Chapter 191

Arc 16 - The Fastest Man Alive - Part 28

"He was so happy yesterday…" Aya's eyes welled up as she saw her son's dead body on the screen.

His lifeless body was picked up by an angel.

She saw it all, every part of his fight today.

Like every human, she couldn't hear to watch this scene play out anymore. But just as she glanced away, he was dead.

He was killed forever.

Like the rest of the universe, she felt his soul destroyed and his very existence extinguished out of this vile creation.

The one who was God, was no more.

The one who was unkillable, was killed.


Aya couldn’t believe her eyes.

Her heart swelled up as she struggled to breath.


A hiccup escaped her lips as her face twisted up.

Her eyes were glued onto the screen and all she could see was the dead picture of her son.

Unlike her other children, he wasn’t the closest to her but even then, she felt like a piece of her soul was destroyed.

She couldn’t handle seeing her child die, so her mind gave up and she fell to the ground unconscious.

Emma saw her mom fall, so she rushed to her side, forgetting about her short-lived grief.

“MOM!” Emma rushed to her side and held onto her.

With a worried look on her face, Angela also rushed to Aya’s side.

“Wait--- Aeron!”

Aeron, whose eyes were still glued to the screen, did not reply.

His eyes were wider than the combined oceans of the planet.

Unlike the others, his connection to Nazar was far greater than anyone else in this household.

“AERON!!” Angela shouted at him.

But even that wasn’t enough to wake him.

His eyes were glued to the screen as he watched his brother’s life end.

It… This isn’t right, Aeron thought. None of this is right.

“AERON!” Angela shouted at him again, and this time, Aeron woke up.

“Ah?” he slowly turned around and noticed that his mother had lost consciousness.

He immediately rushed to her side and then…

And then…


Aeron suddenly looked up at the ceiling.

“Huh? What just happened...”

He felt a change the dimensional space and could feel other powerful auras nearby.

Swallowing his saliva, he began to leave the room.

“AERON!” Angela shouted from behind him.

Angela held her head between her palms as she added, “He is the only one who knows this shit… UGH!!”

Angela sucked in a deep breath.

“Emma,” she said slowly but worriedly. “Let’s take her to her room. Immediately!”

Emma nodded furiously to her suggestion.

They took Aya to her room and rested her on the bed.

There is no way an ambulance will come at this time, especially to this house… she bit her lip. Damn you, Nazar.

Damned, he was.

Emma held her mother's hand as she lay unconscious in her bed.

"I will get Aeron," Angela rushed out. "Just what is wrong with him?!"

Emma nodded with red eyes and sniffed.

She looked at her unconscious mother and worried for the worst.

Even thinking about what could happen to her, caused tears to stream down her face.

While weeping, she put her head on her mother's hand.

She did not want to accept the fact that both her brother and mother would leave her so quickly.

Perhaps she will not die, but that thought didn't occur to Emma.

If she had noticed the Celestials, she would have fainted as well.

"Please don't leave me too," she said slowly.


On the ground floor of the house, Angela hurried outside only to gasp out loudly at what she was seeing.

The world had become an oddly coloured place that stretched until the end of the world. Dark purple colours began to mix with dark blue, and it created an interesting colour she had never seen before. On Earth, it would have looked different, but here, it was different - something uncanny, something beautiful.

Even worse, when she tried to step outside, matter and energy had ceased existing. Angela felt her foot sinking into the ground.

It was as if it would swallow her entire being.

This was an awful yet intriguing dimension.

She stepped back into the house and stood in the doorway, trying not to think about this confusing place.

As she raised her head and looked in front of her, her eyes gaped wider than the skies that stretched infinitely.


Four beings stood in this inhuman place, and one of them was an odd-looking monster.

The scene before her - mixed in with this odd environment - was incomprehensible, something that shouldn't be seen by the naked eyes of a human.

She closed the door immediately before her mind went mad.

She pressed her back against the door and slid down as she breathed heavily.

Swallowing her thick saliva, she questioned slowly, "Just what is happening?"

❢◥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◤❢

Once upon a time, there was a God who was meant to become the Supreme being in all of creation.

And he wanted to welcome that position.

Everyone wanted it, after all, and he could reach it.

The Golden God extended his arm forward, trying to clutch onto the ultimate power - ultimate position.


At the last moment, his hand was cut in half.


He cut it off himself.

He did not want to reach that place.

He did not want that position anymore. It was an accursed position.

But his frail and pathetic mind went through a change as he began wanting that power.

So, he extended his arm forward once again.

He was an inch away from gaining the position he wanted.

He wanted to gain the power he was forced to get.

But then, suddenly, a human - child - opened his eyes.

His crimson eyes painted this omniverse in his image as he became the alpha and the omega, the ultimate being in creation.

The human's very existence recreated the rules of the cosmos, and the position was usurped - and the further this position flew away from him.

As the change was made, the Golden God changed himself, becoming an interesting existence. Outside of the very system he himself developed; he became an outsider.

But that was an opportunity.

Every light has a darkness to oppose it, for light cannot exist without darkness. And vice versa.

『The Queen of Virrasil.』

The rebirth of an ancient Goddess, the creator of the previous system, caused this Golden God to narrow his eyes for the first time in countless years.

Her rebirth meant the end of all, for she was the puppet of a God whose power dwarfs even his.

And so, the Golden God decided he should create a force to oppose this Goddess.

It doesn't make sense, does it? the Golden God asks. Nothing ever does, does it?

And so, the Golden God joined the game.

He moved his pawns in directions that would suit the needs of his, and by extension, this universe.

However, the impossible happened.


His pawn died - God died.


In front of the Golden God, the Celestial Judges moved, catching his attention.

His words were cut short and he had to think differently.

『Oh, this is...』

It was not good. He couldn't let that happen, so he decided.

In this endless darkness which had no directions, the Golden God turned around. He turned and turned in circles.

But then suddenly, with a burst of golden light, he shook the omniverse, catching the attention of Null.

『After all this time, at last, you have returned, old master.』

The darkness spoke.

The omniverse spoke.

『I have always been here, former herald, just outside of your influence.』

『Existence might end tomorrow, or the day after, are you here to save it?』

The Golden God chuckled.

『Nothing matters.』

『If that is your will, then perhaps. I am the slave of creation, of you Gods, if that is your will, I will gladly accept it.』

『You shouldn't,』 a third entity approached them and stood next to them.

He was as big as them, yet at the same time, as small as them.


The Golden God looked at this being whose approach surprised the darkness and the light. His appearance surprised these two omnipotent Gods and surprising them is a task almost impossible.

『You...』 the God of Light shouted in a surprised manner.

『I am a being devoid of emotions, but even I feel sad for you, Null.』

The God of Light glanced at the weapon in the hand of this entity.

He wanted to ask a question but...

『I don't wish to be questioned by such an inferior entity,』 the emotionless entity looked away from the God of Light and looked at Null - the darkness that was all.

『What is your wish, O' Great One?』


The new entity clicked his tongue.

『Hm, I will need your help later.』

『Why?』 the Golden God asked.

From the corner of his red eyes, the emotionless entity shot an icy glance at this God.

『In time, all will be revealed.』

『Time is of essence. The luxury we once had no longer exists. The end is written.』

『Perhaps. But then again, I fail to see how that is of inconvenience to a being such as I who will survive the end of all, and the ends of next.』

The emotionless entity scoffed.

『Rebirth is not to be stopped. Even I must die, so the next shall rise. The cycle of death and rebirth is natural,』 Null spoke to the Golden God.

『Hmph, foolishness!』 the God of Light showed his disagreement by leaving the two of them alone. 『If the need arises, I must save this creation myself.』

The Golden God strode away swiftly.

The emotionless entity ignored him and spoke to Null.

『Null, be prepared.』 his red eyes flared brightly. 『Your new master will require your power after all.』

『Yes...』 Null paused for the briefest of the moment. 『Master.』


❢◥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◤❢

Friday, 13th of August 2021:

- "Tensions rises between the US and its opposition, Russia, and China over the remnants of the Arabian Peninsula." -

- "India’s ban on the US is causing an intense pressure on this country’s economy--" -

- "In a nameless village in Africa, a gem of invaluable energy has been found and is to be transported to the US but--" -

- "Ishaya Bradley plans to change humanity--" -

- "The death of a God has left our world in a dire state--" -

- "Who died?--" -

- "King Arthur is yet to make a comment on his new plan-- -

- "…the world is hit with the sudden loss of a hero--" -

- "Experts suggests suicide after the--" -

- "Ion has returned!" -

- "What do the aliens want--" -

- "A monster stands--" -

- "The existence of angels have--" -

- "Lucifer--" -

- "Was he innocent?" -

- "...Who was he?" -

- "After the appearance of an extra dimensional monster--" -

- "An alien ship is blocking--" -

- "Norse God has DIED." -

Everything dies.

Everything ends.

Even God.

Once upon a time, there was a God who existed at the peak of creation, but a few weeks ago he died.

I saw him die. The world saw him die.

And since then… Sigh. What can I tell you? Everything's going downhill.

The end of all is nearing and I don't think I can stop it.

Nobody can.

The thing is, this shouldn't have happened if someone wanted to be smart, but he was a moron and now he is dead-- serves him right.

But without him, the ability which the Queen stole from him has become far more powerful than it was meant to be.

With every passing second, she is restructuring the cosmos, the hierarchy, and the balance. One mishap, and we could look at the collapse of all.

But if that doesn't happen, she will do it herself.

She has become the new omnipotent God of our existence.

Her control is even beginning to be felt in this Ultraverse - which was protected before because of his remnants.

I don't know what's become of her, but whatever it is, it's going to bite us in the ass very soon.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder why she hasn't ended everything already…

Okay, think about it. She has the power to do it, so might as well.

Do I want to die? Fuck no.

But if it's gonna happen… might as well make it happen quicker, you know?

Ah. And yes. Obviously. Make it as painless as possible.

I shudder at the thought of the gruesome death that bitch has planned for us. I am not sure about the others, but I know for a fact she will give me a terrible death...

Seriously, fuck these Gods.

Speaking of Gods…

『Emily,』 the God sitting opposite me in my parents' living room utters my name with awesome yet evil cosmic power.

Every word from his mouth has enough power to reshape the omniverse to his will --- or destroy it.

And he is sitting opposite me in such a nonchalant way... It's almost scary in it's own way.

『Do you want more power?』

Power is not good.

Power is bad.

Do I want more power? No, I have more than enough.

『You are one of the most powerful entities in creation, just slightly beneath us - well, that is if you remove your mental blocks. You should be above the influence of the Queen's Ryu, but I believe that is not enough to stop her reign of terror. You WILL need more power.』

No, thanks.

The last thing I want is more power.

What does he take me for it?

『Real power. The power to truly stand up against her.』

“I don’t want that,” I replied without hesitation.

The better question is, why would I want more power?

I already got more than I should have or want.

So, no, thanks.

『I see… You are like your friend at the end of the day, bored with the cycle of omnipotence and--- In any case, I have something else I want to offer you instead then.』


Here we go again--


Why is he so insistent on giving me more power? What's his goal here?

This is new.

『I have no grandeur goals, but to save all of creation.』


No, no, this is the right question.

Why would he want to save the omniverse now?

At one point he wanted to destroy it, and at another point, he wanted to rule over all there was. But his goals have changed since then.

He doesn't want to destroy it nor wants to rule over it.

So, why?

Why do you want to save it now?

I must know.

『I am afraid I cannot answer that unless you agree to my terms.』

"Shoot your terms," I cross my legs and lean back on the sofa. I put on a brave smile-- hmph, I am brave always, anyway. I don't want him to think I am the type who will falter.

『Become the vessel of my knowledge.』





No… this can't…





Humans are frail and weak, but we are curious.

We chase after knowledge.

If this offer was given to any mortal, they would accept it without hesitation.

But… the problem is, can someone like me handle all the knowledge?

And if so, do I even want--

Oh… Ohhhh. I get it now.

He wants to die…


He is going to sacrifice himself?!


That can't be right. Nope, not at all.

This guy?!


『I cannot answer that, dear.』

"Don't call me that. Unless you are my lover or my parents."


Might have been an overreaction.

Oh, well.

『My apologies, then.』

I don't think so.

That smile on his face… thin, evil, vile, all-knowing… I hate that.

But the knowledge he holds…

"..." I suck in a deep breath. That's the only thing I can do right now, I suppose.


What will a mortal choose?

What will Nazar-- What would Nazar have chosen?

What about my parents? What about Emma? What would any of them choose?



What will I choose?


What do I WANT to choose?

『Do you want to know everything?』

Do I…

My throat went dry at that question.

Even if I were to drink a gallon of water, I don't think it will fix anything.

But even then, I open my mouth.

An answer leaves my mouth, an answer that I will regret till the end of time.

❢◥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◤❢


Aizen, the Godlike being few knows about, twirled a small dagger between his fingers as he walked on this formless and shapeless darkness towards a golden cocoon.

The golden cocoon began to slow open and Aizen smiled a cold smile.

“At last, you are to die.”

He has heard rumours of an entity far beyond anyone else, someone who could stand against even the omnipotent God, so he was excited to see this entity.

Well, excited to finally meet them and then kill them.

Aizen was not a hero, or wanted the good of anyone, but he could not let this creature live.

Simply put, it was far too powerful for him and his goals.

If this creature survived, it could spoil his plans - even if they are not as grandeur as the plans of the Queen.

“Oh, for so long I have heard about you, tales of your power and magnificence, but at long last… Your end has come. That is your fate.

The golden cocoon cracked slowly as a hand reached out of it.

The hand forcefully broke through the cocoon, freeing itself.

On one hand, I want to kill it, but I also am extremely interested in knowing who this being is. These rumours are far too delicious to pass up on, Aizen thought to himself.

“...” in excitement, Aizen watched this cocoon.

The person raised from the cocoon, standing up.

It slowly raised its head and stared at Aizen in the eyes, making him to stop in his tracks.


“...Who... are... you?” the Erina creature asked Aizen.

Aizen had heard rumours of this deadly creatures from the minds of the World and other beings who resides in the higher planes of Aleph∞.

He had heard rumours of this entity, their terrible power and might.

He was told this entity was inside a cocoon, waiting to come out stronger than ever. So, he thought it would be his best option to destroy it as soon as possible.


He was expecting a dreaded creature full of hate and anger, an ugly creature full of terrible energies.


Instead, he found something else.

“It… can’t be,” the all-powerful Aizen spoke with his eyes and mouth gaped wider than the cosmos.

He stood face-to-face with the Erina creature.

Erina, who was meant to be killed today, opened her mouth and asked, “Who… are you?”

Whatever this creature was, it tamed the bloodlust in his heart.

In the next instant, Aizen lowered his head.

The dagger fell from his hands.

He could not kill her.

Perhaps she was too powerful, or perhaps it was something else entirely.

Aizen glanced at his right hand, the same hand which he was going to use to kill this creature with.

With a bitter look in his eyes, he extended his hand forward towards this creature.

“Come with me.”

Erina looked at the hand, not understanding the gesture.


“I will keep you safe.”

“??” she tilted her head to a side, not understanding this person before her.


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