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  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In this world, everyone is cursed with a single fate: Become the most powerful. But those who do become powerful, they hate it. Power is misery and death is the solace.


Nazar, a weapon of mass destruction created by the ancient God of Destruction revolted against his creator a long time ago. While he did defeat his creator, the power he was given is still within him. He is cursed with infinite power, standing at the top of the celestial hierarchy. He has more power and wealth than he needs. But even then, he craves one thing; death.

He wants to die.

Power is misery and death is the solace, but he cannot achieve his only goal. He cannot die.

Perhaps that will change when one day, an ancient cosmic Goddess rises from her grave? Perhaps she will finally kill him? Or will she fall short before his awesome yet terrible power? Only time will tell.

This is a high cosmic story about the hypocritical life of the protagonist and how it affects everyone (and everything) around him.

Naturally, it features very overpowered characters with a lot of high stakes battles roaming across the cosmos.

Warning: Swearing, some suggestive sexual gestures/words, gore.

Feedback is highly welcomed. 

(The story was originally named, God's Return, but I wanted to change it.)

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Table of Contents
233 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 (Arc 1) - Human ago
Chapter 2 - Dead Demon ago
Chapter 3 - Voice ago
Chapter 4 - Cult ago
Chapter 5 (Arc 2) - Fall Apart ago
Chapter 6 - Barrier ago
Chapter 7 - Change ago
Chapter 8 - Unexpected Guest ago
Chapter 9 - Michael ago
Chapter 10 - Return to Earth ago
Chapter 11 (Arc 3) - Humanity's New Beginning ago
Chapter 12 - 10 Superhumans ago
Chapter 13 - Reality Warping ago
Chapter 14 - Telepathy ago
Chapter 15 - Failure ago
Chapter 16 - Result ago
Chapter 17 (Arc 4) - History Lesson ago
Chapter 18 - Questions ago
Chapter 19 - Friends ago
Chapter 20 - Remember ago
Chapter 21 - Secret ago
Chapter 22 (Arc 5) - Gunslingers ago
Chapter 23 - Princess ago
Chapter 24 - Hero ♡ ago
Chapter 25 - Green Grassy Hill ago
Chapter 26 - Control ago
Chapter 27 - The Kryrans ago
Chapter 28 - Darkmass ago
Chapter 29 - Strong ago
Chapter 30 - Psionic Energy ago
Chapter 31 (Arc 6) - Dark Energy ago
Chapter 32 - Dullahan ago
Chapter 33 - The Demon King ago
Chapter 34 - Karla ago
Chapter 35 - Nightmare ago
Chapter 36 - Unworthy ago
Chapter 37 - Heaven ago
Chapter 38 - Sixth Dimension ago
Chapter 39 - God of Power ago
SS #1 - Darkness ago
Chapter 40 (Arc 7) - Bar ago
Chapter 41 - At Lucifer's Mercy ago
Chapter 42 - At Nazar's Mercy ago
Chapter 43 - Dimension S ago
Chapter 44 - Um, what? ago
Chapter 45 - Monarcity ago
Chapter 46 - 2018 ago
Chapter 47 - Transparency ago
Chapter 48 - Promise ago
Chapter 49 - Bounty ago
Chapter 50 (Arc 8) - Mind World ago
Chapter 51 - Mall ago
Chapter 52 - Backup ago
Chapter 53 - Gravity Bubble ago
Chapter 54 - Personal Reality ago
Chapter 55 - Nullified ago
Chapter 56- The Void ago
Chapter 57 - Confirmation ago
Chapter 58 - Thief ago
Chapter 59 - Queen ago
Character: Rewind ago
Chapter 60 (Arc 9) - Emily ago
Chapter 61 - Nazar Prime ago
Chapter 62 - Old Friends ago
Chapter 63 - Powers are Convenient ago
Chapter 64 - Second Dimensional Plane of Existence ago
Chapter 65 - The Chessboard ago
Chapter 66 - The Half-breed ago
Chapter 67 - Recklessness ago
Chapter 68 - the Final Piece ago
Chapter 69 - Feeling the Disturbance Again ago
Chapter 70 (Arc 10) - The Afterlife ago
Chapter 71 - Face to Face with the Queen ago
Chapter 72 - Weird World ago
Chapter 73 - Festival of Death ago
Chapter 74 - A Trillion Exploding Suns ago
Chapter 75 - A Monster in a Human Body ago
Chapter 76 - Doorway to Another Dimension ago
Chapter 77 - Planet Omega ago
Chapter 78 - Lifeless Universe ago
Character: Archangel Michael ago
Chapter 79 (Arc 11) - Drunk Talk ago
Chapter 80 - Crunching Noise of Bones ago
Chapter 81 - The Distance Between Us ago
Chapter 82 - Spaceship ago
Chapter 83 - Food ago
Chapter 84 - The Living Black Hole ago
Chapter 85 - The Angel of Life ago
Chapter 86 - Everything Dies ago
Chapter 87 (Arc 12) - And so the God Eater finds his way to Earth ago
Chapter 88 - Hunter and Prey ago
Chapter 89 - The God Eater is Unkillable ago
Chapter 90 - Enter: The God Killer ago
Chapter 91 - To Kill the Unkillable ago
Chapter 92 - Dead Timelines ago
Chapter 93 - Shout of Desperation ago
Chapter 94 - Arosus ago
Chapter 95 - Azazel, the Angel of Death ago
Chapter 96 - God of Destruction ago
Chapter 97 - Old Deus ago
Chapter 98 (Arc 13) - Conflicted Feelings ago
Chapter 99 - Out of Control Reality ago
Chapter 100 - The World ago
Chapter 101 - The Red and Golden Throne ago
Chapter 102 - The Galactic Council ago
Chapter 103 - The Phantom Star ago
Chapter 104 - The United Nations ago
Chapter 105 - The Angels and the Demon ago
Chapter 106 - Hundred Heads on a Small Body ago
Chapter 107 - Nazar vs Arael - Round 2 ago
Chapter 108 - Blade of Light ago
Chapter 109 - Lucifer vs the Queen of Virrasil ago
Chapter 110 - Tiny, yet vast ago
Chapter 111 - Angel Fall ago
Chapter 112 - Half Angel vs Artificial Angel ago
Chapter 113 - Universe-11 ago
Chapter 114 - Nigh-Omnipresence & Nigh-Omniscience ago
Chapter 115 - Puppet Magic ago
Chapter 116 - Lucifer, The First Angel ago
SS #2 - Darkness and Baros’ Wedding ago
Extra #1 - Short Stories ago
Chapter 117 (Arc 14) - The Supreme Gods ago
Chapter 118 - The Creator ago
Chapter 119 - Enter: The Dragon ago
Chapter 120 - The Talk ago
Chapter 121: Bullet ago
Chapter 122: The Godslayers ago
Chapter 123: Cry of Help ago
Chapter 124: Phanomia ago
Chapter 125: The First God of Destruction ago
Chapter 126.1: First World, the Final Day -  Part 1 ago
Chapter 126.2: First World, the Final Day - Part 2 ago
Chapter 126.3: First World, the Final Day - Part 3 ago
Chapter 126.4: First World, the Final Day - Part 4 ago
Chapter 126.5: First World, the Final Day - Part 5 ago
Chapter 126.6: First World, the Final Day - Part 6 ago
Chapter 127: It's an honour to meet you, God. ago
Chapter 128 - 「Black Universe」 ago
Chapter 129: Deus Ex Machina ago
Chapter 130: The Mightiest Ability ago
Chapter 131: Restart ago
Chapter 132: Do You Want The Power To Protect People? ago
Chapter 133: Become Human ago
Chapter 134: Chaos and Order ago
Chapter 135: Robot ago
Chapter 136: Lies ago
Chapter 137: King of Britannia ago
Chapter 138: Why must you be so cruel, Creator? ago
Chapter 139: The Supreme One ago
Chapter 140: Memories of Death ago
Chapter 141: Perfect Plan ago
Chapter 142: To change the world ago
Chapter 143: Faceless Woman ago
Chapter 144: I Reached the Stars ago
Chapter 145: Become a Cow ago
Chapter 146: Sunrise ago
Character: Azazel, Angel of Death ago
SS #3: Agent of the Void ago
SS #4: Resurrection of Gods ago
Extras #2 ago
Chapter 147.1 [Arc 14.5]: God of Stories - Part 1 - X ago
Chapter 147.2: God of Stories - Part 2 - Retcon ago
Chapter 147.3: God of Stories - Part 3 - Cold Blooded Murderer ago
Chapter 147.4: God of Stories - Part 4 - The one who sits at the top ago
Chapter 147.5: God of Stories - Part 5 - Narrative ago
Chapter 147.6: God of Stories - Part 6 - Teatime with the Dragon ago
Chapter 147.7: God of Stories - Part 7 - Crack ago
Chapter 147.8: God of Stories - Part 8 - Painful howls of a dragon ago
Chapter 147.9: God of Stories - Part 9 - Rebirth ago
Chapter 147.10: God of Stories - Part 10 - Infinity ago
Chapter 147.11: God of Stories - Part 10 - Break Apart ago
Chapter 147.12: God of Stories - Part 12 - Wake Up! ago
Chapter 147.13: God of Stories - Part 13 - Quantum Sky ago
SS #5: The World That Lived ago
Chapter 148 (Arc 15) - The Witness ago
Chapter 149 - Supreme Judge Val’Ikryn ago
Chapter 150 - Broken Doors ago
Chapter 151 - Ghosts of the Past ago
Chapter 152 - Asura ago
Chapter 153 - Second Coming ago
Chapter 154 - Men out of Time ago
Chapter 155 - The Child and the Parent ago
Chapter 156 - God of War ago
Chapter 157 - Politics ago
Chapter 158 - Lagos, the First Hero ago
Chapter 159 - Sephrah, the Shaper of Cosmos ago
Chapter 160 - Death of Death ago
Chapter 161 - The God/dess and the Fairy ago
Chapter 162 - Skeleton Angel ago
Chapter 163 - Solace ago
Chapter 164 - Arc 16 - Resurrection ago
Chapter 165 - Hyperspace ago
Chapter 166 - Unholy Alliance ago
Chapter 167 - The Omni-Sphere ago
Chapter 168 - He is just the worst ago
Chapter 169 - The Celestial Judges ago
Chapter 170 - Indra ago
Chapter 171 - Politics and Games ago
Chapter 172 - Enter: The Collector ago
Chapter 173 - Caludia and the City Under Siege ago
Chapter 174 - Ascendance ago
Chapter 175 - The World ago
Chapter 176 - Power Destroyer ago
Chapter 177 - the Fourth Dimensional Plane of Existence ago
Chapter 178 - There's a Monster in My House ago
Chapter 179 - Quantum Reality ago
Chapter 180 - The Ultimate Question ago
Chapter 181 - The Old World ago
Chapter 182 - Revelation ago
Chapter 183 - the Fastest Man Alive! ago
Chapter 184 - Death of a God ago
Chapter 185 - Time and Space ago
Chapter 186 - Do Not Question the Celestials ago
Chapter 187 - Second Plane of Existence ago
Chapter 188 - Creatures of the Void ago
Chapter 189 - Golden Excalibur ago
Chapter 190 - Taste of the Heavens ago
Chapter 191 - Time Skip ago
Chapter 192 - Arc 17 - Daughter of Heaven ago
Chapter 193 - Great Expectations ago
Chapter 194 - Sacrifice ago
Chapter 195 - The Black Sun ago
Chapter 196 - Emperor of the World ago
Chapter 197 - Ascendance ago
Chapter 198 - Silent Death ago
Chapter 199 - The Ascended One ago
Chapter 200 - The Man Who Rejected Heaven ago
Chapter 201 - Road to Darkness ago
Chapter 202 - In the end, only death remains ago
Chapter 203 - the Collector ago
Chapter 204 - The Dreamer ago
Chapter 205 - Causal Blowback ago
Chapter 206 - The Alvexians, Protectors of the Multiverse ago

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I tried to give this novel a legitimate try, I really did.

I tried looking past the horrid sentence structure, and i tried to look past the 'i am writing a statement' style that was going on, but i couldn't. Grammar makes it even worse, with the incorrect use of pronouns (all of them) kinda everywhere.

"And as he did that, a barrier started to fall down."

We are not talking about A barrier, we are talking about The barrier. you know, the one in the previous few paragraphs.

you think this is nitpicky? it's not. This is one of many examples.

I wanted to give this 2.5 stars, but I would have felt bad so I decided to give it 3. 

Author, if you are reading this, please come back to your earlier chapters and clean them up. I'd imagine you've grown as a writer and your first few chapters could really do with that 'more experienced writer' touch.


Style of Writing: Horrid. like i said in the general review, it's basically all statements. In addition to that, there seems to be a needless use of repetition and reminding; we get that there is a sword that can be summoned at will. we don't need to be told for the fourth time.

"Baros took out his sword. It manifested in his hand from nowhere."


"In his right hand, there was a sword. It was not there earlier. The sword resembled a long Excalibur sword. The pommel of the sword resembled a diamond. The grip was made of blue colour. The guard was of yellow colour. And the rest of the blade was of silver colour. However, since it was glowing with bright white light, the colours could not really be seen properly unless you look at it very carefully."


"His sword can vanish and reappear at his will."

Story: no real idea. Each chapter is quite long (first one is just under 3K words. Not really a redeeming feature if half of it is filler), so i only managed to get through half of the second one before i stopped. i can't really give a score here so i'll give it an above neutral 3.5. I suspect this is accurate though, considering the quality of the rest of the novel.

Grammer:  i would rate this lower, considering all the other errors with sentence structure and the misuse of pronouns, but grammar is actually pretty good. this has obviously been put through a spell checker, making it readable. not enjoyable to read mind you, but readable.

Character: As i've only gotten about half way through the second chapter, i can't give a proper review for characters. there was also the fact that there was literally no immersion or the feeling like i was actually there, considering the disjointedness of each sentence.

Knowing all that however, it's safe to say that characters are not very believable. A guy literally rips though your castle unscathed and you go and attack him? Are you kidding me?? what about the king who postures and talks back to the man who he knows full well can obliterate his world… I don't know bud. That just sounds like darwinism.

I'm not against powerful main characters and I do enjoy a good 'young master' face slap every now and again, but you've got to suspect the intelligence of the characters in this novel.

Final Score: go read something else.
unless the first few chapters are remade. If they are, then give this novel a go.


I read more of this story than I wanted to. With most of these stories, it's terrible at the start. The characters feel stiff and fake, the grammar in desperate need of resurection, and the style falling so damn flat. But... a few stories actually improve drastically after a while, and I wanted to see if this one did as well.

It did not. It remained to be just as bad as it started as. I just cant with this one. 3/5 from me.


Alas, I have to agree with the other reviews posted here. Perhaps the writer is a non-English speaker, but sentence structure isn't the only issue. The abundance of 1-sentence paragraphs makes the story feel disjointed and breathless. Beyond that, the characters feel flat.

Still, this might be your thing, give it a shot!