, trip and fall with my ear to the door. That only happened 9 or 10 times, tops.’ Said Yumi chuckling.

‘I’m just glad that Himari was his first girlfriend and that they’re so happy together.’ Said Miu with a sincere and gentle tone, smiling brightly.

‘I still can’t believe that he said that his goal was to have a harem on a job interview.’ Said Fumiko chuckling. ‘I saw both of them start to fall for each other on the day they met. I don’t think that there are two people made more for each other than those two.’ Said Fumiko smiling.

‘Thankfully, he’s a super perv that wants a harem.’ Said Yumi with a tone of relief.

They all laughed.



Himari, Kouta and Aya arrive at Kouta’s place. Aya was still a little tipsy.

As they entered the house, they saw Yumi, Miu and Fumiko snuggling under a blanket asleep in the living room with the tv on.

They took Aya to the guest room.

‘You said you were gonna grope me, you didn’t grope me…’ Said Aya chuckling with a mischievous smile.

Kouta grabbed her rear.

‘Here, I groped you. Now go take a cold shower and go to bed.’ He said slapping her rear.

‘Kouta is a big perv, Kouta is a big perv…’ She started repeating like a chant while taking off her clothes on her way to the bathroom.

‘I’ll take care of Lewd Aya, you go downstairs and turn off the tv.’ Said Himari chuckling before giving Kouta a light kiss.

He went downstairs, turned off the tv and turned on the hot tub. He served two bowls of ice cream and went upstairs, storing the two bowls inside his minifridge’s freezer.

He took off his clothes, leaving only his underwear on and laid down on his bed.

After ten minutes or so, Himari entered the room, with parts of her outfit wet.

‘She’s a feisty drunk.’ She said chuckling.

Kouta got up and gave her a light kiss.

‘I got us some ice cream and turned on the hot tub.’ He said smiling.

‘Thank you, Kou-chan.’ She said undressing.

She took off her clothes and underwear and they started to eat the ice cream while talking.

‘I was so happy to see Aya having a blast tonight.’ She said smiling.

‘Me too, seeing her hurting that much yesterday was really painful for me. But today she looked and felt happy, which means we’re making progress. I don’t know if I’m gonna fall in love with her or not, but I know that I want her in my life.’ He said sincerely.

‘Same.’ She said with a bright smile.

After they ate Ice Cream, they loved each other for a while, took a quick shower, dried themselves and went to the tub naked carrying a couple towels. Fumiko was in there.

‘I woke up and some angel left the hot tub ready for me.’ Said Fumiko smiling.

‘You three looked so happy under the blanket that I didn’t wanna disturb you. Did you three have fun?’ Said Kouta smiling while getting in the tub.

‘Next time, let’s go all six of us to an izakaya. Aya is the lewd drunk type, it’s hilarious.’ She said sitting on Kouta’s lap inside the tub.

He embraced her.

‘I want to see that.’ Said Fumiko chuckling. ‘I got to hear about Miu’s high school boyfriend, the not Kouta.’ She said sarcastically.

‘Miu had a boyfriend?’ Asked Himari surprised.

‘Yup, Kimura Atsuji. Miu was such a horrible liar back then. The first time they had sex she actually thought no one noticed, I did and I was 8.’ He said chuckling.

‘Not jealous that you didn’t get to be her first, Kou-chan?’ Asked Himari smiling.

‘Not really, he treated her well and was a nice guy. I know that because my dad didn’t kill him.’ He said chuckling. ‘Looking back, I think my dad might have been as strong as you Fumiko. I mean purely in terms of martial arts, of course.’ He with a calm voice.

‘I know you wouldn’t say something like that lightly, so that makes me a little sad. I wish I had met him.’ Said Fumiko with a faint smile.

‘Hi-chan, you think I have an amazing talent for martial arts, but I pale in comparison to my dad. He already had the natural build for it, so he just read some basic books and inferred the rest from there.’ Said Kouta chuckling.

‘Inferred?’ Asked Fumiko and Himari with eyes widened.

‘Yup, but that’s nothing. My mom learned how to code without having a computer. She finished her first software in three days after getting one. If you think I’m a monster then my parents were gods when it came to talent.’ He said with a sincere smile.

Both of them fell silent.

‘I know what you’re thinking, what a waste to pass so young. I agree. The reason I’m talking about all this now, is that they have been on my mind a lot recently.’ He said with a pained tone.

‘Kouta, what’s wrong?’ Said Fumiko moving next to him.

‘Kou-chan…’ Said Himari turning to him and seeing tears starting to run down his cheek.

‘I’m just feeling guilty. I recently been having the thought; if I could save my parents but lose what I have now, would I? I wasn’t able to answer the question…’ He said with sadness in his voice.

Himari and Fumiko hugged him.

‘It’s okay, Kou-chan. I don’t think they would expect you to be able to answer that.’ Said Himari with a gentle voice.

‘It’s okay Kouta, I say this as a parent, they would not be mad.’ Said Fumiko with a loving tone before kissing his cheek.

‘Thank you, I needed that.’ He said hugging them back.

They stayed like that for a couple minutes and let go.

‘I feel much better now, thank you.’ He said with a sincere smile.

‘I can see that…’ Said Fumiko looking down. ‘It’s starting to awaken.’ She said chuckling.

‘Sorry, after the sadness went away it just started to feel too good.’ He said with a light blush.

‘Come on, lets go back upstairs you perv.’ Said Himari chuckling, getting out of the tub.

‘I’m going to stay here for a while.’ Said Fumiko with a light blush looking at Kouta getting out of the tub.

After getting to the room, they spent a couple hours loving each other, then just cuddled in his bed.

‘Kou-chan, I hope you’re not feeling bad for starting to get an erection back there.’ Said Himari with a gentle and concerned voice.

‘A little bit, but I can’t help it.’ He said kissing her nape. ‘I promise to not feel guilty when I think about your mom in a lewd way anymore, okay?’ He said chuckling.

‘You’re horrible, you perv.’ She said with a loving voice.

‘I love you, Hi-chan.’ He said after turning her to face him.

‘I love you, Kou-chan.’ She said before giving him a deep and loving kiss.


During the next month, aside from school and training, Kouta, Himari and Aya had a lot of fun.

They went several times to the movies.

They went a few times to izakayas with Fumiko, Miu and Yumi.

They went to an onsen.

They spent several relaxing hours in the hot tub.

They had pool parties with everyone.

They got closer and closer, in an emotional way.

Hints of romantic feelings started to appear between Kouta, Himari and Aya, but they haven’t acted on it quite yet.


May 13th, Wednesday. Kouta went out around 10pm for a night jog to feel the breeze, while Himari was spending some quality time with her mother and Aya was asleep.

After about half an hour of jogging he heard a scream coming from an abandoned building, which sounded like a woman asking for help. The building was from a store that closed a few months ago and no one rented the building yet and since it was late no one could hear the screams.

Kouta went there as fast as possible without making a noise. There was a girl with her clothes thorn apart but with underwear still intact inside a large room, struggling to resist a well-built man he judged to be around 1.9 meters tall.

She looked rather sluggish, but didn’t seem like the effect of a drug.

There were also 5 other men, all well-built but around 1.75m to 1.8m tall laughing while watching. The 6 of them were wearing regular clothing.

He looked around the room to see what was that he could use when he heard the large man say to one of the others: ‘Hey, I heard something. Create a room, quickly.’

Before Kouta could do anything, he felt a strange sensation and saw that the world around him shifted by a centimeter and became slightly distorted. He still heard sounds from inside and jumped in breaking the window.

‘What the hell? Create a barrier on the girl, we’ll just knock him out and wipe his memory too.’ Said the tall man.

Meanwhile, the man who “created the room” made some gestures saying ‘May my lust protect our prey.’ and a blue light appeared around the girl and solidified in a translucent blue.

‘What I deduced seems to be correct, it does exist.’ Kouta thought while entering a fighting stance.

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