So What If I'm a Summoner Who Only Wants Fluffy Creatures?

by Neverender

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strategy Strong Lead

A year ago, having lost the golden retriever that had accompanied him for fifteen years of his life, a retired sixty-odd years old man decided to distract himself by trying his hand at the MMORPG Elysium Online. One year later, he's now known as Aurelius, a Summoner who desires nothing else other than cute and fluffy creatures regardless of their actual strength. Due to his principle and tenacity for fluffy creature, Aurelius eventually obtained the [Holy Feathered Dragon] a high level creature that was considered inferior to it's dark counterpart, the [World Ender Dragon]. However, soon after he had obtained the Holy Dragon, it was discovered that the strongest raid boss of the latest update, the [World Breaker Behemoth] is indeed, weak to those with [Holy] attribute.

And so, together with his guildmates and friends, Aurelius challenged the boss and after a difficult battle, finally defeated it and obtained the top spot of the fastest clear time for the boss. As they celebrate upon their victory, a rift opened up in the middle of the boss field and out of curiosity, Aurelius and the rest went on ahead and tried to interact with it. The result was that they were all suck into the rift and arrived in a parallel world.

Separated from the other, Aurelius found himself in a kingdom of humanoid creature with animal-like features such a ears and tails and that he himself, is the hero they have summoned to fight on their behalf. Determined to find his friends and protect these fluffy animal people, Aurelius now stand against the demon invasion with his various fluffy summoned creatures at his side.

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1st Anniversary
Word Count (13)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol. 1, Chapter 1: The Summoner Who Only Wants Fluffy Creatures ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 2: A Summoned Summoner ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 3: All Too Real ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 4: New World, New Rules ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 5: The Strength of the Champions ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 6: Champion Vs. Champion ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 7: A Storm Approaches ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 8: Flanking Strategy ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 9: Finding Warmth Amidst the Cold ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 10: Battle Atop the Snowy Mountains ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 11: Awakening ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 12: Still So Much to Learn ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 13: Mission Complete! ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 14: Relearning and Retraining ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 15: A Moment of Respite ago
Vol. 1, Chapter 16: For Bringing Me into This Hopeless World, I Thank You ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 17: At Last, We Meet Again ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 18: We Call Her Cecilia Now ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 19: Reunion ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 20: United, We Stand ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 21: The [Corrupted] Woods ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 22: The Power Source ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 23: Battle in the Forest Depths ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 24: The So Called Champions ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 25: The Holy Beast ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 26: The Keepers ago
Vol. 2, Chapter 27: Onwards, One Step at a Time ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 28: Another Day, Another Step ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 29: Planning the First Flight ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 30: Visions ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 31: Far Gone Dreams ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 32: Day of the First Flight ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 33: Preemptive Attack ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 34: 2v2 ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 35: The Bestial Champion ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 36: The Lost Champions ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 37: The Way Forward ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 38: Two Fronts ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 39: A Proposal ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 40: Marriage ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 41: Over the Clouds ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 42: Raiding the [Demonic Tree] (First Phase) ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 43: Raiding the [Demonic Tree] (Second Phase) ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 44: Raiding the [Demonic Tree] (Final Phase) ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 45: [World Devourer Woods] (Cleared) ago
Vol. 3, Chapter 46: Shifting Paradigm ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 47: Escalation ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 48: Raise the Flag ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 49: Confrontation ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 50: Reaching Out to the Truth ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 51: Dissonance ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 52: The Champion Returns ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 53: The Champion Sets Out ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 54: Dream and Premonition ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 55: Rising Discord ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 56: Altered Course ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 57: Far Gone Memories ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 58: Into the Bestial Lands ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 59: Raiding the [World Breaker Behemoth] ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 60: The Return of the Devourer ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 61: The Sleeping Champion ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 62: The Treebound Champion ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 63: New Strength ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 64: Before the Beginning ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 65: Psions, Prisoners, Patients ago
Vol. 4, Chapter 66: Fleeting Freedom ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 67: Remnants of the Lunar Ring ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 68: Beholder in a Box ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 69: Scattered Soldiers ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 70: The World Enders ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 71: The New World ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 72: A Day in the Woods ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 73: Diverging Paths ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 74: Flimsy Alliance ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 75: A Remembrance ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 76: A Fool's Resistance ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 77: Enemy of an Enemy ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 78: Measures of Deception ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 79: Breakout ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 80: Breaking Through ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 81: Dark Foreboding ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 82: Battle at the Valley of Snowy Mountains ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 83: The Dark Beast ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 84: Unstoppable ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 85: Revival ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 86: Two as One ago
Vol. 5, Chapter 87: Dust to Dust ago
Hiatus Announcement ago

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  • Overall Score

As a story it is rather interesting and I feel starts off well. The initial characters are interesting and the getting started in the new world fun to read. It has a solid intial basis to be a great story.

Unfortunately as it gets further and further into the story I feel it gets very difficult to follow. The point of view shifts rapidly between various people, the characters get numerous and shallower and the story loses a lot of focus. As of chapter 65 I've honestly lost all possibility of understanding what is going on between the corrupted/non corrupted, keepers and who's on what side and why. No hope of getting it back either at this stage I think either.  The writing itself is pretty good which helps but I feel like I need a flow chart and diagrams to figure out the plot and characters. 

JD Vita
  • Overall Score

The concept of the story is pretty intriguing, but the way it was implemented hurts the story in my opinion. 

First, off we have the MC being nerfed by losing some of the creatures he can summon so that he is seemingly left with only 2 summons a rabbit, and an angel. However, it is shortly reduced to one. This is a bad way to start off a summoner story that was supposedly an end game summoner in an MMO game. I always dislike stories that use hamfisted nerfs to characters for no reason other than plot development. 

Next, we have it where low leveled enemies are capable of nearly killing an end game player in this new world. I mean what is the point of mentioning the levels if they do not matter. At that point, they become an arbitrary number. Which in the end means it is worthless and exists only to fluff the story as it serves no real purpose.

Those 2 points alone make it more than enough for me to not want to read any further. If you wanted to start a story where someone was transported to another world you should have stuck with a beginner player or noob. Because then some of the plot developments in the first 9 chapters would not be so bad in comparison. In fact, it would be a great plot development due to the summoner being able to use MP again instead of SP which would buff the heck out of the summoner class in this world. But instead, it is overlooked by several nerfs to the main character in the first 9 chapters.

I think this story would be great if it committed to the main character being an overpowered end game character or the main character being a low leveled player. Rather than you trying to have the best of both worlds. If you want your character to grow stronger over time, make the main character a noob or low-level player. If you want him to be overpowered with many summons to choose from. Then try to do what overlord did and make the story interesting even if the main character is one of the strongest known people in the world.

  • Overall Score

A old summoner with only Fluffy creature

 the chapter are pretty long and have decent grammar for a new writer, it the old usual summoned Isekai thing, but as a summoner with fluffy animal instead, the release also quite fast so it a plus, will read more to get a full picture to give more detail review then