Marriage And Monsters - An Eschatological Romance

by Sarsapariller

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Female Lead LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A healthy marriage is an ongoing conversation. So what happens when one partner is speaking English and the other is speaking the Celestial Language of Creation? Also the world seems to be ending, so maybe that should be a priority. Civilization is collapsing, magic and horror are rising, and suddenly all those lazy day conversations about heroism and fantasy are becoming very, very real. Can Sean and Haley's oddball partnership save the day? Can it even survive?

Updates Tuesdays/Thursdays, will always be posted to /r/rational when a new chapter goes up.

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Chapter 4 - Interlude - EAT ME ago
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Chapter 8 - Interlude - Rapture ago
Chapter 9 - Interlude - Lucy Looks Into A Wardrobe ago
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Chapter 16 - Interlude - Tribulation ago
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Chapter 21 - Interlude - Second Coming ago
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Chapter 24 ago
Chapter 25 - Interlude - Millennium, Part 1 ago
Chapter 26 - Interlude - Millennium, Part 2 ago
Chapter 27 - Interlude - 2.42 Times Ten To The Sixth Seconds Later ago
Chapter 28 ago
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Chapter 30 ago
Chapter 31 ago
Chapter 32 ago
Chapter 33 ago
Chapter 34 ago
Chapter 35 - Interlude - Call To Adventure ago
Chapter 36 ago
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Chapter 38 ago
Chapter 39 - Interlude - Crossing The Threshold Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 40 - Interlude - Crossing The Threshold Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 41 ago
Chapter 42 ago
Chapter 43 ago
Chapter 44 - Interlude - Ordeal, Part 1 ago
Chapter 45 - Interlude - Ordeal, Part 2 ago
Chapter 46 ago
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Chapter 48 ago
Chapter 49 ago
Chapter 50 ago
Chapter 51 - Interlude - The Return ago

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An strange romance story during the apocalypse

One of the very best stories and most likely also the weirdest story i have ever read on royalroad, it has been a truly enjoyable ride so far, even if its confusing as hell at times, it is so rewarding when the climax of the ongoing plot arc comes.

Be warned, some plot spoilers in this review.

This story begins with the characters meeting eachother, with them having their own special kind of goals, however unreachable they may seem to be at first, they quickly warm up to eachother. Then change strikes, and they have to act to change the world, for better or worse.

The characters are just.. wonderfully written. They are intelligent, with their own goals and motivations. At first they seem to be quick at accepting the sudden changes, but they are being affected by their personal changes, in both good and bad ways. Theres also the fact that they are willing to act fast in this changed world, not only for themselves, but also for others. Their conservations are just so fun to read about, all witty and intelligent.

The story itself is written weird in a good way and is very complex even if it seems simple at first. The author has used elements from Fantasy Tales and other works in his story, and did that in a way that fits with the story. Theres a larger narrative with the main characters, the Fantasy tales(which have their own smaller narrative) and the entire plot surrounding the apocalypse, and all the changes caused by it, both on small scale and worldwide. All of that has been an great read so far, even if not much has been explained yet.  The plot up to the latest chapter has been totally unpredictable, yet great to read.


Small spoilers here.
I really like the direction the author has gone in with this plot, making all stories from our world real in some way, both the good and the bad ones.

For example theres the small Wonderland arc, one of the most beautiful story arcs i have read so far in fiction. Its just so perfectly excuted as a arc with the best part being the climax chapter (chapter 7).

The characters are forced to take part in the plot narrative of their respective ongoing stories, and that works both ways, with them trying to outmaneuver eachother in the underlying story, one of the best examples is the Lion Aslan from Narnia, who is by the way the major villian of the second arc and a complete subversion of the character, while also staying true to how he is written in the books! And then theres Randall Flagg, known as the Man in Black from the Dark Tower series, i just LOVE how the author handled his character while making him also true to how Stephen King wrote him. There are also the Infomorphs, and they leave me wondering at just WHERE the author got the idea for such a interesting race.

I still wonder HOW the author managed to pull off mixing all such elements and features from other stories together into this story, and come out with this somehow perfectly coherent plot.


 This story does raise major philosophical questions about the nature of stories, the narrative of a story and other such things, theres just too much go to over all of them. Its wonderful to see a author bring such topics in his story, yet it could also be boring to read, though this story with its high quality writing, does avoid that outcome.

The writing is of high quality, with no flaws or grammar mistakes seen so far during my reading of this story. Also it has good pacing, the prose is excellent so far and is easy to read, althrough some chapters can be a bit problematic due to how confusing the plot can be at times.

(edited review on 4 july 19, original review on 13 june 19)

I implore those interested to go read this novel already, it is of a high quality overall, written in the style of a rational fiction by a talented author,  its a seriously good story and vastly different from the usual RoyalRoad novels.

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Embrace the Weird

This fiction is probably one of the weirdest fictions I have ever read. I mean one of the main characters is a dragon ripped right from Pathfinder and the other is a middle aged man and a gun slinging mantis-alien-thing that goes by the name sheriff. But it is because of the all of the weird that the story comes off as unique in a way that I have never seen before. The author has somehow managed to bring together a hodgepodge of different story features into an amalgamation of a fiction that somehow encapsulates the best of all its parts.

The story seems to be a mix of a little bit of everything, none of which should be able to work together to form a story, much less a good one. But somehow the author manages to introduce everything organically and fits them together like pieces of a puzzle. The fiction at its core seems to be a commentary on the very essence of stories, and is philosophical in some ways and satiric in others. The story as a whole is extremely well done, with my only complaint being that it’s a bit hard to follow at points, although even that seems to be intentional.

The characters are all unique, each has their own distinct personalities that make them distinguishable and relatable. The author does a great job of creating relatable characters that feel like real people. They react to the changes brought on by the apocalypse in ways that seem real. The characters change over the story, adapting to the new world they find themselves in. Some cling the past, unable to let go of their old way of life, and others welcome the new world with open arms.

I have never seen anything quite like this story and I cannot recommend it enough.

The Aimless Passerby
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I don't review things often, but this story seriously needs more attention. As other commenters have mentioned, it began on reddit's /r/rational, and this is one of the better examples of it's kind. The story, by the nature of its plot, borrows from other works, embedding them into the metanarrative. The stakes and abilities escalate dramatically leaving you on the edge of your seat. The multi-narrator style is a little off-putting, but if any story deserves to use it, it's one where narrative is the entire plot. I will say that as someone who hasn't read Stephen King's Dark Tower series, I felt a little behind in some chapters, not knowing the context behind some of the characters. Yet still, I definitely wait with intense anticipation for every release.

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half a point deducted for emotional distress

I've actually only read the first chapter, but I am thus far ninety-nine-point-nine-eight percent sure that, whatever this story is supposed to be, it's the only piece of fiction coming out of r/rational that I'm going to enjoy. One hundred percent sure that it's the only one I have enjoyed up to this point in time.

That's a lie, actually. WTC was fun for a while until it wasn't, but that's off-topic. Anyway, dimension-crossing, soul-linking, inter-species, hard-core hand-holding. Lewd?

The premise itself reminds me of something I'd wake up thinking about on some weekday mornings, only to be forgotten in short order because there were only ten minutes remaining until the bus arrived. Not that my subconscious mind was ever this creative. But it's great because, disregarding everything else, the plot alone makes me feel as if I had gone back to a time when I didn't owe a dozen fat stacks to the federal government for helping to defer the costs of higher education.

It's weird. Kind of like substituting a package of "salted spicy radish" from the local Asian supermarket with Hot Cheetos, as a side dish to porridge. Tastes good. Also nutritionally similar? I can't imagine there's much to be had from "salted spicy radish" besides salt and spice, given that it tastes a lot like kidney failure. The Cheetos are basically just carbs and air. Mostly air.

If I had to say, Sean is the porridge and Haley is the Hot Cheetos. Given that I've only read a single chapter, the general gist of it is that dragons breathe fire and fire is hot, whereas psionic possession powers are not. However, Sean's soul buddy is able to control a number of vessels at once, just like how there are numerous grains of rice in a bowl of porridge.

Along with that, if by any chance a picky eater is unsatisfied with the simplicity of plain porridge, it's easy and socially acceptable to add various other ingredients to the mix. Things like dried prunes, beans, and lentils come to mind, but just about anything is potentially usable as a porridge ingredient.

I put chunks of sweet potato in my porridge once, and it was nice except that the chunks were ever so slightly larger than the volume my spoon could safely lift from the bowl. So I had to put in the effort to chunk each chunk into smaller chunks for the sake of stress-free consumption. What a drag. The taste was pretty good though.



I'll edit this review after I'm caught up with the updates.